Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--------(Episode 11)

Created: Wednesday, 11 June 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY) “Episode 11” continues….

Evening came and lazarus, longitude and I went to the Fulani community field to play football. I don’t really play football, I just go there to watch other students and the indigenes play. When we got there the game of set had already began. Set leaders had already chosen their players. My roomie said he wants to play. They told him to form his own set with other guys that don’t have yet. I saw couple of some beautiful girls around. I believe they are external candidates that came to write the NECO GCE. They came with their fellow male candidates that came to play. FUNAAB guys no dey carry last. Trust us nah. Some guys had started mingling with the girls. One of my friend said some of the NECO GCE girls came on the invitation of some FUNAAB guys. I looked if I could find facao around. He’s said to be the biggest womanizer. I couldn’t find him. One of his close friend said facao is a smart player, he doesn’t have time to come watch football. He has gone to be with his new catch, which is one of the girls that came to write the NECO GCE examination. That is a fact. You don’t expect a womanizer to give up his interest just to come to waste his time in a football field. Players are always alert, looking for their new catch and their new prey. Even though there are some beautiful girls here in the field, they have their strategy, the right place and right time and when their target is not met, they come back to the plan B. As the game went on, the girls began to cheer their favourite players. The beautiful girl seating close to me began to cheer one of the FUNAAB guys. I believed she was enjoying the way he was playing. The guy began to feel like a star. But do I even expect him to do! He deserves it, am sure he is playing good football. “goooooaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll” almost everybody screamed. The FUNAAB guy has scored.  You need to see the way the girl jumped up from her seat and went to hug him, his teammates hugged him too. My roomie came to me, sat close to me, “omo that guy wey score don get female fan ooo” I said to him, “na him new girl joor” he replied me. He said the FUNAAB guy met the girl the first day she arrived for her exams, they talked and they later exchanged mobile numbers, he asked her out and she agreed. I began to wonder how my roomie got to know all that.  He has always been my source of news on what is going on among us students. Maybe because he goes out more often unlike me that stays indoors. He’s popular and close to so many students. The guy must be lucky, that is why he’s feeling like a star because he has such a girl as playmate. Yes, most of the girls are playmate because is just for a short time. None of them was looking to make the girls their longtime girlfriend unless a few. They came for exams and we came to farm, so the relationship is just for fun. As the game finished, everybody started heading home. Mobile number exchange began. Some FUNAAB guys were collecting mobile numbers from some of the girls. As we walked home me and longitude, I saw the FUNAAB guy that scored the spectacular goal and his girl that sat close to me. They were holding each other’s hands closely as they joked and laughed. That means what my roomie said was true. They are dating or hmmm playmates. As I watched them, what came to my mind was wande and how am going to toss her. I remembered tinuke’s offer. When we got home, Phcn was yet to give us electricity since over 24 hours. My phone battery was flat and I can’t be charging my phone with N50 almost all the time. My roomie said I shouldn’t worry about were to charge my phone. He said I should follow him to shoprite. The owner of shoprite normally put on their generator at night, and that is where most of our FUNAAB students charge their phones at night when there is no electricity. He also said that that is where he  regularly charges his phone at night when there is no electricity, it gives him opportunity to mingle with the NECO GCE girls since most of them stay close to shoprite and charge’s their phone there. He said most of the FUNAAB guys that are sleeping with the NECO GCE girls, they got the girls from that shoprite, and most FUNAAB  guys that have generator, they wouldn’t put it on, they intentionally come to that place charge and get girls. Even the girls are not left out, they know FUNAAB students come there so they too intentionally come there to find FUNAAB guys in disguise to charging their phones. As he is saying this, I wondered if he isn’t dating Tinuke again, this one he’s going to shoprite to find NECO GCE girls. I asked him about his relationship status with Tinuke, he said he just want to get a substitute for Tinuke as she will be leaving for school in a couple of days’ time, and his fun with Tinuke has ended. As he said that the fun with Tinuke has ended, something came to my mind, “why don’t you chop your own before she leaves” something said to me. And that’s true, I have to chop my own before she leaves. “She just dey ask of you now, wetin happen” my roommate asked, “maybe she like me” I replied, he laughed as if he is mocking me, “that one no possible” he said, and I laughed my own, I told him not to worry as time goes on he will see, “see wetin! Person wey dey go back to school next tomorrow” he said, “no worry, I go do Tinuke before she travel” I said to him. He said that was not possible. I will prove to him that is possible. I was undecided about going for Tinuke, I think my roomie is underrating me. I want to prove him wrong. He thinks am cool, he doesn’t know that in as much am a cool guy, I still know what am doing. I decided I will look for how to go to tinuke’s place the next day. I just hope that something will happen. How am going to do it I don’t know, but I know I am going to do it. That is the number one winning strategy; not just in asking a girl out, believe in yourself and in your heart that you already have her.

I took my phone charger and phone i and my roomie left, we headed to shoprite to charge our phones. As we got there, I saw the truth in what lazarus said, there was much crowd. Some FUNAAB guys were just loitering around. I saw some of the NECO GCE girls chatting up with some of our guys. I guess the guys will be happy. Some have started receiving their showers of blessing. I moved to were phones are charged, when I got there I discovered that the number of people there was over 10 times the phones being charged. Some actually came there to get girls. Even some of the NECO GCE girls  I was seeing are not charging there phones, they just came there to mingle with FUNAABITES. I plugged my phone and it began to charge. I sat down watching my phone there, my roomie left me to mingle too. I watched him as he went to be with one of the girls, I watched as they joked and laughed. I believed they were both enjoying their chat. He wasn’t the only one chatting up with girls, other FUNAAB guys were chatting up with girls too. Some guys are just seen loitering around. They are waiting for their luck to shine, For other NECO GCE  girls to come by.  As I was sitting down watching what was happening around. “hi is there still space to charge?” I heard from behind. I turned my back to see who was talking to me. As I looked, it’s one of the NECO GCE Girls. She was asking if there are still empty socket holes for her to plug her phone. From her look I knew she wasn’t a FUNAABITE. We FUNAAB students know ourselves when we see. She isn’t an indigene, she doesn’t look like one. She’s dark in complexion and average in height and beautiful too.

 “yes you can plug your phone” I said to her as I showed her some empty spaces that she can plug her phone. “thank you “ she said as she smiled. She was with another girl who is of the same height with her but light in complexion and busty. Both of them plugged their phones. After plugging their phones they came to seat close to me. “hmmm are you a FUNAAB student” the dark one asked. “yeah I am, why do you ask?” I asked her. “Hmmm I just asked” she replied. She said she wondered why FUNAAB will bring us to that community just to farm. I told it was because we are Agricultural students. We are just practicing our course, and lastly to develop the community. “I can never go into farming” she said. “Why” I asked, “because I don’t like farming” she said. I laughed when she said she doesn’t like farming. Am sure she wondered why I laughed, “of course you guys are farmers” she said again. “No, we are not just farmers, we are swagger farmers” I replied her. “we are farmers with a swag” I said again. She laughed, am sure she was enjoying the conversation. As we talked more I tried to make a valid point to her which will give her the impression that farming is a good career. “You must be very intelligent” she said. “you sure got me there, you proved your points the way you carry Agric” “ you are really proud of it” she said again. As the conversation went on the other light girl never made any comment. She was just mute. We talked till my phone battery got filled. I called my roomie so we could head to our house. He said he wasn’t going yet and I should leave his phone, “ leave the phone seh, nobody go steal am” he said to. I didn’t asked my new friend her name. I told her my name and asked her hers. She said her name was anita and the other girl was fade. The other girl is her junior sister. Her younger sister was too quiet. She didn’t say anything, she just smiled as her elder sister introduced her. I told her I was going and we will see another day. “is a pleasure talking with you” I said to her, “the pleasure was mine too” she replied, and I left.


<<<<<<< To be continued From Episode 12>>>>>>>

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