Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--------(Episode 18)

Created: Friday, 20 June 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary of my Farm Practice Year(FPY) Episode 18 continues… 

 It was the day to construct our goat shed, almost all my group members showed up including my group leader. Only two people from the other group attached to us showed up, their group leader and one of their member. Most of us from my group had already predicted that that was how it was going to be because they are not active. If not because we are doing the job to score points and boost our CGP none of my group members will tolerate that, so the assignment is necessary. The other group don’t care, but we care in my group. If my group refused to do the job they wouldn’t score the both group. We ignored all odds and went to the bushes to cut the big tree branches and upright trees we needed and took it to where we will construct the goat shed. The next day we continued the task by going to get the grasses needed for the construction of the roof. The next day we began the construction of the shed. We did it half way and finished it the next day. It was really fun because it made my group members closer with each other. We talked, laughed and joked around. Only two members from the other group participated. In all round it was fun.

      On the 19th of December was Christmas carol of 9 lessons. The students and even the villagers came out in mass for the carol. There was drama presentation, songs and many more fun presentations to celebrate the coming of the Messiah our Lord Jesus Christ to the world. Father Christmas was not left out as one of the male student acted as father Christmas, and gifts was given to the kids.

  On the 21st of December I packed my bags and left Iwoye Ketu to celebrate the Christmas with my family.

            The Christmas celebration was fun and great. I really enjoyed myself. I prayed that the new year would be great in my life, seeing me progress to more great and higher things.

          It was a brand new year, the fm had already told us the former year that arrivals will start and end January 3rd. That means farm work starts immediately. I decided not to come back on that 3rd. I stayed back in Abeokuta. But I regularly got in touch with my group leader and other group members who came back immediately after the Christmas and new year break. I called one of my group member, he said that harvesting and marketing of vegetables had begun from that 4th January.

A week later my group leader called me on phone,  she said the Fm told them that the V.C would be visiting the next Tuesday. She said the harvesting and marketing of vegetables had ended, now they are just weeding and preparing the bed for the second phase of vegetable cultivation. I called another friend of mine in Iwoye to confirm if it’s true that the V.C would be visiting, because it will really be a great pleasure seeing the V.C of FUNAAB. He said it’s true that the V.C will be visiting Iwoye-Ketu location. He also said that students are massively weeding. That I don’t want to do because going to Iwoye will make me start weeding, and i don’t want to weed.  He said they are cleaning up the farm and road contractors are working on the road leading to the farm. All because the V.C  was visiting, and he wouldn’t be coming alone, I believe he will come with dignitaries so preparations for his coming was gearing up.

On Sunday I packed my bags and headed for Iwoye-Ketu. I didn’t plan on leaving that Sunday, I planned on spending one more week but because the V.C was coming, I want to hear what he has to say, and it would be a great opportunity seeing my Vice Chancellor. I bought a big bread and canned drinks for mama my landlady, it’s my own Christmas gift for her. I wanted to buy a special gift for wande to appease her for ignoring her for a long time, I changed my mind, I decided to see her firsts and talk with her before buying anything for her.

                  I arrived Iwoye-Ketu, I gave mama what I bought for her, I had earlier promised ben the grandson of mama something when I travel for Christmas. I gave him a canned drink.  They all thanked me. In the evening wande came around to the house, brother wale was not around, infact I had not seen him since I arrived and I think he had travelled. Mama was at the other side of the house. I was sitting outside the house when wande walked in, she smiled as she saw me, she greeted me, as she was about to walk inside I called her, I told her to come and she came smiling. I asked her about her Christmas holiday and she said everything was fine. She asked me why I didn’t buy anything for her but I bought for mama and other people. She had already heard that I bought something for mama when I was coming back, how did she know? Who told her!  I thought she would be angry with me that I ignored her after the last year’s incident, since then we have never talked, I only respond to her greetings. She was so warm and accommodating in responding to me. I told her not to worry, she should go and see mama and after that I will go and by something for her at shoprite. She went inside to see mama. As I was still seated there, some thought came to my mind, which is the incident that happened the last time i wanted to lay wande. I thought about it, what is even the essence of rekindling the romance between me and wande when I can’t sleep with her. This was because I am sure of what will happen when she enters the room. It’s not even sure that I can have my way. The last three girls I had in which wande was one , I couldn’t have my way with them.  It looks as if I have been possessed and the gods of Iwoye-Ketu is holding me spell bound, they don’t want me to sleep with any of their women and even any woman in their village, and I really will like to lay wande. Maybe I even need deliverance from this spell. I stood up and went to shoprite and  bought 2 viju and 3 gala for wande. When I got back home, she was cooking for mama. I waited outside till she finished. After she has finished and was about to go home, she met me outside and I gave her what I bought for her, she was so happy that she hugged me so tightly. I stood up and began walking her home. As I walked her home I asked her when they will be resuming, she said the upper week. I wanted to ask her to come to my room the next day in the morning since brother wale was not around and mama will be going to the market. I wanted to ask her but changed my mind, let me not rush it. I decided to take it gradually and slowly. We got to her house, she thanked me so much. I left her as she entered her house while I left to see a friend.

                The next day was a Monday. Longitude was yet to be back, me and my roomie were the only students in the house.  I went to the farm, everywhere was looking cleaned up, all the vegetables had been harvested and all the plots have been weeded. The road to the farm have been properly worked on my local road contractors. Unlike before it was difficult for the farm bus to pass the road but it has been gridded. An official sign post had been erected with FUNAAB logo and school encrypted on it.

         Next day came, the field overseers had already organized young village boys with some students to play the talking drums, all preparations have been made.  We sat at the farm shed waiting for the V.C. and we waited. To our greatest surprise…


<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 19>>>>>>


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