Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--------(Episode 22)

Created: Monday, 30 June 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY) Episode 22 continues..

Two days later, some lecturers brought over 350 poultry birds from school. The farm manager quickly formulated a brooding arrangement. The arrangement was done in a way that each group will spend maximum of 24hours with the birds in their house, all this involves feeding the birds with their feed and water, giving them medication and regulating the temperature of their room. I have never brooded any bird in my life. That would be a great opportunity and I was looking forward to my group’s brooding day.

Two days later we assembled at the brooding house. We began waiting for the Colanim lecturer. The fm had earlier told us the previous day that a colanim lecturer will be coming to vaccinate the chicks. It was required for us to be there to see how it’s been done. We have done so much theory in school; this is FPY which entails practical. Finally the lecturer came and we began the vaccination. He said in vaccinating poultry chicks, someone has to add the drugs inside the chicks drinking water. We didn’t spend much time in vaccinating the animals. We added the drugs into their drinking water as advised by the lecturer, and gave to the chicks. After vaccination, the lecturer left, he headed back to Abeokuta. I went back home. When I got home, I met yemi outside the house with mama’s granddaughter tola. Tola is mama’s granddaughter that often comes to visit mama, she was in primary 6. Some times when she comes around, she stays for more than a week and even goes to school from there. Tola is very intelligent and smart, each time she was around she always comes to me to teach her mathematics. Even though she was not so fluent in her English speaking, she understands very well when I speak to her. “Eka san” tola greeted me, “how are you” I responded, “fine” she said smiling. “Eka san” I greeted yemi, “ehnnm ekan san, how are you” she said. Tola laughed as yemi asked me “how are you”, she felt she was trying to belong. As tola laughed, I laughed too. I have never heard yemi speak a word in English, this is the first time I was hearing her, asking me how I was doing in English. I told her I was fine, she smiled. I guessed she was surprise seeing herself communicating with me in English. Tola teased her that she can’t speak English very well. I left them there and went inside my room.

               The next day was a Sunday. Evening came, i was so bored and tired, I went outside to sit at the bench at the veranda. As I was sited, tola came to me with her English text book. She said she was having a problem with the English language Assignment her class teacher gave to her. She opened the page and showed it to me. I began putting her through, as we were doing it yemi joined us. All her body was smelling of alcohol. She has drunk herself to stupor  again. As she sat there, she refused to keep quiet, she was just talking to herself and it was really disturbing and distracting us. From the look in her eyes one might think she was one of the witches shakespare was describing in his book “Macbeth”. I took tola and left there, we went to the backyard to complete her assignment.  Thank God Mama was not at home because if  she was, it would have been a war of thousand words. We no go hear any word for that house, mama go talk her own, yemi too go talk her own.

              3 days later after a hard day’s weeding. The farm manager had refused to back down on his total weeding and cleaning up agenda of all our existing cassava, yam plots. Is also a good thing we did it because lecturers and supervisors could come anytime.

I came back home and everybody seems to be out of the house. My roomie had already told me he won’t be around till night time. He said from the farm he will be going to the field to train his players for the upcoming F.A cup. He was really serious on winning the F.A cup and league title. His team was topping the league table and he was trying to add another coat of the F.A to his titles. My housemate had travelled earlier in the week for some pressing issues. Mama’s room had been locked with keys. Brother wale’s room was locked. I guessed he had gone to the bush to get bush meat. As I was about to open the door of my room when I heard “uncle eka bo”. That was yemi, only God knows where she were she was coming from. “hope she had not gone to drink again” I said to myself. “Uncle je kin by mu adai” she said, she said she wants to help me hold my cutlass. Why she wan even collect the cutlass from me? if na road I dey I for give her the cutlass but I don already reach house. “Don’t worry, don’t worry” I said to her. But she insisted on collecting the cutlass from me as she tried to collect it from me. I lifted it up but she held my farm coat I was wearing, she jumped up trying to collect it from my hands but she couldn’t. I finally gave her the cutlass to save her the stress and wahala. I opened my door and she walked in with me. I told her to keep the cutlass at the side of the door. I removed my farm coat and discovered a tear at the back of the coat. I believed it was due to the struggle I and yemi had when she was trying to collect the cutlass from me. I can’t be going to the tailoring shop almost every 3 weeks to sew my farm coat! I don’t even have any other tailor to go to, only the shop of the 3 witches. “Moti lo” yemi said. She turned her back and was leaving. I watched her as she was leaving. She was not wearing any undies. The long gown she was wearing was torn at the side of the buttocks, showing her bare buttocks without any undies. I began to wonder if she actually wore that from God knows were to my house. Thank God she’s leaving because if anyone should come inside and meet us inside the room, they won’t agree that is just a casual visit. They would think we are doing some other thing else. I took my farm coat immediately to go to the three witches to mend. Am sure they will be wondering why I have turned into a regular visitor to their shop. I got there and gave it to the slim light skinned girl to sew. She collected it from me. “Again” she said as she looked at it. Immediately the two other heard it, they busted into laughter. I myself was surprised hearing her talk in English. Maybe that’s why the other two laughed. “Well is because you didn’t sew it well the last time that was why I came back” I said to her. I don’t think she understood those words. She was just looking at me when I told her it was because she didn’t sew it well that was why i returned. If she did she would have replied me. If I would have spoken it in Yoruba, I know she would have responded. She began sewing the cloth while I sat at the chair at a corner outside. They laughed as they talked. I don’t know what they were talking about but I heard the light skinned slim one said “oomo  pe fine boy ni, ewo oo, ooma gbadu obirin be oyibo tun gbadun cigar”. I turned and looked at them and smiled. They saw me smiling and started laughing again. The light skinned one covered her face to the ground as if they knew that I understood what they said.  With everything I was seeing I believed they were referring to me. On my mind, I know the meaning of obirin in Yoruba is “woman”. That means what the light skinned one was trying to say is that “ I go like woman pass how oyibo people like cigarette”.  How I wish she knew me well. She finished sewing the farm coat and gave it to me. I collected the cloth, dipped my hand into my pocket to bring out money. “fi le” she said to me as she smiled. Well it seems I should be sewing my cloth for free since they don’t collect money from me again. “Oshe” I said to her as I smiled, turned around and left the place. I got to the house. As I was entering the house, I heard “up Nepa aaaaa”. They have brought the light. It’s been over a week since we had electricity last in Iwoye-Ketu . I rushed inside and opened my room to plug my phone. As I was plugging my phone to the extension socket,  Yemi walked in. She was still wearing that her torn gown. “Ejoor mofe charge phone me” she said to me. She said she wants to charge. I collected the phone from her and plugged it to one of the sockets. She immediately jumped on top of my roomies bed and laid. I thought she would leave when I collected the phone from her, but she didn’t. She rather laid on my roomie’s bed. And I wanted to bring out my laptop to start watching movies, seeing what she’s doing I changed my mind immediately because will never leave again. I thought of something to do or tell her that would make her leave. Telling her to leave without any good reason will sound rude to her. Secondly, am tired of walking around, I don’t want to leave the house again. This would be the best option, telling her I want to leave the house and I will lock the room, she should come collect her phone later. But I don’t feel like leaving the house. I thought about another thing. What will people say if they come into the room and meet her, with the way she dressed? For my roomie I don’t care what he says or do, I believe he can’t do more than a dead rat if he finds her there. If she was wearing a nice clothe, it would have been better, but a torn clothe without undies showing her flesh. As I was contemplating, the unfortunate started cropping up on my mind. I never knew that staying in that room with her that moment will bring back the buried shadows of my past. Only if I had known.  I just ignored her, dragged the extension socket close to my bed, took my phone and started browsing while I lay on the bed. As I lay on the bed browsing through some photos on www.hovabuzz.com, yemi left my roomie’s bed and joined me on my own. “Mo like photo ee” she said, referring to the photos she was seeing.“ big head this one” she said,  pointing to one of the photo I was browsing through. I laughed, she looked at me. I believe she wondered why I laughed. I laughed because she said “big head this one”, I believe what she wanted to say was that the guy in the photo has a big head. She can’t speak English as much. “Omu me she re” she said as she taped my buttocks. She meant I was laughing at her because she couldn’t speak English. I laughed again. He started hitting my buttocks slowly. I held her hands as she tries to hit another one. We began struggling, she struggled for me to leave her hands but I didn’t let go. I finally left her hands. Barely a minute I left her hands, she started hitting my buttocks again. As she hit my own, na him me too hit her own.  Na so We begin to dey enjoy the play oooo. Just like play and joke, we started touching each other’s body parts. The devil has a way of manipulating a man, making him see nothing wrong in having sex with a mad woman. He will make him enjoy doing it no matter how ugly she is. He will also make you see the ugliest wowan in the world as the most beautiful. I have never adored yemi. In as much i can’t condemn what God has created, but yemi is ugly in a cute way. That was what the devil did, he made me see her as most beautiful as we went naughty in our play. I was so enjoying the play that she herself didn’t see any wrong in it. She too was enjoying it. Before I knew what was happening, she took off her gown. Damn she’s not wearing any pant and bra. I was just staring at her bare body as she laughed sheepishly on the bed. I never intended having sex with her. I believed there was no need because if I should make any move, the devil will raise his ugly heard. Different thought started popping up on my head thereby putting fear in me. As the body touchy touchy became more intimate, with the pressure getting  intense, still naked on my bed. Something struck my mind, unlike other occasions I would have been having some thoughts and counter thoughts, negative thoughts about what am doing. I was actually expecting part of me to tell me to “do” and another part of me telling me “don’t do”, but those thoughts was not coming. Unlike the ones with Tinuke, wande and fade, even before any intimate touches something strange would have happened and fear will engulf me. “This intimate session is the highest level I have ever gotten to with any woman in Iwoye-Ketu” I thought to myself. Nothing wrong was happened yet to stop it. Maybe God has finally answered my Prayers, he has delivered me from every strange occurrences and evil hands that tries to distract and stop every of my sex sessions each time I want to have sex with any woman in Iwoye-ketu. That was an opportunity for me, I just have to do it once and forget about her. I grabbed her closed to me to begin the real action, I stretched my hand under my foam to bring out a condom, but my hand couldn’t touch any. I have always kept condoms under my foam. I dropped her on the bed, I went to my bag to see if I could find a condom but couldn’t. I remembered that the last one I had my friend bola came to take it the previous day. Since I came to Iwoye-Ketu, I have never used a condom but I do buy, couple of friends do come to take it. Each time I want to use it something strange will happen. Nothing strange seems to be happening now that I want to use it, but I can’t find any. I decided to do it without condom. I went back to the bed to join her, she was just shinning her teeth and laughing, I guess she’s so excited that she wants to have sex. I carried her to my legs to begin. But I wasn’t confortable wanting to do her without a condom.  “Oya nah, je ka shey loo” she said to me. Still worried on doing it without a condom. Yemi drinks alcohol a lot and each time she does, she ends up with a heavy hangover.  People like her, one can never tell how many men she has slept with because she opened her legs easily for me. “Emi oshey moor” I said to her. I changed my mind. I can’t just do her without condom. “Kilo de, why nah” she said, “no condom” I responded, “kosi condom! Shey bee yen” she said to me. she said I should do it like that. What! She must be out of her senses for telling me to do her without a condom. I told her I can’t sleep with her without a condom, I also told her not to worry that I will be travelling to Abeokuta that weekend, when coming back I will buy something for her and I will also buy condoms. I told her that we will do it on Sunday when I comeback from Abeokuta. She agreed.

I really enjoyed the smooching, touchy thing that night with yemi. No kind of strange thoughts or thing happened to distract the fun time. We continued the intimate sessions without sex till Nepa took their power and she left. I laid on my bed very happy. It was hope alive for me that on Sunday night am going to have sex with yemi. I was excited because nothing strange happened. “ This was an opportunity to go back to wande to have my fair share”, I thought to myself. As I laid down thinking, I slept off, I didn’t know when my roomie came in. It was when I woke up in the morning that I saw him lying on his bed.


<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 23>>>>>> 


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