Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--------(Episode 21)

Created: Saturday, 28 June 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary of my Farm practice year(FPY) episode 21 continues..           

 As days went by, harvesting of vegetables and marketing was over, we had started the weeding of our existing cassava plots and yam plots. The fm told us that in a couple of weeks’ time we would be starting the brooding of poultry chicks. Even as the weeding was going on, it didn’t hinder us from starting up our league. Peteru the F.A chief had earlier announced the names of clubs and their coaches that have registered with the F.A.  He also announced the match fixtures and dates. 4 clubs were announced. Young Boys F.C who have their coach as lazarus my roomie. Since they started the organization and preparations of this league he has not had the time to stay at home, always jumping from one house to the other scouting for players he would put in his team. The second club registered is Palace F.C with olamide as their coach. I am not a huge fan of football, but when olamide told me his lineup of players, I had no choice but to conclude that his team had already carried the league cup. The players he has in his team were well popular, some of them play for the school team.  Another club registered was Habideen F.C, their coach was Alfa. This team was another team that I believed would be a great contender to the league cup. With the quality of players they had it was sure to say that palace fc will have it difficult to carry the league cup with the kind of players habideen F.C has. The final club registered was Home zone F.c. Homezone will be coached by smallie, a great arsenal fan, some people might underrate his stature but with the players he had, we believed he would make a good contender for the league cup.

         The day came. The day the league started, the match was between Homezone F.c and Young Boy f.c . Everybody were full of anticipation, the vibes for the match were high. We finished at the farm early that day. We didn’t do much, only weeding of existing plots. After the weeding we marked the attendance and went home.

3:30pm, people including indigenes were moving towards the direction of the community field at the green school. The coaches of Homzone and Young Boys had been bragging at the farm. The young boys coach who happens to be my roomie said he was going to beat homezone over 5:0. I wondered how he was going to do that. Maybe he thought homezone F.c was made up of quark players.

At exactly 4:00pm the match started. As the game went on Young boys took over the ball possession leaving homezone  at their mercy. Before the end of the first half young boys F.C scored.

Second half came and homezone came out strong, they didn’t want to be intimidated. But their strength didn’t take them far as it only created more problems for them. They came out with energy, they opened up their defense enabling the young boys f.c to throw in another goal. Making it 2 goals for young boys f.c and 0 for Homezone F.c.  The match ended with young boys carrying the day, they won by 2 goals and 0 to homezone f.c. One of the Homezone player collected a red card in the game.

After the match everybody went home. When I got home I met wande and mama outside, they were pilling cassava. Since the last incident that happened between i and wande, we talk when we see each other but I try as much as possible to make it casual, no more intimate sessions again with her. I told myself there was no need of intimate or sex talk. What was the need of it if I we can’t do it? What is the need of turning myself on when it was sure we won’t do anything. When we see each other we talk casually. She had severally tried to bring up intimate talks and me no longer being interested in her. Who cares? I don’t care. I told her to forget anything sex but friendship, we can still be friends and anytime she sees me if she greets me I will answer her. I just want a rest of mind and I was moving on with my life.

 I walked into the house and greeted mama and she warmly answered me. Wande greeted me and I gave her a good response. I asked her how she was doing and she said she was doing great. I told her she was looking good and complimented her, mama started laughing. Am sure wande was surprised of how I was talking with her in the presence of mama. I have never talked or even complimented her that way in the presence of mama. I only answer her greetings in the presence of mama or brother wale, then compliment and tease her behind closed doors. She might be thinking was still interested in her and wants to come back, but that is a “no”. I don’t have any intimate intentions for her. it was just casual, that was why I complimented her. I entered my room. I was really hungry and what I want to eat was a snack. I took my wallet and headed towards the direction of the shop close to the canteen were I eat.  On my way I met my roomie and olamide at their house, they were arguing about the football formations and player ratings of his young boys players. I greeted then and went my way. Both of them were really into the argument that they didn’t notice me. I left them and went my way. I went to the shop, bought some biscuits and a canned drink and I went home to do justice to it.

           Next day was a Wednesday, farm work started on a good note with the Fm allocating plots for weeding. All the plots were existing cassava plots. After finishing the plot, we sat down waiting for lecturers. The student coordinator had earlier told us that lecturers will be coming to lecture us. After the lecture the Fm marked the attendance and we left for our various houses.

            It was a Monday and weeding continued. Student were beginning to get angry concerning the weeding. Me myself don dey vex. The weeding was getting too much. If someone doesn’t  weed the Fm will not mark the attendance for the person. I refused to weed that Monday, I can’t weed and I didn’t even have the strength to weed. I went to the farm shed to sit. Some other students also refused to weed, some went home. The fm got angry and said he wasn’t marking anybody. Me sef no send anybody. I stood up from the chair I was sitting and went home straight to prepare to go watch Habideen f.c and Palace F.c play. I had wanted not to go watch the match but due to the stars playing, someone said it was the Iwoye el clasico which is Barcelona f.c and Real Madrid playing. This kind of match is unpredictable. The both teams boast of the best players among the Iwoye-Ketu students.

The match started at exactly 4pm. Just as we expected, it was very tough. It was difficult to know who was the better side. Both sides were playing equal standard game. The match ended in a draw, 1 for habideen f.c and 1 for palace F.c.

               6 days later, I took my farm coat to the tailor close to me. The shop of the 3 witches. The farm coat got torn at the armpit area when me and harry my friend was playing the other Friday. That Friday was his birthday, we were together chatting and talking when couple of guys ran to pour water on him. He went behind my back, preventing them from pouring the water on him because they can’t afford to pour the water when he was behind my back, if they do, it will definitely splash heavily on me. That was a good idea harry used to escape the buckets of water from being poured on him. As they were trying to drag him out of my side, he held me tightly, as they tried to drag him out forcefully he held my farm coat, from there my farm coat got torn at the armpit area. Immediately the 3 witches saw me approaching their shop they began to laugh. Why I go there to mend my torn cloths is because I don’t really pay, even if I can’t communicate very well with them in Yoruba, and it was the closest place I could do it. Even if they laugh I just ignore them because I believe in my heart they are just seeking for attention. I gave the coat to the dark girl showing her the place. I don’t need to talk much, she had already seen the place and she knows what she will do. She collected it from me, removed the cloth she was sewing and placed my own on the machine and began mending it. I stood there while she was doing it. As I stood waiting for her to finish, the small one with a tribal mark began talking with the one mending my cloth. They laughed as they talked. I still ignored them. “Boboi ma gbadun be oyibo tun gbadu cigar” the slim light skinned one said. As she said it the three laughed. “Oma like e gan,ori boti shey, boboi ma gbadun gan” the other dark one like the charcoal said. I couldn’t understand what they were saying but I was sure they are referring to me. “Boboi” means “this boy” in Yoruba and I am the only boy in that place, so I think they are referring to me as “boboi”. But I couldn’t understand the others they spoke. She finished mending the cloth and gave it to me. As usual I dipped my hand into my pocket and brought out N1000 note and gave to her, she looked at it as I gave it to her and smiled, “kosi change” she said. I put my money back into my pocket and turned to leave, the slim light one said “bye bye”, I smiled at her as she said it and the others began to laugh. It was unusual seeing her tell me “bye bye”. I was still bothered in my mind about what they were saying. Of all things they said, I could only remember “boboi gbadun be oyibo tun gbadu cigar”. The day I was coming back from wande’s house, they were at my front, the light skinned girl was the one who made that same statement. I wondererd what they were saying about me.

At night when my roomie came back from where he went to, I asked him what the sentence “ boboi gbadun be oyibo tun gbadun cigar”  means in Yoruba. He asked me where I heard it, I told him not to bother about where I heard it. He asked me again who said it. why is he even asking me all those questions, he should just tell me the meaning, I just want to know what and who those 3 witches were referring to, because it seems they knew I couldn’t speak Yoruba that was why they said what I couldn’t understand. I told him I went to shoprite to buy something and the girl at the shop was talking with one of her friends and they were laughing, after buying what I wanted to buy one of the girls made the statement. After I told him, he laughed, “you come dey assume say na you dem they talk about, abi”.  But that was not the first time those girls were saying it. “Na everytime wey I come buy something from there dem dey talk am” I said to him. “Hmmmm, e mean say you like that thing wey you dey buy pass how oyibo people take like cigarette” he said to me. I believed in my heart that those girls are talking about, what do they mean about, that I love it as white people love cigarette, what do I like? Or maybe they meant that I love coming to their shop to sew my cloth, “what do they really mean”.

                 As the league went on, Young boys F.c proved themselves stronger than every other team in the league. They topped the league table with Palace F.C at the second spot. Everybody was expecting Palace F.c to top the league, because with the caliber of players they had so many people expected that.

Two days to the day to the arrival of poultry birds, we went to the temporal house were the poultry birds would be housed. We cleaned up the house.  After the farm activities, we marked the attendance and went home. When I got home, I met mama complaining and shouting on top of her voice, I didn’t know who she was having a quarrel with. I didn’t bother to greet her because she won’t even hear talk less of responding to my greetings, she was just busy shouting. As I walked in, I met yemi lying on the floor at the entrance of the house. Yemi is the daughter of mama’s younger sister, she drinks alcohol a lot. Most times she comes to the house, she smells of alcohol. Mama don talk, shout, she still no wan stop to dey drink. Seeing her sometimes makes me wonder if she’s cursed with alcohol because she takes it as if her life depends on it. Yemi has a cute face, I guess she should be in her early twenties.   I walked in seeing her lying like a dead wood on the floor. I guessed she was the one mama was quarrelling and complaining about. As I walked in I was perceiving the smell of alcohol all over the house. I walked into the room to take a rest.

<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 22>>>>>> 




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