Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)-------(Episode 14)

Created: Monday, 16 June 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY) Continues with Episode 14...

I saw wande going to school, she was smiling at me. She greeted me and went on. She really knows how to play the game. Her dad was there when she was passing so she just looked at me, smiled  and walked on. If not because her dad was there, she would have come to me.  I got to the farm, the fm said we can’t plant the vegetable seeds that day. He said we should wet the our plots well so the land will be softer for planting. We watered our plot as the Fm said. After wetting my plot the Fm took the attendance and everybody went home.

When I got home I took my bath and went to the canteen to eat. After eating I headed to my house. On my way home I saw ige, we greeted  and I continued my way home. As I was walking home, I heard “swagger farmer”, I turned to know who is that because I am the only person who first called myself a “swagger farmer” to somebody. As I turned, behold it was anita. She was beautifully dressed, she was holding a lite text book on her left hand. I believe she’s going for her days examination. “what’s up, how are you doing?” she asked, “am doing good, you are looking gorgeous” I said to her. She smiled as she walked majestically towards me. I asked her where she was heading to. She said she’s going to write her paper for that day. That means we are heading to the same direction, because that is the direction to the school they are writing the exams. As we walked towards my house, we chatted about her exams for that day. When I got to my house I wished her the best of luck and she left. I didn’t even bother to ask her about her sister that came with her to charge her phone the other day.

Evening came. I wasn’t doing anything at home. My roomie had earlier gone to the Fulani community field to play football. I stood up and went to the Fulani community field to watch football, since the house was boring. When I got to the field I saw many girls. They were not FUNAABITES. FUNAAB girls don’t really come to the field to watch the guys play, only 1 or 2 girls do. So that means most of the girls there were NECO GCE girls. After seeing them, I wondered what they were all doing there, “I thought they should be writing exams now” I thought to myself, but I remembered that anita said she’s was science student and they were writing Physics. So that means the ones I was seeing were commercial and or Art students. They were not writing their selected  subject that day.

The days football was fun. So many FUNAABITES were mingling with the girls. It was a good opportunity for some guys to get laid. I saw my roomie chatting up with one of the girls. The match finished and we all headed home. When i and my roomie got home, he asked me if I saw the girl he was chatting up with. I told him I saw her and the girl was really cute. He said both of them chatted and exchange mobile numbers. He told me that she said her name was joke and they will be meeting up the next day. My roomie took his bath and left. He said he would return before 10pm when Oro will start. He said he’s going to watch Chelsea’s game; he’s a big fan of Chelsea Fc. He left. When he left I went outside to sit on the chair there. As I was sitted, wande walked in, she greeted me and said she was coming, she went into mama’s room. When she entered mama’s room, I checked if brother wale was around and his room door was locked. So mama was the only one at home. I went outside to wait for her.  She came out and joined me, she sat close to me. Finally she has started developing some confidence to interact with me. But I still consider the place we were seated unsafe for us to talk. I asked for us to leave that place and she agreed. So I took her to the direction of her house where she and her mom and other siblings were staying. We talked as we walked. As we talked, I asked her if she had a boyfriend, she said “no”, she even said  that some FUNAAB guys are asking her out, but she turned them down. When we got close to their house I refused going further. I told her I will like to see her the next day, she said she would come over. She said mama won’t be around, she would be travelling, and his dad wouldn’t be around too. So we will spend some time together. I left her and she walked away to her house. I was so delighted mama would be travelling, brother wale will be out. As I walked home feeling happy, some thoughts started creeping into my mind. I began to think of what I will do to wande when she enters my room. I got home laid on my bed, I remembered I had no condom. I don’t want what happened between me and Tinuke happen again, where my thoughts took a better part of me. I didn’t want what happened that day to happen again, that day I was scared of contacting STD.

I stood up and went to nearby chemist to get condoms. When I got to one of the shop in the street, they had already closed. I went to another shop, the sales woman had already locked up and was going home when I came, she said I should come back the next day. I decided to go back home and come back the next day. I checked the time and it was about 8:06pm. I think is because of the Oro that’s why shops are being closed down early. Everybody wants to go back home before 9pm. But the football fans were so crazy about their favourite teams, they don’t want to stay back. Whether there is Oro or not they want to watch their favourite club play. My roomie had earlier told me that most of the matches ends by 9:45pm and Oro begins 10pm. Most of the guys are not worried because they know they are going to make it to their houses before 10pm.

      The next day was a Saturday. At about 10am I went to the close by shop to get a condom, I didn’t want to forget, or allow what happened in the case of Tinuke to happen again. I want to get and keep it down before I forget. I went to the close by shop I went the previous day. when I got there they had not resumed for the day, it was still closed. I went to the other chemist shop that said I should come back that day. I got there and the woman said it was finished, and that I should come back in the evening, by then her husband that went to buy goods in Benin republic would have been back and she was sure he was going to get it. I left the place.

In the evening at about 5pm, I dressed up and headed for the chemist shop to get condom. As I was going I heard, “hi swagger farmer”. I turned back to see who was that, it was anita and fade. “what’s up” anita aske. “Am fine and you” I replied, “we are doing great” fade replied. This was the first time I was hearing fade talk to me. Apart from greeting me the other day they came to charge their phones. Fade has never talked with me. All throughout we talked the other day, i and anita, she never spoke one word. “where are you going to?” fade asked. But How do I tell her that am going to the chemist to get condom. “it will look weird” I thought to myself, and perhaps bring up curiosity and questions from her angle. “hmmmm am going to get something from the chemist” I said to her. “Are you okay, this one you are going to get drugs?” she asked, I told her I was having a slight headache and I need to take drugs. “Then lets go together” she said. “what!” I thought to myself. I thought they were going to a different direction, I was believing that after talking with them there, they will leave and I will go and get my stuff. Anita said they were not doing anything at home, everywhere was bored so they just decided to take a stroll. “okay” I said to her. So we began chatting as we walked towards the chemist shop. When we got to the chemist shop, the shop had opened unlike in the morning when it was still locked. We met a woman there, I believe she’s the person selling drugs.  “madam mofe ra buskopan” I said. “kini buskopan?” she asked. She was asking what is buskopan, I don’t know how to explain it to her in Yoruba for her to understand because the way she sounded, she can’t even speak pidgin English well. I could remember when I was a teenager, anytime I was having cold or headache, my sisters will go buy me buskopan at the chemist shop. But since about 4 or 5 years now I have not seen the drug in any chemist shop. Maybe they are part of the drugs or drug company Nafdac placed a ban on. The drugs have been replaced by new better drugs.

 “Ahhh, buskopan doesn’t exist again nah” anita said to me. “ahhhh I didn’t know oooo” I replied her, “of course it is, they have deleted it from the Nigerian market” she said again, “hmmmmmm, is that so!” I said as if I don’t know. “where you dey sef, it has been over 5 or 6 years ago the company stopped working” she said, “you are not in this our Nigeria ooo” she said again. “Why don’t you go for paracetamol since is a slight headache” she said to me. I know that buskopan doesn’t exist again, I just wanted to use the scope to distract them. Pretending to buy buskopan is better than embarrassing myself by telling the drug seller I wanted condoms in the presence of the two ladies who I recently got to be friends with. The impression they will have about me may change to negative. “fuun paracetamol” anita said to the woman, she brought out the paracetamol and gave to me and I paid. We left the place and started going. I got to my house, anita said they were not going yet, so we sat on the chair outside my house at the veranda. We started talking, barely 10minutes we began talking, she got a call, I don’t know who was that but she said she was coming back, “let me check one of my friend , am coming” she said. That means I will be left there with fade. Talking with anita is fun but fade, “hope the place wouldn’t be boring” I thought to myself. Anita left. I turned to fade “you don’t really talk” I said to her. “As if you noticed me” she responded. The way she responded looks as if she thinks I don’t want to talk with her. As if I don’t care about her anytime anita was around. “of course I do, only that you don’t talk much” I said to her. “Hmmmmm I talk but maybe am not a talkative like my elder sister” she replied, “your elder sister” I said, “yes my elder sister anita” she responded. “I never knew anita is your elder sister” I said to her. I told her anita didn’t tell me, and she said “she didn’t tell you because you didn’t ask”. Looking at both of them you can’t even know they are related. They don’t look alike. Anita is dark, with beautiful face and dark lips, even more beautiful than fade, she’s moderate in physique, not fat and not slim. Fade is very light in complexion and a little chubby, busty, cute face with pink lips and well carved dimples to go with. As we talked, I discovered that fade was even more fun to be with than her sister anita, she has an amazing sense of humour. We joked and laughed. She doesn’t talk much but when she does, you will really enjoy the conversation. She said anita is 4 years older than her. Anita finished secondary school 4 years earlier but she’s still having problems with mathematics, she had not been able to get credit in Maths subject since then. She has been trying and she’s still trying believing that that would be her final exam, write her jamb the following year. She said anita is 20 and she’s 16. Immediately she said she was “16”, I became shocked, she doesn’t even look 16, she looks the same age with anita. With a well body structures like her she looked 20. “you look older than your age” I told her, she laughed and said “many people tell me that when I tell then my age”. Indeed she looks older and she behaves matured. She speaks maturedly, talks less and listens more. As we talked, I checked my wristwatch time, it was about  06:14pm, time was really running fast, wande will soon come around and I have to let fade go so wande will not meet her there. I was really enjoying the conversation with fade that I don’t even want her to leave, but I have to. I have not even gotten the condom I will use. I told fade I want to check a friend at the other side of the street, she said she would love to follow me. I believe she was enjoying my company to want to follow me. I told her that wouldn’t be possible, and perhaps is just a guy parole and something involving our farm matters. she said “okay”, I saw her off. When I came back to the house, I met wande sitting at the chair outside. Thank God I made fade leave, I don’t want wande to see her, even if fade and her sister are just friends. I don’t want to miss that thing wande has to offer. Thank God my roomie was not around. I took wande to my room as I tickled her hair. She crossed her left hand around my waist as we walked inside the room. I carried her and placed her on the bed, I remembered I have not bought the condom.


<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 15>>>>>>


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