Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY) --------(Episode 10)

Created: Tuesday, 10 June 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--- Episode 10 continues…


             It was a new week and a Monday, the farm manager said they will soon start allocating plots to us. The plot will be used for vegetable cultivation. We didn’t do much work at the farm that day. We just attended to the livestock animals. We had 2 sheeps and 2 rabbits. The sheep where looking malnourished. The farm manager blamed us. He said we were not giving them enough panicum maximum. Couple of students have to go into bushes to get enough Panicum Maxicum for the sheep. Medication was also given to them. Farm work for that day ended, attendance was taken as usual and we left home. When I got home, I rested, took my bath and went to the canteen to eat. After eating I headed for the house. As I was going home, I saw brother wale’s daughter coming towards my direction, she was coming back from the school. As she saw me she started smiling, she covered her face to the ground. As we were walking closer to each other, my intentions was to stop her and have a few words with her thereby beginning my first step of adventure with her. As I wanted to stop her, I turned to my left and saw that her father was at the mango tree close by looking at her. He was holding a bottle of beer on his hand and gazing at her daughter as she walked by. He wasn’t alone, he was with couple of his friends drinking beer, all their eyes were on her daughter’s direction. Maybe he’s monitoring her to protect her from FUNAAB guys. I changed my mind immediately on stopping her. I just walked passed her and went straight to the house. I told myself that I just have to be patient and wait for the right time to hit. Evening came; I was inside the house browsing with my phone. My roommate has always been my major source of news on what is happening in that community. I don’t really go out. I stay indoors most a times. He came in inside the room and said, “guy, NECO GCE people don they enter Iwoye oooo”. He said he has been seeing some new faces both males and females. He asked some few people and they told him the new faces are external candidates that are coming to write the NECO GCE. It may be true because earlier in the day, I was sitting on a chair in my veranda when two beautifully dressed ladies came to me. I have never seen them before. They don’t look like indigenes, they looked like students but not FUNAAB students. I wondered where they came from. They said they were looking for accommodation. And there is none in my house and even my landlady and brother wale were not at home. I told them there was no accommodation so they left.  This NECO GCE reminded me of the discussion I had with my fellow students when I went to charge my phone. They were discussing on how to lay some of the girls coming for the examination. All those guys were expectant. Guys that had scored points will be looking forward to scoring more. Guys that have not scored will want to score. Once again I remembered Tinuke and her offer for fun. As beautiful as she is I still turned her offer down. I still want it though, am sure many guys will want to feel her body. I asked my roomie about her, he said she’s preparing to go back to school in a couple of weeks’ time and she will not come back till we had finished our FPY and left Iwoye. He also said he asked after me. I thought about it again, I may not have this opportunity of seeing her again, “why not take this shot” part of my mind said. But another part of me had earlier told me to forget about her since my roomie is on her. Even though she might want to feel me, if my roomie finds out it might cause some ripples between us. The more I try to forget about this tinuke’s fun package the more the thought is coming more to my mind. Of course am a smart guy, I can make it short, do what I want to do with her just once and leave since is just for fun. My roomie won’t know. She herself is smart and understands that kind of parole. Since is just once, I want to taste it, I will take a shot at it whether the devil is waiting to harm me there I don’t care. I will take the risk because na once I want am. Another part of me said “is not possible for you to taste tinuke’s fruit without wanting for more” “is impossible” it said. This is actually true, for a girl who is as beautiful as she is, with a great shape to go with, you can’t just taste it and will not want to come back for more of it. thoughts upon thoughts began to spring up on my mind. It looked as if the devil and God are fighting who to control my thoughts. Part of me will say “do” and the other will say “don’t”. I had made up my mind and that was final. But what was my final decision, would it make me a better scorer or person!

          The next day at the farm, the Fm started allocating the new plots for vegetables cultivation to us. He told us to commence the weeding of our various plots immediately. Some began the weeding of their own that day and even finished it. I didn’t come with a hoe or even a cutlass. I would have started weeding my own, but I didn’t even have a hoe nor a cutlass. I use my roommate’s own when it’s available.

        The next day, I woke up early enough, it was about 6:56am. I checked brother wale’s door and it was locked from the outside. The landlady, mama is a muslim so she had gone to pray at the mosque at about 5:30am. Some of the students from the green school had started trooping in their numbers to school. I planned to wait outside to be able to block brother wale’s daughter. I believed I would see her going to school. I want to talk with her. As the girls from the green school were going to school in their numbers, I was using my eyes to scout if I could see brother wale’s daughter among them, but couldn’t. I waited till 8am when they had finished passing, and didn’t see her. “Maybe she had passed  before I came out” I thought to myself. “well tomorrow is another day” I said to myself, I will come out early enough tomorrow to wait for her. I went inside, brushed my teeth. My housemate longitude was around. I called him out and we went to farm together. I waited till longitude finished using his hoe. The allocated plot were not that big, just 5x5m for vegetable bed. I took the hoe from him and began my plot. I finished weeding and we went home together.

This same day was a Wednesday. I had promised myself to be coming to the ICJCF fellowship, but this day, the temptation on me was heavy, there electricity power and I was watching an interesting movie series which I want to finish that day. Thank God I was able to overcome the temptation, I just forced myself, turned off my laptop, took my bath, dressed up and went to fellowship with God Almighty. The fellowship was wonderful coupled with the drama the drama unit presented. The drama talked about heavenly race and how a Christian can overcome the sin of fornication. After the drama was a heavy prayer, the anchor told us to pray that God should give us the grace to not fornicate. How I wish I prayed that prayer, but I couldn’t. “Why this prayer” I asked myself,  yes I need Jesus and I just want to stop the sin of fornication, but that will be after tossing brother wale’s daughter. My eyes were open as I watched my fellow students pray. I wasn’t praying. In my mind I told God to wait first let me do this last one before I surrender fully. I want to score points first. The anchor brought out another prayer point saying “rapture may take place anytime, it might be now, it might be after this service, stop that sin fornication ”! on my mind I was like “ God please suspend the rapture now, don’t come now, just wait a little bit for me to score points with brother wale’s daughter”. All I want is brother wale’s daughter now.

After the fellowship, everybody went home. I got home and met my housemate longitude, he had earlier said he wouldn’t come to the fellowship he and my roomie. My roomie was not around when I got home, so I moved into longitude’s room to tease him a little. As I entered his room, he said, “guy no be small thing happen today wen you just go church”, “wetin happen” I said. He narrated how brother wale and one man fought and the man beat a hell out of brother wale. He said mama and other family members have rushed brother wale to the hospital. I felt sorry for mama. This must be a difficult time for my landlady. Brother wale is a trouble maker, he drinks too much and he doesn’t even look like someone who has strength to fight. Looking at him you might think he had a sickle cell anemia. And he went all out to fight someone bigger than him. Longitude stood up and said he was going out to see someone and he will be back in an hour time. I will be the only one stuck up inside the whole house. The landlady had taken his son to the hospital for treatment, my roomie is not around.  As longitude left, I went inside the room and started browsing with my phone. Barely 15minutes longitude left, I began to hear some sounds and door chuckles outside my room. I went out to know what and who was that. Lo and behold it was brother wale’s daughter. Immediately I saw her I remembered the prayer I prayed at the ICJCF fellowship. I only prayed one positive prayer, and that is that God should deliver his blessings into my hands, and indeed it seems He answered that prayer. He has delivered brother wale’s daughter into my hands. Nobody was at home, so I can talk to her that moment. As I was happy in my mind, something told me “you see, I told you wait for the perfect time, this is the perfect time”. Indeed it was the perfect time. Immediately she saw me she greeted me in the Yoruba language “eka lee oo” and I asked her how is she, she said “am fine”,  from the way she replied me, she seems to understand a little English. Though not fluent in her English language but I think I could relate with her. I still prefer it than not knowing how to speak at all. She opened their grandmothers door and went in. I allowed her to go in and I waited for her outside. As she was coming out of the room, she came out with a big plate and some wrappers, I watched her as she was on her way out before I called her back “ ehmmmm wa” I said, she turned and came as if she wanted me to call her. “what is you name” I asked, she smiled and said her name was wande. I asked her where she was taking what she was carrying to. She said she was taking them to the hospital to meet her grandmother, father  and other family members. She began to narrate what happened between his dad and the man that fought earlier that evening. As she narrated, from the look on her face and the tone of her voice she seems disappointed in her dad. “sorry for everything” I said to her. I told her my name, and told her to check on me the next day when she’s going to school. Surprisingly she agreed to come. I thought she would decline. “This thing dey work” I said to myself. I didn’t know what came over me immediately, I held her face upwards towards mine, and our eyes met, she was just smiling. She was still smiling at me, I started pushing my face towards her, as I was pushing my face to kiss her, I heard “ guy I dey come, I dey come make I enter house, just wait make I bring the pad”, it was my roommate’s voice. Immediately I heard the voice I disengaged the contact and left her. I think my roomie saw us or! The voice I heard was from outside of the house. Wande was still standing there and smiling sheepishly. She was actually expecting me to kiss her. I told her to go that we will see the next day. As she was going my roomie was coming inside the house, “thank God he didn’t see us” I said to myself. I didn’t even know what came over me that made me  want to kiss her. And she just stood smiling at me. I wondered why she didn’t walk away as I was holding her. That is one thing about village. Some of the girls can’t say no. Balo had earlier told me that majority of them wouldn’t say “no” to advances. And is true, they love university guys, city guys and they can’t say no to us. My roomie entered the room and I joined him. He again narrated what happen to brother wale to me. I didn’t tell him I had heard about it earlier. He briefly narrated it to me and left, I believe someone was waiting for him outside, that is the person he was telling to wait when I held wande.

     The next morning I came outside and sat at the chair to wait for wande. Longitude had not woken up. wande came by. Mama as we fondly call our landlady and her grandmother, was yet to return from the hospital. I talked with her for about 2 minutes. She acted matured in her composure. Looking at her you might think she is up to 22, but when I asked her her age before she left, she said she was 19. I told her to come in the evening. She said she might not make it because mama and her father will be discharged, they will be coming back home and there won’t be time for us to talk. I left her to go. I believed within me that she would come back. Another better time will be created for us to talk again. I went inside to prepare for the farm. 45minutes later, i, my roomie and longitude headed to the farm. When we got to the farm, the farm manager told us that farm activities for the day was vegetable bed preparations. Part of it was to start making our beds. work started. Everybody focused on their own plot as division of the plot into 2 parts began.  Some people managed to carve out their plots beautifully while others did theirs wrongly. The field overseers and demonstrators lent a helping hand to some of us who found it difficult to make our beds. Activities for the day ended. We were earlier told that COBFAS Director will be visiting us. We waited for him at the shed. The Fm said he will visit Isaga first before coming to Iwoye-ketu. We still waited. Finally the COBFAS Director arrived. He complimented our good works. He said our location was the best location so far. Am sure he said the same thing in Isaga-Orile. He told them they are the best location too. He has been to Iwoye twice since we arrived. The next day he will still visit Odelemo and Odogbolu and still tell them same thing. All these will make students in each location brag about their location because COBFAS Director said their location was the best. Although is a good complement and a way to challenge our ego to do better. But which location is the best? We will know.


<<<<<<< To be continued From Episode 11>>>>>>>


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