Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--------(Episode 23)

Created: Tuesday, 01 July 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Episode 23 continues....        

On Friday I prepared myself for the weekend to Abeokuta. I left Iwoye –ketu with the school bus hoping to return back to Iwoye on Sunday. On Sunday, after spending two days in Abeokuta, spending time with my friends in Egba. I already got the condoms on Friday Night. I kept them inside the bag I will be travelling with to Iwoye.  I arranged my clothes inside my bag preparing to go back to Iwoye. At about 2:30pm I went to our student bus stop where students converge.  We took off about 4pm from Abeokuta leaving for Iwoye, when we got to lafenwa, I bought lacasera and gala for yemi, I also got big size bread for her too.

We got to Iwoye at about 6pm. As I came down from the bus, I went straight to the house. When I walked in, mama and brother wale’s rooms were still locked with keys. I was so happy and hoped that they shouldn’t be back till the next day to enable me finish my intimate business with yemi that night. I got to the room and it was opened, I walked inside and met my roomie playing game with his phone. We exchanged pleasantries. I asked him if mama had not come back from where she went to. He said she was back but doesn’t sleep in the house. “Something happened on Friday when you travelled” he said to me, “wetin be that?” I asked him. “Hmmmmmm, no be small thing oooooo” he said. “Wetin be that nahh” I asked again. “yemi don die” he said. I only know one yemi in this Iwoye, and that is the daughter of mama’s younger sister. “which yemi” I asked. I wanted to be sure who he was referring to.  “Ahh ahh, you no know yemi again! mama junior sister pikin” he said to me. Immediately he said it, the bags I was carrying fell off my hands.  “wetin kill her?” I asked. He said that mama said it was due to her overdrinking habit. She dranked herself to stupor, when she stood up to go, she couldn’t move, she fell down, they tried to revive her but to no avail. She was rushed to the hospital, the nurse there confirmed her dead. my roomie explained. I found it difficult to believe. That means after drinking she fainted and they couldn’t revive her, she died. It was too easy to believe.

2 days gone, I was yet to see yemi. I woke up preparing to go for my group’s brooding session. I saw mama outside. Is been about a week I saw her last. The last time I asked after her, I was told she went to be with her sister that lost her daughter. I saw about 4 women with her outside. With the way they were seated, the mood I saw them in, I had no choice than to believe something has gone wrong. Maybe somebody has died. It was really a sad mood. I went back inside the house, I saw tola washing the dishes, I asked her what is happening and she told me that yemi was gone. Yemi is truly dead. It was indeed a big loss for the family and I really felt pity for the family, it was really a pity. In as much as I had a good bad intension, I still feel pity for the family. As I walked into the room, I felt weak and worried. In my mind I was like, “I can’t just wait to finish this Fpy and leave this community”. I went to my bag and brought out the condom I bought in Abeokuta. I intended using one on yemi. She was the reason I bought a pack, but she’s no more. I was just staring at the pack of condom, I placed it back into my bag. I brushed my teeth, took my farm coat and headed to the brooding house. It was my group’s turn for the brooding of poultry chicks. I got to the livestock house. It was also the place were brooding takes place. The Fm has already started marking my group members in. He marked me in and advised us to be careful with the chicks. He said that my group will be responsible for any mortality, and we would surely pay for any. We began by continuing from where the previous group stopped. We gave the chicks water and growers mash. I wondered how I will just stay there with 9 people. It was becoming boring at that brooding house. Thank God one of my group members went home to bring a board, table tennis, ludo, whot to keep us company till the next day. I played the table tennis with one of the guys in my group. Omo the guy just dey beat me any how. Is been a long time I played the table tennis. After the table tennis, I went to play the ludo with the girls. Afternoon came, we gave medication to the chicks.

We slept at the brooding house overnight. It was really stressful but fun. The whole group contributed some little amount of money and we cooked our dinner at the place. It really brought us close to each other.  Early morning the next day, the Fm came to mark us out. The brooding was great and thank God there was no mortality. After the fm’s attendance I left the place to my house.

In the evening, I had been watching movies since I came back from the brooding house after my group’s brooding session.  The Power Holding company decided to allow electricity to stay long. They didn’t hold their power. The series I was watching was so interesting, I had to finish the series that day. Na so piss come dey worry me. I came out of the room to go urinate. After urinating, I was walking to my room when I heard “ekroo le ooo” from my behind. I turned to know who that was. It was one of the witches, the slim light skinned one. “shey mama wan le ” she asked. She asked if mama was at home. “No, oti jade” I replied. Mama has gone out. Since I came back from the brooding, I haven’t seen mama, maybe she has gone to be with Yemi’s mother. “okay ooo, oshe” she said. As  she turned around to leave, “ehmmmm wah” I said to her. I told her to come and she came. “Ki ni oruko eh” I asked. Meaning, what is your name. The way I asked her her name in Yoruba, someone might think I could speak fluently. My Yoruba speaking was improving. She said her name was agangana. She smiled as she said it. What a name. I have never heard any Yoruba lady answering the name “Agangana”. Some Benin republic citizens stay in Iwoye-Ketu. Benin republic is not far from Iwoye-Ketu. Iwoye-Ketu’s market is Benin Republic. Is not far from my house.  I wanted to ask her where she comes from. From the way her name sounded, I was un sure where she’s from. But I don’t know how to ask her in Yoruba since was  fluent in it. “where are you from” I asked. I thought he didn’t understand what I spoke but she did. “Emi, omo iwoye ni mi” she said. meaning she’s from Iwoye. She said it smiling at me. I don’t want to waste much of her time. I told her that she should come back and check me when going home after she must have been through with the day’s work. “Mo ti kpari” she said. She said she had finished for the day and was going home. I was speaking in English while she spoke in Yoruba. She understood the English I spoke to her. But replies me in Yoruba. I told her I would love to see her again. She said I should find time to come to their shop. I told her I couldn’t. That one is a bad business for me, checking her in her shop. What will the other two witches say. I told her I can’t come. I told her to come the next night, I will be waiting for her outside. She said she will and left smiling as if she had been expecting me to broker a conversation with her. In as much that I feel she behaves like a witch, I feel she can be a replacement for yemi. Just as she said the other day, that I gbadu obirin just as oyibo gbadu cigar. I will indeed make her feel it.

           Night of the Next day, I sat on the bench outside waiting for agangana to come by. After waiting for about 25minutes without seeing her, I walked inside. As I was opening the door to my room, I heard “eka leeh ooo”. I turned to see who it was. It’s agangana, she was walking in through the back door of the compound. I told her I had been waiting for her. I asked her why she didn’t come through the front door. She said she came through the back because she didn’t want people to see her. I asked her to come inside the room but she refused. She said if there was anything I want to tell her, I should tell it to her outside. Well, maybe she thought I want to harm her. I wish she knews that I can’t even hurt a fly. I went straight to the point. I told her that I liked her. She smiled and covered her face to the ground. I began to wonder. Just because I told her I liked her, she was blushing. “What if I come tell her say I love her, wetin she go come do? She go bleach totally. Or maybe she mistook my word and didn’t understand the difference between love and like. “Mofe gbadu e be oyibo tun gbadu cigar” I said. That was what she said when I went to their shop to sew my clothes. I want to bring the sentence to reality in ourlives. I want her to gbadu me like oyibo people take dey gbadu cigar. She laughed as I talked. She was being shy. Maybe she has never heard any man tell her “I love you”. “so ro oooo” I said to her. I told her to speak her mind. She was still smiling,  I guess she doesn’t know what to say. “oya nah say something” I said again, “okay” she replied. I don’t understand what she meant by “okay”. “okay what” I asked. “Okay nah” she said. I believed this her “okay” means she has accepted to warm my bed. How I wish I meant it from my heart that I like heart. I only meant, “I want to do you” When I just enter once, am done with her. I hugged her, she was still blushing. I left her to go.

             6 days later we headed to the community field for the beginning of the F.A cup. The first match was between young boys fc and palace fc. People looked forward to the match. Everybody expected it to be tough. Olamide the coach of palace fc has already trained his boys. He believed in his team to beat Young Boys. He once said he made a mistake during the their past games. He blamed himself for allowing young boys top the team in the league. But what could he have done? He underrated young boys fc and he paid for it. Because young boys are topping the league table. Young boys coach who happens to be my roomie, he was so confident that he would beat palace fc. They have never beaten palace fc. Their last game with palace ended in a draw, and he believes he would rewrite it, he wants to win.

The game started on a good note with both teams having equal ball position. At the end of the second half, it was 2 to palace and 2 to Young boys. They played the extra time and no goal was conceded by any of the team. It was time for penalty. Unfortunately one team must progressed to the final and Palace fc lost it. Young boys won with penalty shootout.

The second match started , it was between Homezone fc and habideen fc. Habideen has always been a favourite to win the match. Everybody expected them to do. Habideen shocked everybody in the game. It was unbelievable. With all the players homezone had, they were able to make use of it to defeat Habideen. It was shocking to so many people, but wasn’t to homezone because they believed in themselves.

Homezone  f.c and Young boys f.c were scheduled to play the final game on Thursday. After the match, everybody went back to their houses. I know my roomie won’t come back home on time. He has defeated Palace F.c to move to the f.A cup final. He go don go they celebrate with him friends. I got home and went to bed to sleep.

             On Thursday, after the day’s farm work, I returned home to prepare to go watch the final match between Homezone f.c and Young boys f.c. The match began at about 15minutes past 4pm. Barely 10 minutes the game started, Homezone f.c took over the ball possession. Young boys couldn’t believe it, they were being pressed. Just like habideen fc who underrated homezone because they are at the bottom of the league. But young boys refused to be defeated. The game ended with young boys carrying the day. They won on penalty. The celebrations for young boys f.c began. The f.A cup was given to them. Some amount of money was also given to them too. They took the celebration from the field to the house.  Everywhere in our house was filled with fellow FPY students and indigenes who came to celebrate with Young boys f.c. My roomie went out and brought refreshment to celebrate his victory. He said if he wins the league title, he would do more than what he was doing in terms of refreshment. I guess he was planning to prepare pounded yam with efo soup. Well let’s wait till he wins the league.

            The next day, we no come hear word again for farm. My roomie don come dey brag. Later on, the F.A chief announced that isaga-orile team will be visiting us. It will be for the inter-location cup. Odogbolu and Ole-lemo will play while iwoye-ketu was fixed with isaga orile. After the farm work that day, I marked the attendance and left to my house.

<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 24>>>>>> 



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