Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--------(Episode 19)

Created: Monday, 23 June 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

Diary Of My Farm Practice Year, If You Missed Episode 1 to 18, Read Here

Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)---- Episode 19 continues…

Next day came, the field overseers had already organized young village boys with some students to play the talking drums, all preparations have been made.  We sat at the farm shed waiting for the V.C. and we waited.

 The fm came to the shed, he said that the V.C was almost here, so the drummers should start drumming. And the drums began to bang, those with leaves began to spread the leaves on the ground. A white coastal bus accompanied with a black official car drove in. I jumped up to see the V.C, but remembered that the V.C always moves around with his prado jeep accompanied with a black car that look like KIA. I guessed those ones are his security. Looking at this costal bus and the car that came in, it doesn’t seem as if the V.C was in any of them. As the drums banged louder, the dignitaries started coming out of the coastal bus, many people stretched their neck to see if the V.C was one of them. I couldn’t even see the V.C. when they finally finished coming out of the bus and car it was done on me that the V.C was not among them, he only sent a representative. The COBFAS  Director was with them, the farm Manager introduced some of the dignitaries. The Dean of colvet was the  person that represented the V.C, she said the V.C couldn’t make it, he went on an official assignment so he sent her to represent him. Immediately she said it, we were all disappointed. The guys who were playing their drums dropped their sticks and kept their drums on one side of the shed as if they had been wasting their time all along. The V.C representative addressed us, some dignitaries she came with addressed us too. Then COBFAS Director addressed us too. They asked us the problems we were facing in the community. Majority of the students said it was water. And truly water is our major challenge that period. That period was a dry season and majority of the people in the community that had reservoirs, the water inside had finished. They don’t build wells in this community, they only have reservoirs, the bore hole in the community is not more than 4 which is far from each other. The borehole FUNAAB built for the community at the town hall had spoilt, we didn’t use it for up two weeks before it got spoilt. Our only hope is the borehole at the farm. After fetching water for wetting the beds, then we fetch the ones we will use at home. Even my landlady had begun locking the reservoir in my house, she was trying to preserve the little water left inside. She had already begged us not to take water from inside again so we were left with either fetching from the farm or going to any bore hole in the community to get water.  We had starting the second phase of vegetable cultivation and the small river close to our beds, the water had dried up leaving us to a dry land. We have to depend on the farm bore hole water to wet our beds. The V.C representative and COBFAS said they would address the issue.  After all said, the meeting was over and they left. I was so tired and I went home.

              Next day was a Wednesday. Preparations began for the second phase of vegetable cultivation. I started preparing my old bed, the same bed used for the first phase was what was made available for the second phase. The farm manager told us that the bore hole at the farm will start pumping water the next day, so we should start wetting our plots the next day before planting. After some weeding, we marked attendance and went home. When I got home, I rushed to the canteen to eat because I was so hungry. After eating I came back home, thank God there was electricity power, I ironed my clothes because I had planned on going to ICJCF fellowship. In as much as wande and I are coming back again, I need to deliver myself from the hands of Iwoye-ketu gods, I didn’t want any bad distraction to happen when am having my way with her again. I was going to ICJCF to thank Baba God for a new year, hand over all the remaining months of the FPY to God and finally loose myself from any evil that doesn’t want me to sleep with any woman in this Iwoye.

I went to ICJCF, everywhere was filled up. It is  first meeting for this year, I said to myself, I couldn’t even find a chair to seat but one of the ushers managed to get me one, I came late. When I came in, I met them in praise and worship. After the praise and worship they started the drama and later was a prayer session which I really enjoyed. The anchor started with a lovely worship song. After the song the real prayers began. He told us to thank God for bringing us to this year, we began to prayer. He told us he doesn’t like the way we prayed. He said we should pray violently. The next prayer, you have to pray this one violently he said, “any god of Iwoye-Ketu, every power in this Iwoye that doesn’t want me to have my blessings, I destroy your powers! Destroy them” he shouted at the top of his voice. Omo see people dey use energy dey pray, some tapping their foot to the floor, some hitting their hands on the wall, me sef join them. I changed the pray to suit me like this “every Iwoye-ketu god and power that doesn’t want me to sleep with Iwoye women, that doesn’t want me to score points and have my showers of blessings, I destroy them”, I began to pray violently, I want to deliver myself from those yokes. I don’t want any funny thing to happen when I want to sleep with wande. “The next prayer” he said, “what do you want from God, tell him to give it to you” he said. I overheard people shouting and screaming that they want God to take away poverty and give them riches, some are praying that they don’t want any carry over till they leave FUNAAB. Me too get problem, each time I want to sleep with any woman in Iwoye-Ketu something strange happen and the action will not take place again. The most important thing I want from God now is to bless me with women I can sleep with and when I want to do it let God remove every hindrances on the way to it. I started my violent prayer. He started the next prayer point, he said there are some people that at the midst of receiving their blessings, something bad will happen and they will lose it immediately. Immediately he said it I told myself that he’s talking to me. He said “there is somebody here, at the edge of you breakthrough and about to receive your blessing something disastrous will happen”. As he said this one, I said to myself “I am the one he’s talking to”. “You have to pray” he said. He said we should pray it like this, that at the edge of our breakthrough any evil hands that wants to destroy it, let the fire of God strike those hands down. Hmmm this one is a great prayer and I will pray it. I changed it as usual, I concentrated on my sex and pleasure in iwoye, that is my priority for now. The sex thing has occupied my mind. I began the prayers violently as he said, I said to God that anytime I want to sleep with any woman in Iwoye, any evil hands that will want to destroy it, “Baba destroy those hands, let them not have their way” I prayed. I prayed violently. How I wish God will answer it. “indeed He will” I thought to myself. The prayers went on and on, I really concentrated on my sex ordeal in iwoye. The prayer session ended, I was satisfied with the prayers I had prayed and the calories I had burnt praying violently. We gave our offering and said the closing prayer then left for our various houses.    I went home feeling happy, elated that something had happened. Just like the Bible has said “believe in your heart that the Prayer you have said has been answered”. I believed that my prayers had been answered.

           As time went on, the preparations of vegetable beds were over, planting of vegetable seeds began. The seeds were scarified with hot water before planting. After planting my seeds, I went home. When I got back home, I went to the canteen to take my launch. When I came back home, I met wande, she was coming back from school. I believed she decided to branch to her grandmother’s place before making her way home. Brother wale was inside his room. Each time brother wale was around and mama was outside, I try as much as possible to distance myself from wande. We talk but it was only casual. I don’t make it intimate or too funny that it will make it look suspicious to people around. Wande herself was a good smooth operator. She knows how to play the game, she distances herself each time her family members are around.

           As days went by the difficulty we encountered at the farm became more harsh.  We have to queue for hours before we finish the wetting of our beds. With the fighting’s, the arguments; guys exchange blows just because someone they came before fetched water from the borehole before them. In fact you need to see the long queues of gallons, buckets, kegs. Looking at it you may think the queue will never end. After wetting our plots, we fetched the water we will take home.

          I came to the farm early enough at about 6:34am. One of my friend had earlier told me that I should come early enough that the field overseers pump water overnight, and if one can come early enough, they would be able to fetch water to wet vegetable bed before dozens of student will start arriving to fight for space. I got to the farm and met over a fifty students. This was what I have been avoiding, I don’t really like crowd, I want it easy. I just come I wet my plot and leave. Meeting this fifty is like meeting thousands, some people when they are coming to the farm, they don’t come with a keg, they pack all the buckets, kegs and gallons in their houses to the farm.  I saw a girl who was packing almost all her kegs, gallons and buckets just for her to wet her plots and take water home. I wondered why she didn’t bring even her plates and spoons to the farm.  The way she was packing those kegs you might think she’s relocating to the farm to stay. They will not want others to fetch till they finished putting water inside their kegs. Make dem full their kegs, and even their plates and spoons with water. Some people even queued with their farm coats. When people like us keep spaces with our kegs, some keep spaces with their farm coats.

After seeing the crowd and the kegs that morning, I placed my keg on the queue and began to wait for my turn, the number of kegs I met were up to 60, all queued up. 20 minutes gone still waiting for my turn. I began hearing voices arguing over who will use the tap close to the one we were using. Before I could say “Christian”, people had started separating fight. What happened? What happened was that smallie, I call him smallie because he was the smallest student in Iwoye. The fm had instructed us not to fetch water from the second tap, he said we should only make use of the current one we were using. All that made the queue longer, instead of splitting to other taps we were only left with one. It seems the Fm was not punish us for spoiling one other tap at the farm. The fm instructed smallie to take charge of the second tap, that nobody fetches water from the tap. Smallie stayed there watching over the tap. The pressure was much on people to use the tap, they couldn’t wait for the long queue. Some people approached and even begged smallie to fetch water from that tap but smallie refused. He was following the others of the master, Fm. Biggie a good friend of mine couldn’t take it anymore. It seems he under rated the size of smallie. biggie went to the tap, smallie told him not to fetch water from there.  Biggie refused to buy that. He placed his bucket under the tap and opened the tap, , smallie rushed to him tried to close the tap but biggie flipped his hands away, smallie lifted up his right hand up and it landed on biggie’s right cheek. Smallie slapped biggie. As biggie wanted to drag smallie out of the place, maybe to deal with him, people rushed there and started separating them. I wondered how smallie got that courage to slap biggie, just imagine the height between smallie and biggie. “Leave me alone let me deal with this boy” smallie said. I wondered who smallie wants to deal with, maybe he thought this was the era of “David and Golliath”, this one there is no two ways about it, biggie will beat a hell out him. He considers himself David and biggie Golliath. History was made in the Bible that a small boy like david defeated a huge giant like Goliath. In this case history will change and Goliath will defeat David. Smallie said they should leave him to beat biggie. But I wonder how he was going to do that, unless he was expecting a miracle which I don’t see it happening. Few people came around to separate them. Biggie took it gently, he wasn’t like smallie who took it aggressively as if he can rain the thunder of Omaha on biggie. I believe biggie enjoyed the slap, next time he will learn to obey orders, he under rated smallie just like smallie said that biggie looked down on him because of his stature, he wants to intimidate him, and he got that reward of a slap for trying to intimidate smallie. I believe next time biggie will learn to obey orders. They separated the fight, the Farm manager came and settled the dispute between them.


Barely 20 minutes time they settled the fight between biggie and smallie, we started hearing another voices and arguments from another side, the tap biggie and smallie had a fight. People left their beds and began heading towards that direction. I moved along with them. I got there only for me to see one of the females lying on the ground.

 The Fm called one of the ICJCF exco to pray for her while he asked us to leave the place. There is power in Jesus Name ooo. If our Fm who is a muslim can tell one of us to pray for someone, that means the muslims believe in the power of Jesus. I asked one of the persons who came earlier to that place. I asked what happened and why the girl was lying on the ground. He said that she was having an argument with a guy who wants to fetch water from the tap, she said she wanted to fetch before the guy but the guy refused. The guy wanted to fetch, as she tried to prevent him he pushed her and she fell. Conflicting stories started bumping in, some say she fainted while others said she was just pretending and crying. But I met her lying on the ground. For me I was even tired of the vegetable cultivation and wetting. Since we started the wetting and vegetable cultivation, there have been so arguments and fights. You will queue on the line for 30 minutes only for someone who just came from nowhere to fetch before you.

         As days and weeks went by, our vegetables was growing bigger and getting fresher and greener. The vegetables I planted during the first phase vegetable cultivation, I never had the opportunity of eating from it. I came back late from Christmas break, I didn’t harvest but i did marketing  with the other students. The marketing was were the vegetables were sold at the market and the members of the community. I would have bought from it to eat, it was my sweat, energy and hard work. But this one, second phase “I must eat from it” I said to myself.

The farm manager announced to us that Coplant lecturers will be coming to grade our vegetables and the plot the upper week. After grading, harvesting and marketing would commence. After the Fm’s announcement, the General coordinator announced that the F.A committee had been set up. Peteru was chosen as the F.A chairman. All that was done for the commencement of the Iwoye-ketu league. Peteru  made his speech and announced the date that the league would commence. He also said that players who are interested in playing should form their own team clubs and their coaches then come and register with the F.A. “My roomie would really like this one”, I thought to myself. He loves coaching job, he’s a good fan of coach Di mateo, former Chelsea coach. He loves him so much. Before the announcement, he had already started scouting for his players. After the farm work for the day, we marked the attendance and left for our various houses.

I got home and went straight to my usual spot, that was the canteen to take my launch. When I came I met my roomie at home with paper. I didn’t know what he was drawing and arranging some names on the paper. I asked him what he was writing on the piece of paper. He said he was just drafting out the names of players he would use, and also drafting out his formulas. He began telling me how mourinho is using 4,4,2 and 4,5,1 formation. As if I even know what  4,4,2 formation and all the formula was all about. He was so serious about it that he left home and was visiting the students that he wants to make his players one after the other in their various houses. He was so serious about it.

       A week later, Coplant lecturers visited, they came to grade our vegetables.  After grading they left. The Fm told us that harvesting would begin the next day. We marked the attendance and left for our various houses.


In the evening, I went to visit a friend of mine iwaju. Me and iwaju had known each other since 200 level, though people believe that we look alike in height and in stature, but am a better fine looking guy than him. I got to iwaju’s house, he warmly welcomed me, after talking for about 5 minutes,  “how that your landlady pikin” he asked. He was asking me about wande. I had earlier told him about wande and how I was going to pour  my steam on her, but I have not told him that we had begun our intimate romance. “Omo the girl dey her mama house” I replied him. “You never still get the girl?” he asked, how am I supposed to tell him that I have gotten the girl but have not slept with her yet. How can I start telling him of my ordeals with women since I came to Iwoye; that will be impossible. I told him that I didn’t have time for women yet but I will definitely have my way with her before leaving Iwoye. We talked and teased each other. He took me to a nearby house where we went to visit couple of his friends. We got to the place, he introduced me to the two guys we visited. The first guy is Ajani. I do see him in school back in Abeokuta but we had never talked. Ajani has a head oval in shape like a coconut with a sleeping eyes. When he’s looking at someone, one will think he’s sleeping but he’s not.  The second guy was Young D. I have only seen young D once in school during an ANN class. We talked and joked and laughed our farm pains away, I left for my house.

<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 20>>>>>> 


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