Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY) --------(Episode 28)

Created: Monday, 07 July 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary Of my Farm Practice Year(FPY) “Episode 28” continues…

 My roomie vowed to revenge, he indeed carried it out and in a dangerous way that broke my heart.  

The next day was a Thursday. When I woke up in the morning, I greeted my roomie, he didn’t even answer me. The guy go sabi commit malice. I dressed up, I and longitude went to the farm. The days farm work continued as usual with feeding the livestock and later weeding the cassava plots we planted when we first came on location. After everything, the fm called us together and told us that the school would be providing us we would be planting that period. He also said tractor will start work on the plot of land the upper week. He said we should get ready, that the COBFAS Director may visit us. After marking the attendance, we all left home.

When I got home, I took my bath and went to the canteen to eat. After eating, I went back home. folake called me, she said she was through with her exams and she would be coming to the house to see me. I told her no problem. I just hoped that my roomie won’t try to mess up my game. He did that the previous day. He wasn’t around yet. I believed he had gone to one of his friend’s houses. I laid on my bed browsing. Barely 10 minutes time, my roomie walked in. I have decided to ignore him. Since he doesn’t answer my greetings, to stop greeting. He walked in, stayed for a while, went and took his bath and went out. Before leaving he took his computer game pads. I guessed he was going to play game at the gaming  and charging center. Each time he goes out to play games, he stays out for long hours.  “Thank God,” I thought to myself. At least it will give me the time to finish up what I and folake started the previous day. I walked outside, I saw my roomie with couple of friends heading to the direction where they play computer game. Far ahead, I sighted someone that looks like folake coming towards the opposite direction. i just jump up. Baba God don butter my bread today. Today na today. As I was rejoicing, I walked inside. I checked under my bed if my condoms were still there, and there were. As I dey happy, one thought came to my mind. The thought of what happened when I wanted to lay wande, fade and even Tinuke. Those ones were bad business for me. it wasn’t even sure I can even sleep with folake. If I couldn’t do it with those ones, I don’t think  could do it with folake. The gods of Iwoye won’t allow me. I was sad in me because each time I want to sleep with any girl in iwoye, something strange would happen. Now this one is folake, it’s not even sure I could get to her destination. “Well, even if say na just small touchy-touchy and licking things, I go just manage,” I thought to myself. As I was thinking about it, folake walked in. she was looking radiant with her red top. I stood up and hugged her. The way she responded with her hug; she held me so tightly as if her life depended on it. As she released me, she went to the bed to sit. As I was going to the door to lock it, my roomie walked in. chaii, which kind wahala be all this. Wetin I think say the guy don go far with him game. I thought he only want to take something and leave, but that was false. He just walked to his bed and sat down. Then it was done on me that this guy wasn’t leaving. He just sat on the bed and began playing game on his phone. Wetin I be think say as folake just come in, I go just do some sharp things on her. I began to think that indeed the gods of Iwoye was responsible for that. They are now using my roommate to stop fun with folake. If not, why would lazarus come back to the house at that critical time. As he was playing the game, he was just smiling. I guessed he was mocking us. He doesn’t want us to do anything. Lazarus, me and folake stayed in the room. I sat on the bed while folake placed her head on my left shoulder. On my mind I began to wonder what kind of devil I called my roommate. He is just bent on stopping me from this act.

As folake’s head was on my shoulder. I stretched my left hand, crossed it over her head and began touching her hair softly. She smiled as I played with her hair. We cracked joke as we played. 30 minutes later, the church close to my house had begun their evening service. I even thought my roomie would leave to join them because that’s his church and he plays the drum. Folake said we should go and join them in the church. I agreed. I wore my clothes, took my bible and we left for church. We got to the Church, they were few in number, about 7 people. We both sat at the back of the church as the praise and worship continued. I guessed the pastor discovered the scantiness in the church, he rushed the service. After the “Praise and worship,” there was a special number from one of the members. After the special number was the message which didn’t take about 20 minutes. The pastor talked about the sin of fornication in his message. He was speaking both Yoruba and English so I could understand a little of what he was saying. As he preached, he said young people have moved from the normal conservative times of the old were they wait till marriage before sex. “Now no one is ready to wait. Everyone is having sex including 15 years old,” he spoke. As he was preaching I was feeling guilty. It looks as if he was talking to me. “If you know you have any plan of continuing with your sin of fornication, stop it now because if not; God will judge you,” the pastor screamed at the top of his voice. How I wish I could stop at this stage. Because what is on my mind now is to eat the forbidden fruit that folake will provide. Even if God will judge me, let him please wait, after “doing Folake” he can come but not to judge me but have mercy on me. After the message we gave the offering and church closed. This was about 6:30pm. The pastor left. The other members of the church was locking up the place, folake not to lock the windows and doors. She said she wants to play the drums. I asked her if she knows how to play the drum. She said I would teach her. *** me sef come dey wonder. Me wey no sabi play na  im wan teach another person*** . I never knew that the devil was waxing  another plan. I told one of the guys that incase if the pastor asked, he should tell him that it was lazarus my roomie asked me to use the drum sets. They know lazarus, he is very popular and their member. I also told them that he(lazarus) would be joining us and he would be the one to teach us how to play the drum. They gave us the key for us and left. Folake and I were both left in the church.  She went to were the drum was and began playing. I sat at one of the chairs on the front row watching her play. It was funny but she was even better than me. After about 15minutes time, I went to join her. I told her to adjust a little. I sat at her back with my two legs wide open facing her back. She rested her back on my chest. Seating on the drum seat, I held her left hand with my left hand and her right hand with my right. We began playing together. Barely five minutes, the devil brought out his ugly head. I loved the fact that her back was touching my chest. It looked sweet, the energy, pressure inside me. I crossed my right hand around her waist and kissed her ear. She laughed. “You are such a jerk,” she said to me. As I kissed, I went straight to her neck and back to the left ear. “I want to eat you,” I whispered to her ear. She laughed and stood up, as she was about to leave, I held her right hand and dragged her back and made her seat on my laps. “Do you want to ‘Do me’ inside the church,” she asked me. “I am willing to, if God gives me the grace.” I said to her. she laughed. “You are so naughty,” she said. “Yes I am naughty but you are more naughty,” I said to her. when one is about to do the wrong thing, you no go remember say somebody dey watch. You no go send anybody. I never knew that the devil was just leading me on. I began fondling her hair. She stood up and said, “lets go home and continue.” Immediately she said that, my blood pressure rose in excitement. It made me forget that I have had about 3 encounters with women that I didn’t succeed. We locked the door immediately and went home. my blood is still hot and likewise folake. She was ready for it and I want to give it to her now before she changes her mind. Immediately we got back home. I was so happy my roomie was not at home. I opened the door and walked in. As we walked in, I lifted folake and carried her on my arms and dropped her on my bed as she laughed. I was so happy that I want to begin the action. It was getting late now, at about 7:01pm when I checked my time, and everywhere was becoming dark. I switched on my white florescence chargeable lantern so it will give me opportunity to see what I am doing.  As I was going to lock the door to continue from where we stopped, my roomie walked in again! “Not again,” I said in my mind. He met folake smiling and laughing while she laid on my bed. He immediately went to his bed and sat. I knew he wouldn’t want to leave again. chaii, by now I now know that my roommate is the devil that was sent from hell that Ozor talked about in one of his stories.  “Come lets go back to the church,” I whispered into folake’s ear. “To the church! For what,” folake asked. chaii, this lazarus na witch. E be like say folake don change her mind as she dey ask me why we wan go back to church. Me I wan go back to church go continue oo. “To go and continue na,” I said to her. she said that would be risky and it’s the house of God. “If that would be risky, there let me bear the risk. God is my father and he will understands,” I said to her. I don’t want to care about anything, I just want to do it. “No, that church is a bad idea,” she said to me. omo my roomie don succeed ooo. He don succeed to frustrate my plan. As she said “no,” I frowned my face. As I stood up to leave the bed, she dragged me back. “Let’s do it,” she said. I was so happy in me when she said that. I guessed she discovered I wasn’t happy that she was terminating our fun prematurely. We left the room immediately to the church. Thank God the keys are still with me. Nobody will easily discover us. Everywhere was dark, it was night. And PHCN no give us light. I opened the second door to the church. I didn’t bother to open the windows and the other 2 other doors. I lifted folake up and dropped her on one of the benches. The romance began. Touching and kissing, as I wanted to begin the main thing, I discovered I don’t have my condom with me. This one na bad thing ooo. I must get that thing. I told folake I was going home to go get condom. “For what! do it like that joor.” What ! is she out of her mind, how would she want me to do her without protection. “I hate condoms. I don’t like using condoms,” she said to me.*** wait ooo. Shey na me dis girl dey talk say she no wan use condom, because I won’t do her without a condom. She’s not even my girlfriend. As she talk say she no dey like condom, I wonder how many guys she go don sleep with and wetin she don caontact. “Don’t worry, am clean. I have only seen only 2 guys in my life and I don’t have any STD.” she said to me. Yes I believe her but I can’t do her without a condom. “I know but I don’t want you pregnant,” I said to her. “Am not in my period so nothing will happen,” she responded.** this don dey vex me. shey we go come dey argue about using condom again!*** I began petting her. I told her that she will enjoy it. She finally allowed me to go get the condom. I rushed back to the house. I didn’t even meet my roomie. I went to where I normally keep them which is under my bed. I raised my foam and I couldn’t find any condom there. I was sure I kept 2 condoms there before Folake came it. I guessed my roomie has took them. If not, how would condoms that I kept under there just disappear? Or maybe the devil has started his pranks again. Maybe he’s raising up his ugly head to disrupt  my fun. “What will I do now,” I thought to myself. I remembered I still have 2 sachets left in my bad. I immediately went there, took it and rushed back to church. Thank God the antichrist I was staying with didn’t see those ones. Let me go and complete the job, come back and know what to do to my roomie. As I was heading inside the church, I saw 3 old men outside sitting on the bench. I guessed they were drinking and laughing. I greeted them but no response. I guessed they didn’t see or even noticed me. I walked into the church. “What took you so long na” folake asked. I told her that at first I couldn’t find the condoms I kept under my bed but later checked my bad and saw the remaining 2 and I took them. “Oya lets come and continue,” she said. I brought another bench and added it to the one she was laying on top. That was just to give balance and support so she won’t have a back ache. We continued. As we continued, something came to my mind. I have not succeeded with wande, Tinuke and fade, how is it possible I will succeed with folake. And that was true, on all my adventures, each time I was getting to the spot, something strange would happen. The highest I have gotten to was romance, a little touching and kissing. Well I have to just accept my fate. At all at all na witch. Make I manage, even though say na kiss and romance, I go manage am. As I was deep in thoughts, with my touchlight phone on so we could see well. I guessed folake noticed, “baby what’s the problem nah, you are not concentrating. Give it to me nah,” she said to me. Her words brought my concentration back. I brought out the condom. She took it from me and opened it. I pulled my trouser and my boxers down. As she was about to wear me the condom, Behold light rays hit my eyes. I looked up and it was the florescent bulbs in the church. “Up NEPA aaa,” I heard from outside the church. PHCN just brought their light. Looking at me, I was butt naked with my trouser and boxer on the floor. By then I realized that my back was facing the entrance of the door I opened.  That means people outside could be seeing us and what we are doing. As I turned my back, I realized I was seeing the men outside. “Are they looking at me?” I thought to myself. Within seconds I was thinking about all that, “Ki lens hey beyen,” a loud voice echoed. I guessed they saw us.

<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 29>>>>>> 



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