Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY) --------(Episode 12)

Created: Thursday, 12 June 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary Of My Farm Practice Year continues.....


            The next day I woke up, I didn’t bother to go outside to wait to see wande so we could talk. Her dad was around and mama will soon come back from her morning prayers at the mosque. I didn’t want to complicate matters. I prepared for farm, longitude, lazarus  and me left for the farm.

The activities at the farm started with the wetting of our newly prepared vegetable beds. The Fm ask us to wet our plots. Wetting of the bed makes the land soft for planting. Thank God our vegetable bed was located at the water side. We used buckets to take water from the small pool close to our beds. We watered our beds. I watered my bed but made sure it wasn’t water logged. The girl opposite my own plot, she baptized her plot with water as if she was John the Baptist that baptized Jesus. Even John the Baptist didn’t pour water on Jesus that way. She was just pouring water on her plot. She wants to make sure that her plot was filled with water. Her plot became water logged, part of the water started flowing into my own plot. After the day’s task the Fm took the attendance and we went home.

 I got home and took my bath, and went to the canteen to eat. After eating I headed back home. When I got to the house I saw Tinuke, she was coming out of mama’s room. She greeted me. “is been a while” I said to her. “you forgot about me nah” she replied. She said she used to ask after me from lazarus. Well I told her lazarus use to tell me. She said she was going back to school the next day, she came to greet mama and say goodbye to us before leaving. I asked where she was going at the moment, she said she was heading home. “can I keep you company and walk you home?” I asked.  “ahhh, no problem, that will be good keeping me company”. I went inside and dressed up and we headed to her house. We got to her house. “This is the first time am coming to your house” I said to her. “That’s because you don’t want to come” she replied. She opened the door and we entered. Her mom wasn’t around. Nobody even her siblings were around. They stay in a room apartment. Wheni walked inside their room, Clothes were littered all around the room. There were portraits hanged on the walls with no pictures, only one which had her picture. “You have a lovely house” I said, “stop whining me joor” she replied. “don’t you see all the clothes littered on the floor, it’s my little brothers ooo”  she said again.  I sat down and we began to talk. “I just want to have my last fun in this village for this year before leaving tomorrow”, she said. Immediately she called “fun” I remembered that she had once told me about having fun with her. I also remembered telling lazarus that I was going to lay Tinuke before she leaves. “I will like to be part of that fun” I said to her. She turned and looked at me, our eyes met, “of course you can share in the fun, am waiting for you” she said. Hmmmmm, I looked at her, stood up, went to where she was seated, I sat down close to her. I crossed my left hand across her shoulders. I turned her head and her face facing mine. “what are you trying to do?” she asked me, “to have fun with you” I replied. She smiled at me, “do you really know the fun am talking about” she asked. “yes of course, I know” I said to her “it’s sex abi” I said foolishly again. She laughed as if I misunderstood her. She said the fun she was referring to was for me to take her out to drink. Immediately she said that, I felt disappointed and embarrassed. I guessed I misunderstood her, But did I really? When she came to my house the other day, she threw what seems to me like “a green light”. Now it seems I misunderstood what she meant by “fun”. In as much I was disappointed, something in me still tells me she was lying. I had always wanted to taste tinuke’s hot body since after the day we talked in my house. I have always been a cool guy, I am not the kind of person that forces a woman to do what she doesn’t want to do. I don’t want to beg her. I do my things smoothly. After she told me that the fun she meant was for me to take her to a drinking joint, I removed my hand from her neck, stood up, as I turned to leave she held my hand and dragged me back. “I was just joking, if it’s sex then lets do it” she said. Immediately she said that, my heart beat pumped up, it began to beat fast, not because of fear but I became elated in my spirit, I became joyous. I smiled, lifted her up and dropped her un top of their bed. I began to unbutton her shirt. As I was do that, I remembered I didn’t have a condom with me. “Do you have a condom?” I asked her, “condom keh, ma shey loo joor” she said. In my mind I said “that’s impossible”. Part of my mind was like “you have been dreaming of this for some time now, you found it and you want to ruin it with condom issues. “just do the thing, nothing dey happen”. As I want to follow what that part of me said, just as Tinuke has said “ma shey loo”. I removed the skirt she was wearing, as I want to start the main thing, another part of me said “what do you want to do? Do you want to kill yourself! You want to do without condom”.  I became afraid. One part of me wants to do without a condom but the other part of me doesn’t want me to do it. “ogbeni do this thing joor” the other part of me said. As I wanted to continue, my other thought said “what are you doing, use a condom, in fact abstinence is the best”. Immediately it said “abstinence”, I remembered the advert I do watch on T.V when  they will say ,“use a condom or better still abstinence is the best option”.  “don’t kill yourself, don’t put yourself in danger, don’t do this thing” the thought said again. I began to wonder why this other thought is telling me that abstinence was the best option. Why is the thought telling me to abstain! it didn’t tell me this before, it has never told me this, it didn’t tell me to abstain all those times I was in Abeokuta, why telling me now! I thought to myself. I stared into her eyes, our eyes met, the eye contact was just so strong. “kilode, do nah” she said, I don’t even know if I want to do again or stop. I coupled myself. It’s required for all human to die once, I just have to do what I want to do, this is my life and I don’t have to endanger it. I have to make the right decision. I decided to follow the other  thought on my mind. Immediately I followed the side of this thought, To do the do,  AMADIOHA STRUCK…………………



<<<<<<< To Be continued from Episode 13>>>>>>

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