Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--------(Episode 25)

Created: Thursday, 03 July 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

 The next morning, my roomie woke me up with a tap on my head. He told me he was ready to leave. I checked my time and it was 7:22am. I wished him safe trip as he left.

Monday morning, I dressed up with my farm coat. I called out longitude and both of us headed to the farm. When we got to the farm, we started with the livestock maintenance. We fed the rabbit, goats. The rabbits were looking fresher but the goats looked tattered and malnourished. The fm wasn’t happy with what he was seeing with the two goats. We gave them medications and fed them very well before we started the major farm work for the day. The fm told us that the next major work after wedding our cassava plots would be the planting of maize cassava. And this would be the last cassava we would plant and the last FPY major work before the program ends. We had earlier planted cassava some months back when we first started the program. The fm said we should weed the cassava plots. We had entered the raining season and the weeds were growing massively.

The work for the day was weeding the existing cassava plots. After weeding, the fm called us together and announced that we would not be the ones to clear and prepare our land to be used for cassava and maize planting. Immediately he said it, everyone just up. We were so happy. Imagine me clearing a 20x20 bush that looks like forest. Some of the large sticks, woods of some of the trees in the land looks like the waist of the fattest man in the world. We were so happy. The fm said that tractor would be made available to work on the land but the ones the tractor can’t do, we would do it. After the announcement by the fm, peteru the F.A chief made his own announcement. He said that the scheduled inter-location football match between Iwoye-ketu and isaga-orile would be taking place the next two weeks. So they will start selecting the players that will represent our location. My roomie has always wanted to coach the Iwoye team. He and the Alfa the coach of Habideen F.c, one of them will be chosen to coach the team. Both of them had earlier refused taking up the post of an assistant coach. Dem too proud gan. Nobody wan work under one another. Them dey claim boss. According to peteru, he said they will conduct a vote among the players to choose who is going to coach the Iwoye team. My roomie had already started campaigning days back for players to pick him. He was unarguably far better than Alfa to coach the team. But his attitude was turning people off. He has been over pushing himself. Alfa was on his own side campaigning for players to pick him. Between Alfa and lazarus, the person chosen to coach will choose his players.

After everything, we marked the attendance and went home. As I was about entering the house, my roomie’s call came in. he said he was already on his way back to Iwoye. I wished him safe trip an told him to buy bread. When I entered my room, I kept my cutlass and went straight to my usual joint to eat. When I got there, everywhere was filled up. The Hausa-Fulani guys who came to eat took over the chairs and spaces. The ones that just wanted to change their currencies at the provision store nearby. Instead of going to the store, they rather stayed inside the canteen. They were not eating. I guessed some of them were going to nearby Benin republic to buy goods. I left the place and decided to return later. After leaving the canteen, I was heading home when I heard my name from behind. I turned to see who was calling me. Behold it was bodmas. He came closer and we had a hand shake and began talking.

Bodmass--- baba how far nah

Me---  I dey je-jely. Wetin happen nah. Wetin happen to you. We know see you since over two weeks. Wetin happen? ** I asked foolishly as if I didn’t know he was ill****

Bodmas ---- no be small thing jare. Na sickness. Na  im I come say make I enter house go treat myself.

Bodmas----- Omo no be small thing ooo.

Me--- wetin be that?

Bodmas ---- that agangana girl wey you give me na witch. Na she cause my sickness

Immediately he made the statement that agangana was a witch, I opened my mouth in surprise.

Me--- how, wetin happen. Shey u never enter her? how she take cause your sickness? ** I was bombarding him with too many questions***

Bodmas--- I sick gan sotae I no even fit waka. Na carry my people come carry me comot for iwoye. We go hospital, nothing happen till one of my uncle take me go baba like that. Na there them come talk say na agangana na she cause.

Me ---- hmmmmm. Agangana keh. Which kind sickness be that one? *** I asked foolishly again. as if say I no know say the guy they piss for body.***

Me—How she take cause am?

Bodmas began narrating what actually happened. After I had told him he could go for the girl, he finally went for her, and she agreed. The next 2 days he slept with. **Hmmm, see sharp guy.  Them no dey waste time at all. No be people like us wey they dull***. He said he saw the waist bead on her but he wasn’t scared. He ignored it and ate the forbidden fruit. Two days after sleeping with her, he started having those problems. He refused to tell me he was urinating around. He only told me that he couldn’t waka. “Fever come hold me gan”. He said. well my roomie don already tell me say the guy dey piss around. Bodmas said it was when they got to the baba’s place, the baba told them that it was the girl he last slept with that caused it. As he was narrating all that the baba said, fear come dey catch me.  maybe I go even stop all this indigene parole sef. I thought to myself. That God he saved me from agangana. It would have been me. After chatting, I told him(bodmas) I want to go back to the canteen to eat. He said he thought I just ate there earlier. I told him I never ate, and that people were much when I first went. “Why you no try Iya swagger. Her food make sense die pass that canteen wey you dey go,” he said to me. I had been hearing about that “iya swagger” from some students. I never gave it importance. They said her store was close to shoprite. “Her food they plenty pass this woman own sef,” bodmas said again. He said that is where most students do eat in the money. I told him I would try that some other time but let me go to the other canteen to eat. After eating at the canteen, I headed home. I got home, took my bath and laid on the bed. I began to think about what bodmas told me. It would have been me. I began to wonder what my parents would have done, what they would say. I told myself I just had to be careful with the indigene girls of that village. Thank God I hadn’t even slept with any of them. I don’t want to start urinating on my body just like bodmas. As I was thinking about all that, I slept off.  I was woken up by my roomie who just came back from home. Immediately he dropped his bag, he was rushing out of the house. “Where you dey go?” I asked. “I dey come make I get the arrangement of players wey go play for Iwoye team,” he said and left. The guy sef no even pull him travelling cloth before he waka comot. I was sure they some friends had earlier call to tell him that both of them (Alfa and him) require the votes of the players for any of them to emerge the coach.

At about 6:15 pm, PHCN has already brought their electricity.  I was browsing with my phone while still plugged in charging. I immediately got an alert on my Whatsapp. I checked and it was my roomie. “Me and Folake they come house nw,” was the message he sent. That means he’s bringing folake to the house. I was already planning to go out to see a friend but decided to stay back. Barely 3 minutes my roomie sent me the message, he came in with a girl into the room. I guessed that was folake. She was light in complexion, tall and a little chubby. She has a brown eyes with a cute face. Even though not as beautiful as I expected, but she is fine. As they walked in, my roomie has his right hand round his waist. He introduced me to her, and her to me. “We had a hand shake. I actually loved the way you smile,” I said to her. “Oh me!, hhahahhah. Thank you,” she replied as she sat on my roomie’s bed. I asked her if she didn’t go for exam that day.  Before she could answer, my roomie jumped in and responded that she doesn’t have any paper for the day. I noticed that my roomie wasn’t giving her the space to answer or even talk to me. Maybe he thought I would snatch her. When I asked her any question, as she tries responding, my roomie would cut in and respond on her behalf. It got me a little angry when I asked her when she would be finishing her exams. As she wanted to reply, my roomie cuts in and responded. “Lazarus na wetin nah. Shey na you I ask, leave her make she answer the question,” I screamed at him. folake laughed. “You guys are funny,” she said. “why you dey ask. You too dey ask questions,” my roomie said. I just kept cool while folake later told me when they would be finishing their exams. My roomie later took, he said they want to go the church close to my house. The church was the church he attends. He normally goes there to practice how to play the drum. He said he was taking folake along with her to the church. I began to wonder within myself. Maybe he had gone insane. That kind of time, it was about 7:03pm and he was going to the church to disturb the peace of the environment. “Haba, this na night nah. You wan go play drum,” I said to him. “Since I no get wetin I wan do, make I go church go play drum small.” He said to me. And he was taking folake along. I just hoped that the noise from those drum sets won’t block her ears.

He took her and they left. Barely 15 minutes they left, I started hearing drum beats from the church. The church would give him the keys to the place because he is a member and he plays the drum for them. I later dressed up and left the house. I came back late, around 9:45pm. My roomie was yet to be back, but the church was locked. I don’t have any cause to worry about him because he can take good care of himself, and he usually comes back late in the night, sometimes 11pm. I went to bed to sleep with the room door not bolted because I was sure my roomie would come in. Iwoye is safe, I believed nobody could come in to harm me.

I woke up the next morning and saw my roomie lying on his bed. I knew he would come back. I brushed my teeth, brought out my dirty clothes and washed them why I prepared to farm. I called my roomie, he said he won’t be going to the farm that moment, I left him and went with longitude.

We didn’t do much at the farm that day. Just a continuous weeding. After weeding, the fm told us that Coplant lecturers were on their way. So we had to wait for that day’s lecture. The coplant lecturers arrived late, at about 12:40pm that hot afternoon.  Students were already complaining that they were tired and it was getting late. Trust our fm nah. He refused to mark the attendance till after the lectures. I myself wasn’t happy about it. The 3 lecturers that came were familiar faces. 2 of them had lectured us in 200 and 300 level. They didn’t help matters at all. We were expecting them to take maximum of 15 to 20 minutes each for their lecture. But each did 40 minutes lecture.  They taught us how we would plant our maize and cassava and fertilizer application. After the lecture that day, the fm marked the attendance and everyone went home. I got home, took my bath. After bathing, I dressed up and went to eat at the canteen. After eating, I went back home. That day was a Tuesday. So many guys were preparing to go to the community field at the green school to go play football. It was around 4:03, I and my roomie left for the field. He himself was having a training. He was training his Yong Boys F.C players for the second face of the league.

When we got to the field, I stayed in one of the chairs and watched as people play football. My roomie stood in as the referee and also the coach. He was just swapping and changing players. Barely 20 minutes time, I started seeing students coming out of the classrooms. I guessed those writing WAEC just finished the day’s examination. Students were just trooping out of the class. I just ignored them and concentrated on the football game I was watching. I was watching the game when I heard “hi”, from my behind. I turned around to know who that was. It was folake. “Hello folake. How are you doing” I said to her. She said she was fine. “How was your exam today,” I asked. “ It was wonderful, we thank God,” she replied. She asked after lazarus. I told her lazarus was on the field coaching his players. She was about to leave, I offered to escort her to about 3 to 4 polls before coming back to the field. She agreed. As I was walking her across, we began chatting.


<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 26>>>>>> 


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