Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--------(Episode 16)

Created: Wednesday, 18 June 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY) Episode 16 continues…

 As days went by, the vegetables we planted started germinating, with all the wetting and management we do to our beds every day. Some peoples own refuse to spring up, they have to replant. Some People that their own had begun to germinate, were so happy as they watered their beds more. As days go by, it also saw me and fade become more closer to each other. We joked and played with each other, she visits my house almost every day. Sometimes we go to watch football together at the Fulani community field. Wande saw her with me one Friday she came to visit her grandmother at my house, she didn’t even greet me, she squeezed her face which made her face look like an old witch. She couldn’t say anything,  she walked pass us, I was still joking and laughing with my sweet fade. As the love between i and fade builds stronger, my body pressure was building up for her, but there was one problem! She was still a minor, she was just 16, I didn’t ask her out because I felt there was no need for that, I believe she’s already in love with me. I laid on my bed thinking about i and fade. Her sister was not aware of what is happening between us and she must and will not know. The age difference between us still came on my mind. Part of me still burns for her and another part of me is discouraging me. Part of me was like “You might never see her again, just do what you want to do with her before she leaves”. That’s true, I might not see her again, most of the relationships going on between FUNAAB guys and indigenes or NECO GCE girls, the relationship starts and ends in Iwoye-ketu, it is just for fun and sex. “so why don’t you do her and forget about it, she already knows the relationship is going no were” part of me said. I heard a knock on my door, I went and opened the door and it was fade standing in front of me, she was wearing a black mini skirt and a white sleeveless shirt. She looked so beautiful. She entered inside and sat on my bed. She opened the bag she brought. opened it and brought out a canned soft drink with a short cake biscuit. She said she got them for me as she gave it to me. I collected it and thanked her. I sat close to her on the bed. She asked me if I had a girlfriend. I told her I don’t have one. She told me she has never dated anybody and she’s still a virgin. I began to wonder how she got the courage to talk relationship and intimate matters, I thought she would shy away from bringing up that kind of issues. She wasn’t even shy about it when she said she was a virgin. She said she wants a man that will love and respect her. I began to wonder, “I really did under rated her” I thought to myself. She’s very intelligent and smart. She said “ some guys are naughty and stupid, they only want to get into women pants and run away”, “and I don’t want to give them that” she said again. She really knows what she’s doing and I like her for that, she’s focused and if she continues like this she will definitely make a great strong, bold woman. “I can only give my virginity to man who is worth it” she said. immediately she said that, my mind said “you are the man” . “Of course am the man” I said to myself. I stared into her eyes and told her “you are a smart intelligent woman”, “likewise you too, a fine gentle man worth every good a woman does to” she said. How I wish she was right. How I wish I am worth giving her virginity to. I smiled as she said that, “when are you finishing your exams” I asked, “next tomorrow” she replied, “and when are you going back” I asked, “ hmmmm the next day after the exams, I will miss you oo” she said, “I will miss you too” I said. yes I will miss her but life must go on. “I want to ask you this” I said to her. “what” she replied, “do you mind doing it with me?” I asked. “Doing what?” she asked, “ehhmmm” , she cuts in, “you mean sex with you?” she said, “emm yeah” I said, she laughed, I wondered why she was laughing. Am  a kind of person who doesn’t force women to do what they don’t want to do, and now fade is an underage girl and she has not done it before, so I have to take it slowly with her. “hmmm I don’t know yet, I will give you the answer when I come next tomorrow” she said. I wasn’t happy with the answer she gave. She was waiting till after finishing her last paper before giving me answer. Maybe she might even say “no” sef. I felt she is just keeping my hope on standby. 

           The next day was a Wednesday, after the farm work that day I returned home, took my bath and went to the canteen to eat. When I returned back, I prepared and went to ICJCF fellowship. During the prayer session I prayed that God should favour me and give me uncountable blessings, and he should also touch fade to make her sleep with me. how I wish God can answer that kind of prayer. Immediately I prayed that prayer something in my mind said “that girl is a minor ooo”. Then another thought said “minor or no minor she’s a woman that has all what a mature woman has”. And is actually true, she has everything a physically matured woman has, a nice curvy shape with great body. Looking at her you might think she’s 20 but she’s just 16. “with that kind of features, she’s matured” the thought said, “if she give you take” the thought said as if it was sure fade will give me. After the service I went home. I got home and began feeling a slight headache and cold, “maybe I am worrying myself too much about this fade issue which is what is giving me the headache” I thought to myself. I went to buy bread and egg, prepare it and eat. After eating, I took the paracetamol tablets I bought the other day. I laid on my bed and slept off.

           The next day was a Thursday. After doing the General animal Management routine check given to the livestock animals, I went to the farm. My vegetables were growing rapidly but there were some weeds around my bed. I uprooted all the weeds around my bed before wetting it. The girl opposite my own bed, her vegetables just refused to grow as much as others, upon all the wettings. I don’t wet my own much but it still grew better than hers. Some peoples own were just growing heavily like boko my group member, anyone that pass’s by that row admires his own. After the day’s task, we marked the attendance and went home.

Evening came at about 6pm, the house was so boring and I didn’t know where to go, my housemate has gone to the church and my roomie had gone out as usual. I laid on my bed to rest. As I laid there I heard a knock on the door, I opened the door and it was fade, “hi am through with my exams” she said standing in front of me. I told her to come in and she came in. “congratulations, you are through” I said to her, “yes ooo am through” she replied me, “that means you are leaving tomorrow?” I asked. “by the special grace of God” she responded. “So what’s up with you?” she asked me, “hmmm nothing much shah, just chilling” I replied. “I have an answer for your question the other day” she said.  Immediately she said she had an answer, my heart pumped up. “Which answer was that” I said, pretending as if I had forgotten what I asked her. “The sex thing you talked about” she said, “ohhhh, okay I remember” I said, she cuts in and said “am in for it, let’s do the sex”. Immediately she said it, something like electric current flowed through my body, it was so heavy that I shouted “yes”. She laughed as I shouted “yes”. I went to my bag and brought out the condom sharp sharp. I just want to do it before she changes her mind. Girls like her can be indecisive sometimes. As I brought out the condom, something in mind asked, “what do you just want to do?”, Is it asking me or asking itself, I ignored it joor. I went to her on the bed, as we stared at each other’s eyes closely, I can’t help but admire her beautiful face and well carved set of teeth as she smiled. Still looking into her eyes, she looked so innocent, part of me wants her so badly, another part of me was feeling guilt that I only feel one thing for her looking into her eyes, “pity”, yes I feel pity for her. I wish she never made this decision of having sex. I might be a great, cool and nice guy but will I really value what she wants to give to me! I went to her on bed and started teasing her. She laughed as I teased and tickled her hair. I began unbuttoning the shirt she wore, immediately I began unbuttoning it, “what are you doing, a minor?” part of me said, “don’t do it” it said again. The other part of me said “guy do this thing, if you don’t do it, another guy will do it”. And that’s true, if I don’t do it, another guy will beat me to it. I braced up myself, as I want to start to unzip the beautiful jean trouser she wore, “don’t do this, she is an underage” the thought said. I don’t do underage, I am not like the Nigerian senator that married a 13year old Egyptian, the same senator is advocating for child marriage. “are you yerima?” the other thought asked. Surely I am not and I can’t be. “ogbeni forget joor, fade na underage wey make sense, no dull yourself, you might not have this virgin opportunity again” the thought said. And this is true, fade has this great body that any guy will admire. But in another sense I wouldn’t allow my daughter to be defiled. “but you want to defile someone’s else daughter” the other thought said. “This is not defilement, this girl is 16 and you people agreed to do it, so is not rape” the thought said. Now this one has got me confused, the first thought said I should do while the second thought is telling me not to do. It just looked as if two giants are fighting in my mind, thoughts and counter thoughts coming into my mind. Still staring into her eyes, I missed tinuke’s opportunity, wande’s own was messed up which I still believe we will still get back, now fade, “I can’t miss this one” I said to myself. As I unhooked the zip of her jean trousers, “are you still continuing” the second thought said. I have decided to ignore all my thoughts and counter thoughts and focus on what I was doing. Immediately I unhooked her zip, I held the trouser to pull it down, immediately it looked as if some kind of power came upon me, it looked heavy that I couldn’t understand what it was. “They have struck again” I said to myself, my body began to shake, all my body was full of goose bumps. As I was still staring into her eyes, an unknown head ache and cold descended on me, I began to shiver. “kilo de, are you okay?” she asked me, she has seen the way I was behaving. The condom fell off my hand, I fell on the bed, I couldn’t even tell her how I was feeling. “Your body is hot” she said as she touched my body. She wore her trousers and skirt back as I laid on the bed. She took the condoms from me and put it inside her bag. She brought a sachet of pure water from the bag I have in my room. I stretched my hand to the window and brought the paracetamol I bought the other day. She opened it and gave me two tablets, I swallowed it with water. She raised my head and placed it on her laps and covered from my legs to my shoulders with my wrapper, I slept off. When I woke up, my head was still on fade’s laps, she was reading a novel. My body temperature had reduced, including the cold and headache, but I was still feeling weak. I checked the time and is 20 minutes past 7pm. I asked her if she was not going home to prepare for her leaving the next day, she said she still wants to stay till 8pm. I was amazed when she said that. she’s so daring and caring with a soft heart, the guy that will date her will really be lucky. My regret is that I haven’t had my way. 8pm came, she stood up, stared into my eyes. As I was staring back I was feeling pain that I didn’t have my way with her, but maybe it was the greater powers that didn’t want me to do her, and God was trying to protect me. She kissed my forehead, “am leaving, sorry for what happened” she said. I smiled and said “ You will really make a great, smart and intelligent woman, you are strong and vibrant; more than what any man desired in a true woman”, she almost started shedding tears as I complimented her. She held my hands so tightly. As she stood up, I told her I couldn’t see her off. She left. In as much as she doesn’t want to leave me, she just have to leave. She left. Still laid on my bed, I began to think about my life in Iwoye-ketu. Why is it that anytime I want to have my way with any woman something will happen.  I began to wonder about it, maybe I need a deliverance. The one of fade was so painful. I was so happy that I have already had my way, I was happy that in a matter of minutes I will be a conqueror and a champion, only for my hopes to be dashed by some unknown illness. Barely 15 minutes fade left I regained my normal self. The headache and cold left me immediately, but it was too late for me to call fade back again because I was having a feeling that another bad incident might happen. I became strong and healthy again. Another part of me was happy that fade left because it made me “not guilty” of sleeping with a minor. As I was thinking I slept off.


<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 17>>>>>>

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