Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)------(Episode 17)

Created: Thursday, 19 June 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary Of my Farm Practice Year(FPY) Episode 17 continues….

The next day I was at the farm wetting my vegetable when my phone rang. I brought it out and it is an unregistered number. I picked and it was fade, she said she called to tell me that she’s on the road leaving Iwoye, and she wants to wish me well. I wished her well too and we hung up.

I got home after the day’s farm work, I took my bath and went to the canteen to eat.  When I returned from the canteen I met my roommate at home. “ Guy I dey vex, something don happen” he said to me, “wetin be that?” I replied him. He said that the girl I saw him with the other day, the one that gave him her number: that was joke. He said he asked her out but she turned him down only for her to accept facao’s request. Facao is a great player. He said facao has even slept with the girl, facao was even the guy that deflowered her. I laughed in my mind as he explained, I don’t really know facao’s personality as much but he seems to me like a woman magnet, he has a way of having his way with women. With his strategies, all these are fine qualities possessed by players. Looking at my roomie, he’s even more good looking than facao, but I think facao has the swags which helped him got joke over him. As he narrated his own what came to my mind was my own ordeal, how I wish he knows what I myself is facing with women. I am beginning to think I am cursed, after the tinuke’s case there was wande, I began to think that the gods of their ancestors and fathers doesn’t want me to sleep with their children. But fade is not an indigene, she’s not from Iwoye and she’s not related to Tinuke or wande, why did another catastrophe happen when I wanted to sleep with her. Maybe is the god of the village Iwoye-Ketu that is holding me captive. They don’t want me to sleep with their women, they don’t want me to sleep with any woman in their land, or maybe it is wande that is behind this fade’s incident, maybe she did magun. I heard that magun is a charm that people most especially guys do that no man will be able to sleep with their girlfriend or wife, if any man does that, he may die or something strange will happen to the man. Maybe wande did this so I can’t sleep with any other woman apart from her because I have totally ignored and forgotten about her. She wants me totally to herself. But one thought came to my mind,  If it’s wande’s charms, why is it that it happened in the case of Tinuke before wande. People like facao  and other guys are scoring points, having fun  and having women they want and nothing strange was happening to them, why me!, I asked myself, or are they different from me! But no I don’t think so, maybe the gods of iwoye-ketu doesn’t want me to sleep with any woman in their community. But why did the gods singled me out!, why not 2baba or facao or other guys, or is there something they are doing that am not doing right?, why me? All that where all my thoughts as I stood up and left my room.

         As days, weeks went by, Christmas was fast approaching, I have decided to put my worries and pains behind me, and to face greater tomorrow and future. I went to the farm, my vegetables are growing bigger and more fresher. I watered my bed very well. The small spring were we fetch water to wet our beds was fast drying up. We were gradually approaching the dry season. I uprooted almost all the weeds around my bed, watered it very well. After wetting my bed, I went to the shed to sit, sitting there were couple of group leaders who gathered their members, they were planning on how to build their goat shed. Building of goat shed was the assignment giving to all groups. It was giving to us by the lecturers who came to lecture us couple of weeks back. Two groups will build a goat shed. So they asked us to look for household that has goats but didn’t have a house for them. Two groups will be merged to build a shed for the goats in the household.

My group leader met me at the shed, she said that we will be having a meeting with the other group that was merged with us to build the shed. The meeting started with all my group members present and 2 members of the other group, their group leader and one member. It was really annoying, even their group leader was begging some of his members to wait, they refused as if was not important. Some of my group members were very angry about the other group and their members attitude.  They were asking them to stay but I guess them dey form big boy and big girl, dem no send anybody. My group has always been active with great individual physical energy.We try as much as possible to do our group work with all our might and strength, our team work made the farm manager confessed that we may end up as the best group in iwoye ketu. As I sat there without speaking a word, I began to think that the merger of my group with the other to build the goat shed was an error. The other group were not coordinated, vibrant and organized like mine. They want to leave the work for my group to do all.

After the meeting my group leader had another meeting with her  group members. She said that the guys will cut the upright trees, big tree branches, and provide the grasses/weed we will use to create the roof of the shed then the females will just stand and look, and only assist in packing and arranging the grasses. Immediately she said that I busted into laughter, some other people laughed, she too laughed because I believed she knew what she said was weird and impossible. The last time I checked during our last group meeting for a group task, she said this popular cliché “ what a man can do a woman can do better”, so why is she heaping all the work on the guys. From the meeting we had we were going to be needing over 20 upright trees, about 15 strong tree branches and hard weed grasses. So we guys will just get the materials, take it to where we will be building the shed, while the ladies will just arrange and pack the debris and waste after the work. “you must be joking” I said to her, she laughed again. This is the first time I was directly talking with her, and even disagreeing with her. The other group attached to us, their members  were weak and slow like a tortoise, which means,  my group will totally take over the work. I told them that the guys will help cut down the upright trees and hard branches, then cut the grasses but everybody will carry it to where the shed will be built rather than sitting and watching us do everything. Me sef wey dey talk I no even plan to climb any tree to cut down upright or hard branches. The last time I climbed a tree as tall as the one they said we would climb I fell down half way to the top, thank God I never broke my legs and my body, I only had a scratch on my back. The other members agreed with my opinion. We agreed on when and how we were going to begin the work.  After everything we marked our attendance and went home.

When I got home, took my bath and went to the canteen to eat, after eating I went back home. I took my farm coat to a shop were they sew clothes. I went there because my farm coat was torn at the armpit so I need to sew it. The first time I sew my farm coat was when we first came to Iwoye, I went to the shop close to my house to sew my farm coat. I met three young ladies that day that day, I know it will be difficult for me to explain what I wanted because I can’t speak much of yoruba, I just opened where the cloth was thorn and showed it to one of the girls. One of the girls was so dark that when you put her in a dark room you could only see her white eye ball. The second girl was slim and light skinned. The last girl was the youngest, from her stature and the way she spoke , she shouldn’t be more than 13 or 14 years. I could remember when I gave them the cloth they just laughed, I didn’t know why or what was making them to laugh, but I guessed we just came into the community newly so maybe they were excited seeing us so they want to catch our attention or maybe they understood I couldn’t speak Yoruba and they were laughing at my inability. As time went on each time I was passing by that direction when the 3 girls sees me they will keep staring at me and start laughing, it made me uncomfortable that in my mind I have tagged them “the three witches”.  That was over 2 months ago.

I took my farm coat to their shop, immediately they saw me they started smiling to each other. I just ignored it and gave the light girl the farm coat. I showed her the thorn place, she collected it from me. After sewing it, I brought out N1000 and gave it to her, immediately i gave the money to her, she opened her mouth as if she had not seen N1000 before, “ko si change ooo” she said. She said there is no change. She didn’t collect the money from me, “ e fi le, ma lo” she said. She said I should forget about the money. I noticed she was smiling as she was saying it, in my mind I was like “so witches can sometimes be nice”. She looked even beautiful more than the other 2 witches as she smiled. I took my farm coat and left. As I was heading home, I began to think of making a move on one of the witches…


<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 18>>>>>>


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Guy,i dnt think u were able to bleep any girl in dat village ooh.u too slow aahha are u mikel slowobi's brother?u don suppose bleep wande,tinuke(th o,i dnt support unprotected sex),fade(she b virgin tho) n even anita.
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