Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)-------(Episode 20)

Created: Friday, 27 June 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

Diary Of my farm practice year(FPY), If you missed Episode 1 to 19, Read them HERE

Diary Of my farm practice year(FPY), Episode 20 continues.. 

When I got home I met wande sitting outside the house with mama, I greeted mama, wande greeted me “ekro lee” she said, “am fine and you” I said, “fine” she replied and winked at me. She just gave me a sign and I understood it. I went to the back of the house and sat on the chair there. I sat there waiting for wande to come, I only had some few words for her. 30 minutes gone wande have not joined me yet and night was fast coming. I went to check outside if she was still with mama. I checked and she was no longer there. I guessed she had gone home, I went inside and laid on my bed. I forced myself to sleep but couldn’t, 30 minutes gone yet sleep refused to come, this was about 8:42pm. I stood up and went to the shop close to the canteen were I normally have my breakfast. If I couldn’t sleep what else should I do? My roomie was not yet back from the so called place he went and I don’t think he would pass the night in the  house. I just need to chew something, I got there and bought biscuits, as I was heading home I head my name from behind, “I believe this is wande’s voice” I thought to myself. I turned to the back to know who was that, lo and behold it was wande. The light that generated from the generator in the house close by was reflecting on her. She was wearing a traditional Ankara wear which was showing her shape. The clothe was tight. Immediately I saw this my body pressure rose up, it looked as if the reserved steam in my body is looking for a hole to be released in. I asked her why she didn’t come to the back of the house to see me before she left mama. She said she thought I was inside the room, I told her I was outside the house at the back and not inside the room. I told her she was looking good in her outfit, she smiled and covered her face to the ground. I had forgotten about what happened the previous time we met in my room, all that made me start losing interest in her because I don’t know what will happen if we meet again in a closed room, but seeing her now rekindled the interest. I didn’t hide my feelings for her, I told her what I was feeling in my body that night. I told her I will love us to have a private time together, both of us. She did understood what I meant. She said mama was still around but her dad travelled. It just looked as if my body was heavy with overloaded steam that I need to offload and release. Doing that thing in my house for now will be a bad market, mama was around and I don’t know any of their family member that will come into the house unannounced. In as much as I will love to do her in my room, I just want to do it carefully that even if any of her family members are outside the house resting and or talking with mama when she leaves my room, she would have an escape route and opportunity to do that leaving the house. She said she will indeed like us to have an intimate moment together, she didn’t even shy when she was saying it, she wants it and am ready to give it to her. She said her mom won’t be around the next day, and i should come over to their house. “I think that should be a better option” I said to myself. Part of me was telling me that was a bad idea but I didn’t listen. How I wish I will listen to this part of me. I refused due to my own selfish desires . I just needed to satisfy my sexual urge, I want to conquer, and the urge was pushing me to do so. I agreed to meet her at her place after coming back from the farm, by then she must have been back from school. I gave her some biscuits from the ones I bought, she collected it from me and thanked me and she left me and headed for her house. I went back home with my hope alive. I was so happy but something said to me, “what if something happens if I want to do her just like other incidents?”, “I reject it in Jesus Name” I said to myself. I have prayed and I have broken all yokes of the devil, all their evil hands that they want to use to stop the action that will take place the next day, I have broken all those hands and destroyed their stronghold at the ICJCF fellowship. Those evil distractions had gone and gone for good. Baba God has saved me and I believe it, just like the Bible says that “when we believe in our heart that God has answered our prayer, then it is stamped”. That is faith and I believe it. Even if what is wrong is from my house, I am not doing this one in their house, this one is outside.

                    The next day I woke up from the better side of my bed, I was happy but I don’t know why! Not because I will get to slam wande, but I don’t just know why. Hope nothing strange will happen today, in as much I am excited, I hope I can be able to maintain this excited state till the end of the day. I went to the farm. Much was not done, just marketing of vegetables, out of the ones I harvested from my plot, I took ‘efoo leaves” from it and paid. At least to cook a good Efoo (vegetable) soup, I will use it to celebrate my victory of sleeping with wande. I have planned that after sleeping with her, coming back home I will cook a good efoo soup with bush meat then step it down with five alive to bring my energy alive. After everything at the farm, I went home with my efo. When I got home my roomie was yet to be back, I kept the efo inside a big bowl at one corner of the room. I went to take my bath, after bathing I went to the canteen to eat. After eating I came back home to rest for a short time before going to see wande. I checked the time and it was 2:15pm, well I told myself I will go to see wande by 4:30 or 5pm after resting. As I laid on the bed, I slept off, only for me to wake up 5:15pm. I jumped up immediately from the bed, washed my mouth, dressed up and headed for wande’s house. As I was going I saw the 3 witches, they were at my front. only God knew where they were going. Immediately they turned their back and saw me they started laughing. They laughed like the witches they are. Only God knew what they were laughing at. The light skinned and slim one that helped me sew my farm coat some weeks back, she was just laughing and jumping up like tennis ball. How I wished she knew that her two legs looks like the stick used in playing hockey. How I wished someone told her she won’t have been doing that because the legs could just break into two. The other smaller one, the tribal marks on her face, looking at her face you don’t have choice than to curse the person that did that wicked act to her. She’s beautiful but the person that drew the tribal mark wasn’t patient at all. Those tribal marks on her face looks like the plate used in serving dinner to the devil. The other last girl. She was so dark like charcoal, with  her large eye balls that when she looks at you, you might think the eyes would fall out. Maybe they were just doing it for me to notice them. I just ignored them. I got to wande’s house. She had already saw me coming, she walked out of the house.  She gave me a hand sign to wait at the mango tree close to the house as she stood at door of their house. She stood at the door of the house, I believe she doesn’t want to walk out of the house for people to see her, so she just stood at the door while I was under the mango tree smiling at her. She moved back a little and gave me a sign to start coming inside, hmmmmm smart girl. I went inside the house. There was 3 rooms inside the house, 2 rooms at the right and one room at the left. She took me into one of the rooms. We entered the room, with the window wide opened, and you can easily see passersby from inside if you stretch your neck, but I don’t think they could see us from outside because the window opening was higher than what somebody outside could peep through.  Inside the room was an old dirty ceiling fan hanged untop of a bent iron steel. There was an old table, under the table were sacs full of firewood, small stones were used to support the table to give it balance. At the corner of the house were cobweb covering the whole of the area. On the walls were picture portraits of God knows who they are. Everywhere seems to be dirty and un kept. I asked her why she brought me to that dirty place. She said that was the only place that was vacant and conducive for us. Other rooms were stuffed with cassava, she said I can follow her to confirm. I told her not to worry. This is dry season, they don’t really eat garri here, they eat lafu, amala. I believe they want to use the cassava for lafu and amala. One picture hanged on the wall really caught my attention, I asked her who the man in the picture was.  She said he was their grandfather, my landlady’s late husband. The picture was on “white and black”. I looked at how dirty the place was, I had no option than to do what I want to do and leave there, after all we do dirty things in dirty places. I dragged her to me, staring into her eyes, she began giving that contagious smile. I grabbed her, lifted her up and dropped her un-top of the table. Untop of the table she was, the table began to shake, it was not strong and it was an old table supported with small stones at the bottom. I used my leg and kicked out the stone at the base of the right leg of the table and it became firm.  I lifted up my head looking at the portrait of her grandfather, on my mind I was like, “I have no choice, I just have to sleep with your granddaughter”. Tinuke’s opportunity went by but this one can’t just go. After sleeping with her. even though he may be angry in his grave, I just pray he forgives me. I came here for my FPY, I can’t do farming alone throughout this nine months, at least there should be sex and comfort and one of the places to get the sex and comfort is in his granddaughter wande. Am sorry if there is any way I have done them wrong, I know mama has been good to me but after today if I have sinned, let him forgive me where ever he is. I stared at the picture once more again, head down, I dip my hand into my pocket and brought out a condom. I tore it open and brought it out. I started unbuttoning her shirt, she was still wearing her school uniform, after unbuttoning her shirt, I unzipped her skirt. My eyes went to the direction of the portrait of their grandfather on the wall, I discovered that the face in the picture had changed direction. The face was facing the left when I first saw it, now the face was facing me directly as if the man in the picture was looking at me. Or maybe am just generating all those ideas and thoughts on my mind! I brought my head down to concentrate on what I was doing.  I removed her unzipped skirt, I raised my head again to the direction of the portrait, it now looks as if the man in the picture was facing me looking deep into my eyes. I became a little scared. I unhooked my trouser and pushed it to the ground, as I was about to wear the condom I heard “what do you want to do”, more fears came to my mind, who is that? They have started again with their distractions, “ but I thought I prayed against this kind of ordeal?” I thought to myself. “oya nah, je ka be-re” wande said. How I wished she knows what I was seeing and what was experiencing, or Is it only me that is feeling it? I moved my hand slowly to unhook her bra from her back, I heard a strange voice, “kilode, you want to sleep with my granddaughter” the voice said. Surely Is not wande that said that, it doesn’t sound like her voice. “ehh” I exclaimed, “kilode, what’s that?” she asked, trying to know what made me scream “ehh”. Still standing with my face directed to the picture of the man on the wall. She turned around to see what I was looking at. “What’s that?” she asked, “it is the picture, they are moving and talking” I said with fear in my voice. She laughed as if I was joking, “moving keh! Oh serious, joor shey kia before mummy mi ma dey” she said, meaning I should do what I want to do fast before her mom comes in and meet us there. I started having thoughts and counter thoughts on my mind. Part of me said “leave this place now” and another part of me was like “are you leaving this place without sleeping with her?”, surely I can’t just leave, after leaving my house to that place with a condom just to have sex with wande. But the strange feelings and the voices I was hearing was putting fear into me. “oyah nah, stop joking and do nah” wande said as she interrupted my thoughts with tap she gave me on my belly. Still with fear, I summon a little courage, wore the condom, as I was about to start the major adventure, “so you want to sleep with my granddaughter, if you try it I will destroy you” a voice said to me. I heard the voice clearly, who’s that? an unknown fear enveloped me immediately I heard that voice. I started hearing some sounds and chuckles above my head, I looked up to know what was that, it was the old ceiling fan, it was shaking as if it will fall out of the hook use to hold it. I was scared because if the fan falls it will fall on me because I was directly under it. “Leave this place now” the voice said again, before I could say “Christian” the portrait of their grandfather hung on the wall fell off and landed on the floor. I became more scared. I became more uncomfortable with what I was feeling and seeing in the room. Surely I can’t continue with this act, sex is a thing of the mind, it’s not only a physical act, if someone is not in the mood or right state of mind, the pleasure won’t be enjoyed, it will only look uncomfortable and stressful. I wore my trouser, I told her I wasn’t doing again, she said is it because of the ceiling fan that was shaking. She said I should ignore it, that was how is how it shakes and makes noise but is not going to fall out. How am i supposed to ignore this kind of thing, if this thing falls on my head, it would be the reward I got from her grandfather for trying to sleep with his granddaughter. And the devil will sure be laughing at me from hell. I told her I can’t sleep with her in that room as there is a kind of weird feeling I was having about the room. She said was it because of the cobweb and dirt’s, she said since their grandfather died they have  never cleaned the room, and that was the room he uses as his shrine, he stores his charms before he died. That was what wande said. “what”, what did I just hear? That her grandfather used to use the room as his shrine, and she brought me there to sleep with her. No wonder the picture on the wall was shaking, their late grandfather doesn’t want me to sleep with her granddaughter in his shrine, “or maybe they even want to use me as sacrifice in that room” I thought to myself. “shrine!” I screamed at her, she was still laid on top of the table where I placed her. I adjusted my trouser very well with my belt well tucked, I ran out of the room and out of the house, “wa nah, come” she was calling. I didn’t even want to hear that one. I don’t want the man to punish me for sleeping with his granddaughter. I became scared when I discovered that the man in the photo was staring at me. An image moving, does it have legs, “no” it doesn’t but it was moving and I told her but she didn’t believe me that their grandfather in the photo was staring at me. As I ran outside of the house, she came outside to meet me, she had already dressed up. “na wah for you oooo, shey aya inja” she said, I wanted to ask her what she meant by “ aya inja” when we heard “gbosaa” from inside the house. She said we should go inside to know what was that. Inside keh, abi I don follow her enter. I refused to follow her inside the house, she began to beg me, I agreed and followed her to the house, we headed for the room. When we got to the room we met the ceiling fan on the floor, it had falling off from its hook at the top. “Thank God”, what if I was still in the room when that thing happened, maybe I would have been a dead man. I imagined if I was still there in my act doing wande when it fell off, it might shatter my head, when I will get to heaven what will I even tell God that happened to me, just because of cheap sex that was how I lost my life, will God even listen to me?  That room was not even conducive for sex sef.  Baba God will tell me “depart from me you sinner”, then He will send me to meet wande’s grandfather, the man will not even pardon me. He will use me for launch for sleeping with her granddaughter. I told wande I was going to my house, my mind was made up and no going back. I will not want anything to do with that place and even wande, but I refused telling her that time. As I walked out of the house with wande at my back, I saw the three witches under the mango tree. As they saw me they started laughing. I passed them and headed to the direction of my house. As I was still going home, I turned back and saw the three witches at my back, I don’t know where they were coming from or why they were sitted at the mango tree, maybe they were there just to scatter my fun that moment. They were just laughing. Only God knew what they laughed at. They walked towards me and passed me, they were at my front, I overheard the slim light one as she said “boboi oma gbadun obirin be oyibo tun gbadu cigar”, as she said it the other two laughed. I didn’t understand what she meant by “boboi oma gbadun obirin be oyibo tun gbadu cigar”, but I know “boboi” in Yoruba means “this boy”, that means she may be referring to me. I got home it was yet to be 7pm, the night was still early as it looks as if it’s still afternoon. I laid on my bed thinking of what had happened at wande’s place. I thought I will conquer, I thought I have already overcomed those evil forces of Iwoye-ketu. Does it mean I have been banned from sleeping with any woman in Iwoye? Who is behind all these? I turned my face to the right hand side looking at the efo I bought. I would have been celebrating my victory this night by cooking the efo soup. It was a pity that I can’t make use of it. It seems I just have to respect myself and forget about women in Iwoye. In as much as the incident at wande’s house had occurred, it was hurting that I didn’t have my way again, but I still thank God because I don’t know how my state and what I would be saying now if I was still in that house when that ceiling fan fell. I don’t think I would even leave to tell my story. Even if I came out alive, how would I explain to people that I got the injuries just because of my selfish desires to satisfy my sexual urge, cheap sex.


<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 21>>>>>> 


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