Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--------(Episode 15)

Created: Tuesday, 17 June 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY) --- Episode 15 continues…

She crossed her left hand around my waist as we walked inside the room. I carried her and placed her on the bed, I remembered I have not bought the condom.

I stood up, “whats that?” wande asked, “I want to go and get condom” I said to her, “ahhhhh, you can do it like that nahh, shey without condom” she said to me. what does this girl mean by do it like that!, she means I should do it without condom. I think she must be joking for asking me to sleep with her without a condom. “ra-ra oooh, impossible” I said to her. I told her to wait for me let me go and buy condom. I walked out of the room, I saw the slippers she wore to my house, I called her to come and take the slippers inside the room. She said she will do so, and I left to get the condom. I ran to the first shop in my street, as I walked in, I saw two of the ICJCF evangelism members, I guess they came there to get some drugs. Immediately I saw them there, I turned back. I wanted to wait outside for them to leave but I changed my mind. I don’t have much time to waste, wande was in the room waiting for me. How can I just walk in there and tell the seller “I want to buy condom” in the presence of those ICJCF team, what will even be the impression they will have about me. After seeing my cool and gentle face, they often see me as a great guy will a cool personality. So with this condom thing, their impression about me will change and I don’t want it. I left the place and went to the second shop I went the other day. When I got there, I saw one of the FUNAAB guy walking out. We got to know each other at the farm but we had not really talked with each other much. We greeted and he rushed out and left. He too was rushing out, I don’t know what was chasing him and where he was rushing to. Me too am rushing, am rushing to buy the condom, go back to wande, do what I want to do with her before 9:30pm so she can go home before Oro starts. “Mummy mo ti dey ooo, mofe ra condom” I said to the woman, “ahhhh condom ti tan” she said. She said the guy I was talking with took the last packet as she spoke in Yoruba, I managed to understand what she said. I thought she said her husband went to market today, “and the packets of condom he bought has finished?” I thought to myself. I wanted to ask her but due to my poor Yoruba speaking skills I couldn’t. I don’t know how to speak Yoruba very well but I can understand a little. But I wondered again why the condoms will finish if they really went to the market and bought more. Or maybe they didn’t buy any, or maybe they bought but FUNAAB students and other sinners from NECO GCE have bought them all. All that where my thoughts. If really is FUNAAB and other guys in the community that means we are beginning to turn Iwoye-Ketu to Sodom and Gomora. I left there and went to the first shop I went to before coming there. When I got there, I still met the ICJCF excos there. What are they still doing there? I asked myself. They were chatting with the owner of the shop. I don’t have much time to waste, I left there because if I keep waiting they may not leave soon, and time of Oro is fast approaching. I left there immediately to find another chemist shop. I didn’t even know any. The last one I went to had closed up, so I have no choice and option than to go back home to wande. As I was going home disappointed. An idea came to my mind. The guy that bought the last pack of condom, I do see him around the place not too far from the chemist shop, it is also closer to my house. There was a time he visited my roomie, he said he was staying around the house I saw him. That means he does stays in the area. My blood was really getting hot, I just need to do this thing this night, I thought. I walked into the house I saw him the second time we met. I don’t know his name but I met one FUNAAB guy there and described the person I was looking for, he said he was his roommate but he was busy inside with his girlfriend. That was why the guy was rushing home, to be with the girl. He took me to the door of their room to prove to me, I even saw a female slippers at the door post. He asked me why I was looking for him, I told him I saw him when he went to get condom, that was the last condom at that shop, I told him I had searched for condom all throughout the chemist shops and is either is finished or the shops have closed up for the day, so I came there if the guy could just give me a sachet from the pack he has. He said the condom should be inside the room and he’s busy inside so he can’t go to disturb them. But he said I should wait, he went into one other room there and came out with a sachet and gave to me. I told him “thank you”, collected it and immediately ran out of his presence as if am being chased by some witches. I got home and thank God my roomie was yet to return. I apologized to wande for taking much of her time. I took my phone and sent my roomie a text saying, “guy if you come inside this room before 9 I go break your”. I dropped my phone. My blood was boiling as I looked into wande’s eyes, she began giving me that her charming smile, “oya nah” she said to me. omo her blood dey hot too. My phone beeped with a message tone, I picked it and checked it was my roomie, the message reads “badooo, I know wetin u wan do”. I smiled and kept the phone. I brought out the condom, she took it from me and smiled, she opened it herself, “omo this girl mean oo” I said to myself.  She opened it and brought out the content. As she was about pulling my shorts, we heard “wande”. Which voice is that, who’s that, I thought to myself. “wande” the voice echoed louder, she looked at me. “wande” the voice came again. That is the voice of brother wale, “dady mi ni e” she whispered. Did brother wale know that wande was inside my room! How did he know! Who told him! I heard a knock on my door, I believe he’s the one knocking. I told wande to stand up, she adjusted her clothes. “How do I do it now” I thought to myself. An idea came to my mind, that was the best escape route option for wande. I opened my window. I have a net on my window. The way the net was built, it was not nailed to the window walls, it is only nailed on the window opening. I opened the window and asked her to leave before I opened the door. Thank God is night so nobody will see her or know what was happening. As she placed her legs outside the window to go, “bata mi” she said, her slippers! I looked if I could find her slippers, I couldn’t. “ I didn’t see it” I said to her, “ahhh moti gba gbie lo de” she said. That means she didn’t bring her slippers inside the room as I instructed her. The door was still banging with knocks. “Malo malo, stay outside let me bring it for you” I said, I was angry as I closed the window and covered the window cotton. I went to the door and opened it and it’s really brother wale standing right in front of me. “eka le sir” I greeted him, “ehenn how you dey?” he asked, “I fine” I replied. He asked if her daughter was inside my house,  “no” I answered , I even opened the door for him to come in and see, he came in and saw himself. “ I think say na her slippers I see for outside” he asked me, “that one na my friend slippers, she come visit me, she comot and she go soon come back” I said to him. But why should he think that every female slippers he sees where for his daughter. Another girl can have that kind of slippers, I thought to myself. “okay thank you” he said, “hope say mama no dey disturb una ooo” he asked, “nooooo in fact she dey take good care of us well well” I said to him. He was asking if the landlady is disturbing us, but I told him she wasn’t. I just want him to leave for me to take wande’s slippers and give her outside the window, she is still waiting outside the window. He left the room. As soon as brother wale left, I waited for about some seconds before going to the door, took the slippers inside and opened the window, she was still waiting at the back. I told her to go and wait for me at the mango tree close to their house, I will come and meet her there. She left and I closed the window. I was so annoyed that wande didn’t take her slippers inside and that caused some suspicions which led to the breakage of the adventure I would have had that night. After all the suffering I encountered going to get a condom, I finally saw one but didn’t use it. “The incident spoilt the fun I was supposed to have this night” I thought to myself. I went to the mango tree were I told wande to wait for me. I got there and met her waiting. “Ema binu” she said, as she was still pleading because of what happened in my house. I told her not to worry, it was not her fault, it was just a mistake. I told her we will still have another time for both of us even though she was ready and wants me that night, I told her not to be bitter, but in my mind I was very bitter that the pleasure didn’t take place. I told her to go home, we will see another time, and she left. I went home. As I laid on my bed I wondered why all these things are happening to me, I could remember when I was about to start my pleasure with Tinuke something happened and I wasn’t able to do it again, now wande, maybe their family’s ancestors doesn’t want me to lay any of their daughters. As I was thinking I slept off.

 The next day was a Sunday, I went to church to thank Baba God and to commit the new week unto his hands. The pastor talked about forgiveness. He said we should forgive our friends and enemies, in any way they have wronged us, we should forgive them. He also led a prayer session. He said we should ask God to give us the grace to forgive our closed loved ones who had hurt or wronged us. I thought of people who have wronged me but I couldn’t remember, but I remember the previous night , sure wande really hurt me for not taking her slippers into my room, if not, her curious father wouldn’t have noticed anything. It hurts, after much energy and the stress I went through to get condom, finally I couldn’t do it because of a slight mistake. I prayed to God to give me the grace to forgive her, He did, He gave me the grace immediately. I forgave wande, believing and hoping that the next encounter will be great and there won’t be any mistake. I went home happy and relieved.

   The next day was a Monday, about 7:47am everybody had assembled on the farm. The previous Friday Fm told us we will start planting vegetable seeds this Monday. I got to the farm, the seeds had already been provided. The lecturers that came the previous week told us that before planting our seeds, we should scarify the seeds, it will help the seeds to germinate well. The field overseers had already brought a coal pot, pot, charcoal, kerosene and matches to light the coal and water. After the seeds were scarified with hot water, we queued to get our own seeds for planting. Before planting, we were asked to wet our plots. I watered mine, I waited till it got to my turn and I collected my seeds. Some said they were not planting that day, but for me, I told myself its only God that will make me not to plant. I immediately planted my seeds. Time for attendance came and we marked and I left for my house.

Wande visited mama that evening, I decided to ignore her for a period in other not to arouse suspicions. In as much she’s nice to us students, she was very observant of what we do and I just want to play the game smooth and cool in that house without them knowing. I just had to avoid wande for the main time till another perfect comes. If she starts coming around me it will bring up suspicions from her dad and curiosity from mama. I just have to pretend I was no longer interested in her without telling her, just to put her aside from me for the moment. She greeted me as I sat on the chair at the veranda, I answered her in a cold tone. She walked inside the house to see mama. I know she will definitely come out of mama’s room to come join me outside, I didn’t want her to start asking me if I was okay because of the way I responded to her when she greeted me. I left the place and headed for shoprite even though I didn’t want to buy anything. On my way to shoprite, I saw anita and fade, they were coming back from the school they went to write there exams. “Fine girls” I said to them, “farmer with the swags” anita replied, “how far nah, how your body?” fade asked. She was asking me about my health status. I told them I was feeling better and okay unlike the other day they went with me to go get drugs. As if I was even sick sef, I just dey pretend jooor, but I didn’t say it out. “how was today’s paper?” I asked, “fine oooo, we are just coming back from there” fade said. She said the exam was great. “Were are you going to?” anita asked, “am just looking for you people” I replied, they laughed, “you are not serious” fade said to me. “Are we lost that you are looking for us?” anita asked. “Ahhh I don miss una ooo, the chat and the conversation, na him make I say make I look for una make we talk” I said to them, they laughed again, “na wa for u oooo, we sef don miss you ooo” fade said. since there house was close by, I followed them to their house. Immediately we got to their house, anita dropped her book and question paper, she said she was going out to see someone, and she left. I wondered how important the person will be that she didn’t wait a little beat before leaving. The same thing happened the other day when we went to the chemist shop, after receiving that call she left us. “Hope there is no problem?” I asked fade after anita left, “noooo, she just went to see one of your people” she replied. I began to wonder what she meant by “one of your people”. “She has gone to see her FUNAAB boyfriend” she said again. I believe it was the guy that called her the other day that she left us. In my mind I wondered why she would just leave now am around, at least it will make the environment more livelier. I never knew that anita’s leaving and absence is a blessing, creating a great atmosphere for me and fade to get closer, making her to begin to love me. In as much it’s a blessing, it also became an avenue for the devil to invade my mind putting me in a tight corner.

<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 16>>>>>> 

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