Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--------(Episode 24)

Created: Wednesday, 02 July 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary Of My farm practice year(FPY) Episode 24 continues…

In the evening, I was at home lying on my bed, my roomie was not at home. I heard a knock on my door. I went to check who was that. It was agangana standing in front of my door. I was surprised because mama was at home. She had earlier said that she doesn’t want people to notice that we are having intimate relationship. Left for me I no send wetin people go talk unless say na mama pikin. She walked inside with a nylon bag she was carrying. She said she didn’t want to come, she only came to give me something. I asked her what was that. She dipped her hand into the bag and brought out a small food flask. She said she brought something for me. It is ewedu, omi obe and amala. Unfortunately I don’t eat ewedu and omi obe and ewedu. I collected it from her and thanked her so much. She turned around to go I dragged her back. My roomie was not yet back from where he went. I told her not to go yet, she should stay with me. She said that it won’t be possible. Her mom will be waiting for her at home. But I refused her leaving. I held her left fingers with my hands, she tried to pull out and leave, I dragged her back again. She laughed, “fimile joor” she said. I collected the bag she was holding, kept it on the floor and I closed the door. She asked me what I was trying to do, “mo fe gbadun re be oyibo tun gbadun cigar” I replied her. She looked at me and smiled. I don’t  intend having sex with her. The only thing I want at the time was just smooching, romance and some touching. But the devil raised up his ugly head. He wants me to go further. I grabbed her immediately and dropped her un top of the bed. This one is more than touching and mere romance that I wanted. I don’t want to waste much time since her mom is waiting for her. I removed the top she was wearing, I stood up and went to my bag and brought out one condom from the pack and went back to join her on the bed. I removed her skirt immediately and behold what my eyes was seeing. A waist bead! “She’s wearing waist bead around her waist”, I thought to myself. I have heard many ugly stories about ladies wearing waist beads. A guy I know once said that his ex-girlfriend use to wear it. The day they were intimate, the bead got broken and scattered out of the rope. The girl told him that her mom said that any guy that breaks the bead in any sexual act must marry her. Till now my guy no gree marry her and the girl is just chasing him even in his dreams. Another female friend of mine went to the market and got a waist bead for herself. Since she began wearing it, things has never been easy with her, not until she went to the church and they told her it was the waist bead. Things returned back to normal when she threw away the beads. And now agangana is wearing a waist bead. I don’t want to be a victim. I touched the beads on her waist and it looked like red neck cobra with different colours. I don’t want to die before my time. My body was already ready but I just have to stop. I stood up and told her to wear her clothes and leave. She was surprised that I didn’t want to be intimate with her again. She was  ready for it but I have changed my mind. “kilode” she asked. I can’t just tell her it was because of the waist bead. If I should, the witch in her might pop up and she might harm me there. Maybe her intensions was even to harm me sef. I told her I want to leave the house and I just remembered a friend of mine asked me to come see him. She wore her clothe and said she will come to collect the flask. I told her to wait, I poured the food inside my own plate and washed it, gave it back to her and she left. Immediately she left I locked the door and laid on my bed. “This was another miracle for me, I escaped a death trap” I thought to myself. Some people will think I believe in so many superstitions, don’t blame me, I don’t want to die. Whether it is real or not, I no wan die. I heard a knock on my door, I became scared, maybe agangana has come back to take me away to their witches coven. I stood up from the bed and went to the door. “Who is that?” I asked with a fearing voice. I didn’t hear a reply, “who is that?” I asked again, I didn’t hear any reply.  As I turned to go back to the bed, the knock came again. I angrily opened the door, whether is agangana or any witch, they can’t harm me, I know that greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. I opened the door, it was my friend bodmas. “Why you come dey sweat like this?” he asked, “abi you dey fear?” he asked again. I told him I just woke up from the sleep. He came in and sat on the bed. “How all those your chicks for your side” I asked him, “bone oooo, na the girls wey go come do waec na them we dey wait for” he replied. He said in a couple of weeks’ time Waec will start and one of his neighbor  who is a teacher at the community school said they are expecting some external candidates. “The man talk say chicks go plenty gan” he said. I have had enough of troubles trying to lay any woman in iwoye and I can’t afford to have more. From Tinuke to wande and fade then yemi, now agangana. All of them I never slept with. Each time I want to, something strange would happen. I just want to take a rest from those women issues. I no wan do again. “I no dey into woman for now” I said to him. He said that wasn’t  his business. He wants to frolic with some of the girls the way he did to the NECO GCE girls before they left. He has the confidence to do it, only if he knows what I am facing in my own world. Each time I want to do, something strange will happen. How I wish was confident to say that just like he did.

After staying and chatting with me for some hours, he stood up to take his leave. I dressed up and followed him as we headed to his house. I saw agangana, she was coming towards us. bodmas said he loves her. He said he saw her coming back from the shop the previous night and tried making a pass at her but she didn’t respond. I told him I was the guy on her case. That means I am dating her. He laughed as if I was just joking, not until when agangana came to me and I held her hand and talked with her a little before she left. Then bodmas believed me. I just wanted to prove a point to him that I was having an affair with her. I had promised myself never to have anything to do with but I did that just to prove a point to bodmas. I told bodmas if he wants to go for her, he was free to do so because I don’t want to have anything to do with her. He asked me why I was leaving her. I simply told him what happened earlier when I wanted to lay her. The beads on her waist and the weird feelings I had that time. After narrating, bodmas laughed. “Boss you too dey fear ooo. So na because she wear bead na  im make you no sample her. You funny ooo”  he said. only if he knows what I have been facing concerning the previous girls. I don’t blame him. He’s strong and I believe he’s fearless. I asked him to go for her if he wants to but, at his own risk. We got to his house. I spent about 30 minutes and left for my house.

I got home and laid on my bed when my roomie came in. “Bodmas tell me wetin you tell him about that girl wey dey sew cloth” he said to me. I didn’t say anything. I just kept quiet. “so na so you fear reach. Later you go dey make mouth say you strong”. My roomie said again. “just because say she wear bead that’s why you no fit sample her”. He laughed as he said it. It wasn’t my fault, I was just trying to play safe. I have heard so many weird stories about females that wear waist beads. So I just had to play it safe. I didn’t want to argue or talk much that night. I just kept quiet. I didn’t even respond to what he said.

2 weeks later, I was at the farm when I overheard some 2 guys saying that bodmas was ill since 3 days. I didn’t bother to ask them about what they were saying because I know I roomie will surely bring the news to me. He’s my major source of news and what’s going on among the students and the community. He knows how to get information and he visits people a lot. I was sure he would get the information about bodmas. And even bodmas, I hadn’t even seen him since over 4 days. After weeding for that day, lecturers from Colerm and coplant visited us. They gave us lecture on Agro metrology  and seed technology. After the lectures and Farm work, we left for our various houses.

My roomie didn’t come back home till evening. When he came, I told him I overheard some guys saying that bodmas was ill. “No be small thing ooo” he said. He said bodmas’s roommate told him that he had been urinating on himself for the past 7 days. Each time he sleeps at night and wakes up in the morning, he will discover that he had urinated on himself and even the whole house. The whole bed and house will be stinking of urine. That wasn’t normal. Bodmas wasn’t a baby that will be urinating on the bed. My roomie said that bodmas roomie said the condition was becoming worse that sometimes he couldn’t even control himself or hold the urine back. Before he could even get outside or find somewhere to release it, it would just be dropping out. He said bodmas had gone back home to treat himself. “E fit be spiritual problem” my roomie said. Indeed it may be. “if dem no fit cure him for their side, make dem carry am go ijebu,” he said again. I began to wonder how all those things began to happen to him. A grow up urinating on his body. “I just hope say dem go find wetin dey do am. Make dem treat am wella”. I said to my roomie.

A week later after returning from the farm, I was inside watching a movie on my laptop when my roomie walked in. “People wey dey write WAEC don dey arrive ooo”. He said. “some of the girls wey I see, some of them wo-wo”. He said again. I kept mute still watching my movie. It was a series and I want to finish it that day. He came close to my bed were I was sitting and tapped me. “Na you I dey talk to nah” he said. “I don hear nah” I responded. I told him I heard what he said but I was too concentrated on the movie I was watching. He said I should dress up so we could get to shoprite and the streets ahead. The shoprite area, I noticed is where most external candidates coming into the community, that is the area they normally get a house to stay. My roomie said we should just get to that end and just check out some of the girls, mingle with them. I told him I wasn’t going. I just want to concentrate on my movie. He took his bath and left.

In the evening, the PHCN has taken their electricity. I was in the room browsing with my phone when my roomie walked in. “Guy e get one WAEC girl wey I just meet for that shoprite side”. My roomie said. I was lying on the bed when he said that. Immediately he said that, I stood up immediately. “Shey she fine gan come make sense like Tinuke” I asked. “She make sense pass Tinuke for body but Tinuke fine pass for face,” he said. He said he saw her as she was walking out of shoprite. He guessed she was a visitor who came to write WAEC. “ I just block her immediately she dey come out from shoprite,” he said. He said he approached her and she gave him audience. He said he offered to walk her home and she agreed. They chatted as they walked to her house. He said she said her name was folake and she came to write her WAEC. As he was narrating, he kept me confused. How can you just meet a girl, a stranger and you offer to follow her home. she agreed immediately and from their you became good friends. To me him story get k-leg. But I didn’t want to tell my roomie, he would think I was doubting him. ‘The girl just ganted him an audience and they began chatting’ I thought to myself. “I dey go visit her tomorrow evening” he said. Well I congratulated him for getting a new girl. “ make we go together tomorrow nah. She say some of her friends they enter Iwoye tomorrow morning”. He said. I told him I can’t go with him. I am not that desperate when it comes to women affairs. “You too dey dull yourself joor”. He said. I like being relaxed. In as much as I want to lay one of the girls, I want to make it look as if am that desperate guy who would visit girls anytime even in the midnight. I told him some other time I would follow him but not the next day.

  The next morning at the Farm, the Fm told us that the marketing  of the broilers starts that day. The broilers were big enough to be sold. We had earlier did brooding, fed the chicks. For any poultry chick to be ready to be sold for eating, it must be up to 8 weeks minimum and 12 weeks old maximum. The ones we had on the farm were 8 weeks and they looked big and huge in size. For students who were ready to buy, the price was reduced just a little for us. It was a weekend and some students who were preparing to travel back home bought so many. Since the authorities made it cheaper for students, they would be taking them to their families. Some indigenes of the community bought the broilers. It was over a 300 broilers. We couldn’t sell all of them that day, so marketing continues the next day.

After everything for the day. My roomie bought about two broilers. He said he would be taking them home to his family. But he never travelled because he wanted to visit his new friend folake. So many students had travelled for the weekend. The village was a little scanty. It was the students that made it lively.

Evening came, there was no electricity. I went to the nearby store where I charge my phones. I paid and started charging my phones. I sat there watching some of my fellow FPY students playing soccer game. I roomie had earlier gone out to see folake. At about an hour time, I looked outside and saw my roomie carrying one of the heavy broiler he bought. He carried it on his hand and was rushing towards the shoprite direction. I walked out immediately and called him. He turned back. I told him to wait while I walked towards him. “Where you dey carry this one dey go,” I asked . “Na folake nah. I wan go give folake and her friends,” he replied. “Just like that, the girl wey you just meet yesterday. Na  im you wan go give this big thing”. I said to him. “ See me see wahala ooo, shey I be nou-nou like you,”  he said. Nou-Nou is a word we students used to describe a fool or “mumu. This guy dey refer to me as mumu. “Na my money I take buy am. I just wan go give her as gift,” he said again. He said that was why he bought 2, one for his family and the other for folake. I never knew that couple of our friends playing computer game were looking at us as we argued. He accused me of not like spending on women. I spend on women but I am no fool to go to the level he was going to. When we returned from the farm earlier, he took his bath and told me he was going to see folake. After about 2 hours’ time, he was back to the house taking a broiler back to folake’s house. “Maybe the folake na 419 sef,” I thought to myself. They had hypnotized my roomie she and her friends. I left my roomie as he walked out on me heading towards the area she said folake stays.

When I returned to where I was charging my phone, almost all the people in the room were laughing. I guessed they laughed at my roomie’s foolishness. “Lazarus your roommate don mad gan”. Lanre my friend said. “So na woman house e dey carry that fowl dey go,” another asked. Before I knew what was happening, my roomie became topic of discussion the room. “We-rey lo shey bo-bo yen” one of the secondary school student playing game said.

I wasn’t bothered that my roomie bought a chicken for a friend but the friend he said he bought it for, that was what I was bothered about. After charging my phone, I went home.

I was at home thinking of how my roomie had fall victim of scammers like folake. How they have mugu-d him. as I was thinking about it, he walked in. He walked in feeling excited.  He came to my bed where I was laying, “Folake na my girl now,” he said. “Wey dem do  catch you mugu finish na  im she don become your girl,” I replied him. He laughed. ‘Na you be mugu. Nobody fit catch me mugu” he said. He wished I was the mugu but it isn’t. he was the mugu. Or maybe I wasn’t understanding something. He began narrating that he took the broiler to folake, he didn’t just give it to them as a gift but they bought it from him. He said he would have just travelled with the school bus that was going to Abeokuta but his money was not enough so he had to sell the broiler to folake. But he sold it for N700 unlike the N1000 he bought it. “So you see, I no me nou-nou, I no be mumu. That time wey you just dey talk to me for outside, I just dey laugh you. I know wetin I dey do”. He said. “I been don think say you don turn to mumu wen you carry fowl wan go give folake”. I said as he laughed. Because I never really understood why he would take one big broiler to the girl he just met. Not that it wasn’t good but the way the incident was happening and the timing. We laughed it off as he told me he would be travelling the next morning with the other broiler to give his family. He began to narrate to me what happened when he was with folake earlier. He told me that two of her friends that arrived that day, one of them was uju and she was very beautiful. And he would like me to go for her. I told him there was no problem till I see her. He also said folake was beginning to fall in love with him. how she cooked for him and they ate from the same plate. I was happy for him as he said it but I told him I would really love to see the folake girl. He said there was no problem, when he comes back on Monday he will bring her to the house. In as much I was happy for him, I was sad. He wanted me to go for uju. How will I when the gods of Iwoye had vowed that I would never lay any woman in their community. I guessed they did so because if not I would have scored so many points. each time I want to lay any woman, something strange would happen that will terminate the ordeal. The last one that happened was with agangana. That one made me so sad. I guessed bodmas had taken over. I couldn’t sleep with her because she was wearing a waiste bead. am always scared of ladies wearing waiste beads. As I was thinking whether to try my luck or not with uju, I slept off.


<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 25>>>>>> 

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