Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--------(episode 13)

Created: Friday, 13 June 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

Dairy Of My Farm Practice Year, If You Missed Episode 1 to 12, Read it Here

Diary of My Farm practice Year(FPY) Episode 13, Story continues….

Immediately I followed the side of this thought, To do the do,  I must taste Tinuke's Honey pot.

I coupled myself, I decided to continue. “I must taste this tinuke’s apple”. I don decide to do Tinuke and am not going back on my decision. As I wanted to pull her pant I heard a knock on their door. “knock knock knock, “Aunty tinuke ebi pami” the person said, she wanted to stand to go check who the person was, i prevented her, I told her not to go. She should just keep mute and if the person doesn’t see a response he or she would leave. As we kept mute to continue from where we stopped before the knock came, the knock didn’t stop, rather it banged harder . Who is that person!, “who is that person that wants to disturb my fun this moment” I thought to myself. We couldn’t continue as the knock went harder, I urged her to go and check who was that.  She dressed up while did the same too. She went to the door to check who was that. She opened it and a little boy walked in, “aunty Tinuke ebi pa mi, mofe jeun”, the boy said. She slapped him, as she lifted up her right hand to knock his head, I rushed and held her hand and suspended it on air. She said he is her little brother. She began to shout on him. She said it was not long she gave him and the others food they. “why should they come back again?” she shouted. I told her to cool down and give him food. In as much she’s furious, I myself am angry but I can’t show it. The little boy just interrupted the good mode and fun we were having. If I were her I would have done worse to him, but right there I had to play it cool. She brought out the food, rice and stew and gave to give. She told him to take it outside to eat. He took the food outside to eat. She locked the door. I have almost lost interest. When we first started my blood boiling point was so high, I want her so badly. If not for her little brother that interrupted we would have gone far. As soon as she had locked the door, I didn’t know how to rekindle the lost desires because, sex is a thing of the mind, if you are not in the mood, you wouldn’t really enjoy what you are doing if you force your way. “Oya nah lets continue” she said, I was still sitting on their chair. I look at her, she had noticed that I have lost interest, she came to me and put his two hands on my shoulders. Immediately she placed her 2 hands on my shoulder, I experienced a spasm, it looked more like an electric current flowed through me. I believe this kind of current can power Nigeria off uninterrupted power supply for one year. It just worked like charm, I immediately regained the interest. I grabbed her immediately and went to the bed. As I want to begin again, there came it again. Another knock. In my mind I was like “ who is that person again, why can’t they just allow us to do this thing”. “aunty tinu mo ti je ton” the voice said. That was the voice of her brother she gave food. As we try to ignore him and continue, the knock was getting harder, and if she doesn’t open the door and  attend to him, it will raise suspicions from people around. People may know what we are doing inside the room. I told her to go and open the door for him. She stood up and went to open the door. “mo ti jeun tan” the little boy said, he gave her the plate. She collected the plate and sent him away. My body was getting hot, I want to do this thing and get out of that place. Time was running out. I came to that place by 4pm and now is a minute past 7pm as I checked my time. She had sent his little brother away. She locked the door again and was coming towards me at the bed. She jumped un top of me as I layed on the bed. We laughed as she landed on my arms again. “you are such a naughty dude” she said as I flicked her hair and played with it. As we joked, continuing from where we stopped. Then there goes another knock on the door, “again “ she said, she went to the door to know who was that. Behold it was her little brother, “aunty mofe mu omin” the little boy said, “kilo sie, abi we-re lo sie” Tinuke said, “oya malo, malo, kuro be bi” she sent him away. Infact me sef don tire, I am beginning to loose interest in all this thing. “eka le ma” Tinuke said. I wondered who she just greeted, a woman walked into the room, Tinuke introduced her as her Mother. Thank Goodness I had already worn my clothes. Tinuke’s mom looks young and very beautiful, I believed she took after her mother in beauty. She introduce me to her mom as lazarus’s roommate. She was actually familiar with lazarus but doesn’t know much about me neither has she seen me before. She walked in and sat on the chair close to me. She asked me about lazarus, I told her lazarus was doing fine. We began to chat, she discussed about the Iwoye community and my farm work. We chatted till about 8pm. I thought she would leave but she never did. It then done on me that I have lost this one. I can’t taste that apple again that night, and I may not taste it again. As I stayed there keeping my hopes high, yet nothing seems to be coming out. Her mom stood up and said she was going to her sister’s own to pass the night before “Oro” begins. Immediately she said she was leaving with tinuke’s other siblings to her sister’s place, I said “thank God” in my heart, at least let me have a quickie before 9pm and leave. “Are you not leaving yet?” tinuke’s mom asked, “no not yet, I will still stay till 10 before leaving, at least Iwoye is safe” I replied, she said “ahhhhh, Oro is starting by 10”, what is Oro? I am not a Yoruba guy and have never heard about it not until the king mentioned during our courtesy visit to him. when The king talked about it, the other people understood the meaning but because I have never leaved in south west so I don’t know what it was all about. I didn’t put much importance to it. I believe when the king was talking about it for those who don’t know I wasn’t listening. “What is Oro?” I asked, she said Oro is a ritual and the coming out of masquerade. When the masquerade comes out, he doesn’t like seeing female. The Oro itself forbids females and it’s done at night and when it starts, people don’t come outside, anyone that does will face great consequences. If it is a woman it is death. Oro is common in south west Yoruba tribe. “So you better start going now, I don’t want anything to happen to you as you people are visitors to this village” she said to me. It was now done on me that I have actually lost out, I can’t taste it again. I felt disappointed, my hope has been battered. I stood up and Tinuke followed me to see me off. As we walked down the road to my house I realize what tinuke’s mom said was true. I didn’t see much people on the street. The streets was becoming empty. People were moving into their houses, Shops closed. “sorry, I didn’t tell you the Oro was beginning today, I thought we will just have a quickie and leave” Tinuke said to me, “is not your fault, even me myself thought we will just have the quickie before 7pm and leave” I said to her. “Don’t mind my naughty brother who disturbed our fun” she said, “don’t worry” I said to her.  “Let your hope not be dashed” she said to me. I thought about it, “let my hope not be dashed”! why wouldn’t it be dashed! When I have hoped for this all night, all day to get to that spot. I was just so close before the devil started striking me. Am sure was the devil. He doesn’t want me to do her. “do you believe in fate?” she asked me, “yes I do” I answered, “don’t worry, fate will bring us together again for you to take your piece”. She said fate but for me, I don’t think there is any fate that will bring us together again, “everything ends here” I said to myself. “okay” I said to her, we hugged and she gave me a peck and we went our separate ways. I left for my house. I got home and met my roommate. That was a surprise, unlike before he stays out till even 11pm, I guess is because of the Oro. “Where you come go since nah” my roomie asked, “I go check one of my guy” I said to him, he said he became worried about me because people had started going into their houses because of Oro and I was yet to come in. I couldn’t talk again, I was so disappointed because of what had happened. I laid on my bed thinking of what has happened. If tinuke’s little brother has not come that period I would have been a champion, I would have scored three points. But wait oo, was my guardian angel protecting me? because I didn’t go there with condom. As I was still thinking of what has happened, I slept off.  

    The next day I woke up, I had put what happened the previous day behind me believing I can’t have Tinuke again, but wande was still there, I believe I will still have her.


<<<<<<< To Be continued from Episode 14>>>>>>

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