Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--------(Episode 26)

Created: Friday, 04 July 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY) Episode 26 continues...

As I was walking her across, we began chatting.

Me--- are that cool and calm?

Folake--- how do you mean?

Me – I mean if you this gentle? *** because from her facial look, she doesn’t look like a quiet girl**

She laughed

Folake---- am not cool oooo, is just that they were some questions I couldn’t answer and in the hall and it was bothering me.

I asked to see the question paper which she gave to me. I asked her to show me some of the questions. Thank God it was biology because if it was to be mathematics. I hate maths right from my secondary school days.

I looked at the questions. I told her the answers to the questions. But she was still sad because she didn’t do them. I tried to encourage her. I told her the fact that she didn’t answer those questions, that doesn’t mean she would fail. The little one she had answer, she should pray that God should favour her so she could pass all. As I was still walking her out of the school, some of the guys around were looking at us. Some of my friends began to hail me. I guessed that hailing called my roomie’s attention to our side. He immediately ran out of the field running towards. I watched him as he ran towards us as if I wanted to kidnap folake. Immediately he got to us, and hugged folake with that his dirty body. As he moved his mouth, I guessed he was trying to kiss folake, she immediately moved away her mouth. what was he even thinking sef. I guessed he was trying to show off that the girl was his. His Players on the field started calling him to come and continue with the officiating and coaching. For where, he just ignored them. My plans was to walk folake out of the school, but seeing that lazarus was around. I had to excuse them as they talked. I went back to where I was seated. I watched as he and folake walked away. He was tried putting his hand across her waist but she removed it. “Lazarus don mad gan,” one of his players screamed. Lazarus and folake walked away. I guessed he forgot that he was the referee and the coach. He didn’t come back to the field till after 30 minutes, when everyone was exusted and had played their individual game. When he came back, he was like, “Oya guys lets continue”. “continue keh, abi boboi ya we-rey ni. Emi tin lo ile”. One of the guys said. People started going home. I didn’t even know what gave him the impression that they would continue playing after he abandoned them, and perhaps it was getting late, about 6:44pm.  As others were leaving, i too left the place. I didn’t come there to play, I only came to watch. As I was leaving, my roomie joined me and we left together. We got to shoprite, he said we should branch to folake’s place. At first I refused but later followed him. At least it would give me opportunity to know her place. We got to the place. As we were walking into the house, I saw about 2 FPY students sitting on the bench. What went through my mind was, “this one my roomie was trowing himself at folake, how is it not sure that those guys won’t be screwing her. Because they all stay in the same house. Immediately folake saw us, she looked excited as if she was expecting us. “Hey, you followed lazarus to my house today,” folake said to me. I smilled. “Just go in,” she said to me. “ Don’t mind him, I dragged him here,”  my roomie said. he was trying to take praises for me coming to folake’s house. Only if he knew my agenda, he won’t have allowed me to come with him. We me 2 girls inside her room. I guessed that was her roommates. They were seating on the foam. They immediately stood up for us to seat. My roomie starting forming “familiarity.” “Ehen, uju this that my naughty roommate I told you about,” my roomie said as he was referring to me as his naughty roommate. Only God knows what he had already told them about me. If only they know how I manage to stay with him in that house, infact he is more than naughty. A naughty person will even call him “naughty.” I just pretended I didn’t hear what he said. I sat on the bed. The other girl said her name was Cynthia. We started chatting. Folake was cooking outside. “you seems so cool and calm,” uju said to me. I smiled. “Yes I am cool but not as cool as pure water” I replied. They laughed. My roomie left the room and went to join folake outside were she was cooking. He was just becoming unbearable. He wasn’t even acting like a visitor at all. Jumping in and out of the room. I guessed our guest do find him irritating. “You are just the opposite of lazarus,” Cynthia said. Of course I am, I can’t be like him. “You are cool and calm while he’s just that gallivanting type,” uju said. I smiled and told them I wasn’t an introvert. But am between and extrovert and an introvert. Lazarus was outside, that moment gave us opportunity to talk well and got to know ourselves. As we chatted, folake walked inside with a plate of rice and fish on top. She brought it and gave to me. I told her that I wasn’t hungry. She became angry. It will look embarrassing that I came to her house but refused eating. I actually knew she would get angry but I still refused eating. My roomie had already started eating his own from outside. He was just throwing the rice into his mouth as if he was been chased by Russian army that has never eating for 2 days. “Oree, ko fe je oo,” folake was telling my roomie. She was telling my roomie that I refused to eat. “Ma dau lowun. Omo olowo ni.” My roomie said. I guessed my roomie was telling her that I was rich so I don’t eat in people’s houses.“his not hungry joor. Give it to me.” my roomie said. As he was trying to collect the food from her, she flipped his hands away. She turned to me, “gba joor,” she said. she asked me to collect it from her. But I pretended as if I didn’t understand what she spoke. “Ko gbo yoruba,” my roomie said. “Ahhhhh, are you not a Yoruba guy,” folake asked. I smiled, “ No am not,” I said. “I thought you are omo Yoruba,” she said again. “So you can’t understand Yoruba at all,” she asked. I told her I could understand a little. “So where are you from,” she asked. lazarus cuts in, “Na militant him be,” he said. “Well, am from the south-south region of this great country,” I said. “Wow,” Cynthia screamed. As if I was a special foreigner. Folake dropped the food on the floor and came close to the bed I was seating. “So you are from the Niger Delta area,” she said. As if Niger delta was in the space. “Which state precisely,” Cynthia asked. *** The questions don shah tire me, but I no get choice than to just they answer them.** “Delta state,” I said. “Hmmmmmm. Oil money, I love people from Delta state,” folake shouted, as if she has won a lottery knowing I am from Delta State. “I like people from Delta. I have always fantasized of getting married to a man from the south-south region, precisely Delta,” she said. I became uncomfortable the way she was touching me. All that was because I am from Delta state. She said Delta people are so friendly, nice and caring people. Indeed she was right, we are caring and nice. She started telling us how one of her elder sisters served in Delta. The kind of hospitality given to her was amazing. “But my sister said that isoko people form Delta used to take alcohol too much,” she said. indeed she was right. “so which part of Delta are you from, isoko, igbo part, urhobo, ijaw, itshekiri,” folake asked again. Infact, me sef don dey tire for all that her questions. I told her the particular place I was from. Lazarus became uncomfortable the way folake was grabbing me. I could see it from his look and countenance. But e just be like say I don turn celebrity just because I be from Delta state. After chatting for a while, I stood up and told them I was going. Before then, I already gave lazarus a sign, telling him I want to go. He stood up and the 3 ladies started escorting us outside. We got outside, I asked them if the Funaab guys were disturbing them. Uju said one of the guys is disturbing her, he wants her to date him but he has refused. I collected the 2 girls mobile number. I wanted to ask folake for hers but changed my mind, I don’t want my roomie to start another drama there. Deep down my heart, folake is a great girl I would love to lay. I have an agenda but I just want to take it slowly. After collecting their numbers, we left for our house. As we were heading home, I began to think about what happened in folake’s house. She almost hugged me when I told them I was from Delta state. She was so happy. I asked myself, is there anything special about being a Deltan or was there any agenda from her! As I was thinking and walking home with lazarus, a call came into my phone. It was a private number that wasn’t saved on my phone. I picked it and it was a female voice that spoke. “Hello this is folake, you forgot to take my own number. This is my own number, save it.” She immediately cut the call. I smiled. “This one wey you just smile like that, na who call you,” my roomie asked. I smiled again, “Why you wan know,” I replied. He is too over curious. “E be like say dem call you say them wan send you money from house,” he said again. I smiled, “Abi nah,” I replied. When I got home, I went to take my bath. When I got back, my phone was showing me a signal that I have a message. I checked and it was a whatsapp message. I checked who was that. The message read, “Hello militant Dear, please come and kidnap me”. The message was from Folake.


<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 27>>>>>> 


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