Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--------(Episode 27)

Created: Sunday, 06 July 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY) Episode 27 continues…

Immediately I saw it, my hormone level sparked. That was a green light. This has always been what I wanted, to taste folake’s apple. The devil has a way of manipulating humans. He was aware that I was not tall enough to climb to the top to get the sweet apple, but he has already presented it to me, making it enticing. Since I started my adventure with women in Iwoye, I have never slept with any of them. It was either there was one problem or the other. Something strange would happen that would terminate the action. I thought to myself that there was no cause to be happy because the action I wanted will not take place. In as much I yearn for it, I want it, but it may not come to pass because the devils at the four corners of iwoye would stand their ground to terminate it. Well, even if say na small smooch and kiss I fit collect, I go manage am.

I replied folake’s message. “Am on my way now. I can only kidnap  your heat. I am taking you to a place where no man can free you. My love will hold you captive and the only ransom is your love”. That was my message. Immediately I sent it, she replied. “Then come fast,” was her message. We began serious chatting ooo. We took it higher to sexting. We chatted till my phone battery got flat and I went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning happy. I was happy that folake was filling my vibes. She wants me, she loves me. I only want to get to her honey pot. I went to the side of my bag were I normally keep my condom. I took the condoms out, looking at it. As if I will even use it sef. I know what happened in the case of Tinuke, fade and other girls might happen. I took two out of the pack and kept it under my foam, just in case. I prepared and left for farm I and longitude. My roomie was still asleep when I was leaving.

We didn’t do much at the farm. It was just some lectures from Colanim lecturers that visited. After the farm work, lectures and the attendance, I went back home. When I got home, I switched on my browsing phone. I don’t normally take the phone to farm because there is no internet network coverage at the farm. I only take my second phone, switched off the other and leave it at home. When I switched my phone on, whatsapp messages entered. I checked it and it was folake. She said she would be finishing her exam 12 and asked when I was going to be around so she could come. Before replying her message, I thought about some few things. What of if we got caught by my roomie? Are my not pressing beyond bounds with folake? I replied her messages. “I don’t want lazarus to catch us ooo,” was what I sent to her. she replied telling me that both of them were not dating. She said Lazarus was just pushing himself on her but she doesn’t like him. “You are the one I want,” she said in her message. Immediately she said that, my heart beat increased. This girl na real sharp girl. She no send anybody, she goes for what she wants. Na me no get liver. She even get liver pass me. “What of if lazarus discovers what is going on,” I sent o her. “To hell with him,” she replied. this girl mean ooo. I had plans of going to the ICJCF fellowship that evening, but I changed my mind. My roomie would be going. That time would be a perfect time for a sweet romance with folake. Both of us will be in the room alone. As I think about that one, how e go look like as I go dey manipulate folake, my head come dey pop like pop-corn. “You can come anytime,” I sent to her. “Am already on my way,” she replied. So fast, I just rushed outside the room, went to the well, fetched water and went to take my bath. As I finished taking my bath, I walked into the room and met folake lying on my bed. Immediately I saw that, part of me  started singing Eldee the don’s song. Today na today, you no go escape, I go put you for corner. As she was laid on my bed,

Me--- I thought will be coming in the evening. *** as if say I no like as she take come that time**

Folake—nah, I wasn’t doing anything at home and am not having any paper the next day. So I decided to come chill with you.

Me --- how about your roommates.

Folake—they are fine. They actually say I should greet you. I wanted us to come together but they said, next time.

Looking at her lying on my bed as she was talking with me, she looked gorgeous. I rubbed my cream and put on a nice shirt. She raised her head and sat up as I joined her, seating close to her. I had the intentions of “Doing her,” but that was a wrong time because my roomie could come in at that moment and I don’t think he’s aware that folake loves me more than him. I brought out my laptop and played one of the movie I have. We started watching it. I placed the laptop on my bed a little distance from us so we could see it clearly. Folake placed her heard on my left shoulder as we watched. I moved my left hand across her face, moving it to her head. I started playing with her hair, and she was loving it. as I was doing it, my roomie walked in and saw us in that compromising position. “Guy na wetin na. na my girl you dey touch for hair like that. She come put her head for your shoulder,” he said as he walked. I paused the movie and was looking at him. We didn’t say a word as he spoke. He came close to us, trying to move folake’s head out of my shoulder. Folake flipped his hands away. “Kini, what is that. Am I your wife?” she said. “You are my girlfriend nah,” he said. “Which girlfriend. Did you ask me out and I said no?” folake replied her. it was there I came to realize that my roomie never even asked her out. I watched and didn’t say a word as both of them began arguing. My roomie think say he dey craze. He don meet girl wey craze pass him. “But why did you come to my house, I thought you came to see me.” lazarus said. “See you keh, see you for what. Are you a masquerade or president that I should come to see,” folake replied. “you better stop all those rubbish or else,” she repeated again. “or else what, or else what,” my roomie screamed. “you are threatening me in my own house. oya come and leave my house since you didn’t come to see me,” he said. My roomie asked folake to leave the room. As  he was coming t grab her, “If you dare touch me, if you try it,” folake shouted. she turned to me, “She boboi o ya we-rey shah,” she said, referring to my roomie. She was asking if my roomie is sane. Chaii, I just kept quiet just looking at them. Folake get craze ooo. I thought my roomie was just joking that folake should leave the room. I never knew he was serious. As he was trying to hold folake, so as to drag her out of the house, I flipped his hands away.

Me --- guy wetin nah, wetin be all this. Couple yourself nah

Lazarus--- you now. So you don join her.

That was a foolish question from him. na she join me, no be me join her.

Me --- I think say na play be all this till you start this your madness.

Lazarus --- me madness. Me madness abi. As I talk say I no want again. Make she leave my house.

Me—leave your house*** as if he brought the house when he was coming from Abeokuta**. Leave your house keh. Our house, no be your house. In fact folake is not leaving this room.

**I don vex wella. My roommate don make me vex. I told him folake was not leaving the house. After all, I was even the one who paid the rent to the house, not him. He tried to push me out of the way so he could get to folake. I stood my ground and held him, pushed him outside the room. I told him that if he dares touching folake, I will deal with him. And I meant it. I went back to the bed and sat, waiting for him to get close to her. I had already started stiffening my right hand, preparing to dash him some blows if he tries any wrong thing. He just stood and was looking at us as I played my movie. I and folake continued our movie. Lazarus walked out of the room. When he left, folake said I was trying staying with such a person like my roomie. “How do you even cope with this kind of animal in the same room?” she asked. I laughed. She was not the only person that have asked me that kind of question. Many have, they believe my roomie is crazy and naughty. And indeed, he is.

About 30 minutes time after the ugly incident. I began playing with folake’s hair again. I brought my hand towards her chest. I noticed her heart was beating faster. Before I knew what was happening, we started touching ourselves in compromising areas of our body. I shifted my laptop to one side so I could concentrate on this shower of blessing Good has provided. I want to finish the job I started before my roomie disturbed us earlier. As I stretched my head to kiss her, my roomie walked in and I didn’t even lock the door. The door was wide open with only the curtain on. You know this kind of thing. When you are going into the garden of Eden to go eat the forbidden fruit. The pleasures you will be enjoying, it will make you forget that someone might be accompanying you without you knowing. You may think nobody is coming. That is this case, I never knew I didn’t lock the door and it was open. As my roomie saw us, he smiled. I thought he would leave. But mba, he didn’t, he rather went to his bed and sat, started playing what I guessed is game on his phone. Chaii, this guy don come with him bad luck.  I and folake paused for a while thinking he would leave, but he didn’t. I simply sent him a message on whatsapp saying, “if you no comot for this room now, I go break your head.” I guessed he saw it because his phone beeped a message tone. As he was with his phone, I was looking if he would stand and leave. He just smiled. I guessed he read the message but don’t want to leave. He was smiling that he had won. He doesn’t want to give me and folake place to have our private time. 10minute gone, 20 and 30, my roomie didn’t leave the house. Agidi, he doesn’t want to leave and it was getting late. At about 7: 02, folake said she was going. My roomie was still inside the room. I stood up, switched off my laptop. I want to see her off. “Ehm lazarus, goodnight, am going,” she said to my roomie. But my roomie didn’t answer her. He ignored her. He was still angry at what happened and that I have snatched folake away from her. I started escorting folake. We had barely walked about two poles when I received a whatapp message on my phone. I checked it and it was my roomie. It read, “You be devil, you wey be my paddy. I dey toast folake, I no know say you dey my back dey do her parole. You be antichrist.” After reading it I smiled. Folake asked why I was smiling, I told her there was nothing. I didn’t even bother to reply the message. After seeing folake off to shoprite, I went back home. When I got back home, my roomie started quarreling with me. Being this cool guy. I no just want wahala and I no want any headache. He wants to quarrel but I wasn’t ready to argue or give it to him. he started abusing me and calling me all sorts of names. That I betrayed him and was screwing folake behind his back. He said he would do his own back and I should prepare for war in that house. I smiled and didn’t even bother to reply him. I kept mute as I laid on my bed throughout the time he talked. I began to think about it, that I should prepare for war. Maybe biafran or world war 3. I wasn’t happy that I and my roomie was quarreling because of a girl. This incident caused great ripples between I and my roommate. Our lives never remained the same in that house. Once lovely friends turned to frenemies (friend and enemy). Folake has torn us apart. My roomie vowed to revenge, he indeed carried it out and in a dangerous way that broke my heart.  


<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 28>>>>>> 

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