Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--------(Episode 29)

Created: Tuesday, 08 July 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY) “Episode 29” continues…

As I turned my back, I realized I was seeing the men outside. “Are they looking at me?” I thought to myself. Within seconds I was thinking about all that, “Ki len shey beyen,” a loud voice echoed. I guessed they saw us.

 I immediately pulled the chair folake was laying untop. Including folake, I pushed them to the side. And pulled up my boxer and trouser. Folake only pulled her pant. She did hear the voice because she too wore her pants immediately and separated the chairs. That girl na sharp girl. Before I know wetin dey happen, I saw an elderly man walked into the church. My heart started beating fast. I guessed he saw us. Chaiii, this is definitely the punishment I will receive for trying to sleep with a woman inside the church of God. “Ki len shey,” he said. He asked what we were doing. ** As if he didn’t see us**. Thank God, Folake knew I couldn’t speak Yoruba fluently. she started explaining to the man. I just kept mute as they talked. Next thing the man left. Immediately he left, my heart beat rate came down. So that means he didn’t see us as we were naked. The man must be blind. I guessed due to his age, he couldn’t see well at night. When he left I asked folake what they were taking. She said he asked her what we were doing there and she told him that we are just practicing how to play the drum. He asked her who gave her the keys. I guessed the man is a member of the church. But I didn’t see him in service earlier. She told him that it was lazarus that collected the keys and he was here with us before he left and he would be coming back soon. Chaii, this girl sabi lie oo. The fear wey enter my body don destabilize me, I no fit do anything again. I told folake we should leave. “Leave were, lets continue joor.” She said. she went and switched off the bulbs in the church. Took my touchlight phone and switched it on. ** this girl mean business today** I wanted to go but changed my mind. Her attitude motivated me. Before I knew what was happening, she unzipped my trouser and pulled it down. She removed her pant and held my hand as he dragged me to the alter. **Na here devil wan come punish me**. She laid down, “Oya do me,” she said. Today na today. Her dress was still on her, she only pulled her pant. I bent down immediately to start digging. I raised the blouse she was wearing and something came to my mind. “So you want to do this in the house of God. You are wicked.” Something said to me. I raised the touchlight phone up to the Direction where the Image of Jesus Christ was. I looked as if he was staring at me. It looked as if he was angry at me on what I was about to do. I had made up my mind to do it. whatsoever outcomes of what we are doing, even though no sex, I am ready to take it. as my mind was wondering around, folake crabbed my condomized magic wand and inserted it her bus stop. “Yayy, it entered. This is surely a magic. Since I started my adventure, I have never managed to get to this end point with any woman in Iwoye, but folake’s own worked. Was she using any magic? What was so special about her that I succeeded with her. I never new I would succeed. As I was thinking about all this, how my magic wand managed to enter folake’s road. And nothing like strange thoughts and feelings. Since my wand has entered, I began to manipulate, doing the magic on folake. She was indeed feeling it. I never knew that as I was doing it, the devil was at the corner laughing at me, planning for me. He believed he had caught me in his cage. As the deal between me and folake was going on, something came to my mind. Why is it that all I have prayed for. for many weeks I have not succeeded with any woman in Iwoye. Why is it that I succeeded in the church. Not just church but the altar in the church. **Na here devil wan punish me**. I began to think deep how God answered my prayers, gave me deliverance from the gods of Iwoye who didn’t want me to lay any woman in their community. Or maybe it was the devil who answered the prayers to punish me because I have defiled the holy house of God by sleeping with a woman at the altar of God. As I was still manipulating folake and still in deep thoughts. I heard matching footsteps walking toward us. “Ki lens hey beyen,” a loud male voice echoed from the entrance of the church. I became frightened. Who is that? Have they caught us? what will be our fate now? I managed to raise my head to see who was that. The light from the touch he was holding struck my face. Pointing the touch to my face, I couldn’t see. I immediately stood up to start looking for my trouser and boxer. “Ki le fe shey” the voice said as the person came closer. He was asking what I was planning to do, maybe escape. I immediately grabbed my boxer which was not too far from where I kept it. I wore it immediately. Folake didn’t pull her gown so hers was easy. She just brought down her raised gown. I guessed she was rushing and searching for her pant. As I wanted to wear my trouser, the person got close to us. It was now done on me that we have been caught. I looked very well and it was the pastor standing in front of us. as he was speaking Yoruba, asking us what we were doing and why we are having sex inside the church. As if he knew I can’t understand Yoruba, he asked “What are you doing here”. I went dumb, I couldn’t even answer him. We couldn’t deny anything because he saw us. we were caught so we can’t just lie. “We are sorry, is a mistake sir,” I said. “Which mistake ! having sex in the church is now a mistake,” he said. and he was right. “I think I saw both of you in the church this evening,” he asked. “Yes sir,” folake and I answered simultaneously.  He looked sad because the fornication he preached against, maybe that was what motivated us to come to do it inside the church. He was so angry, “your friend was right,” he said to me. I began to wonder which of my friends. Maybe they had gone to tell him things about me. Thank God nobody came in with him, it would have been a massive embarrassment because we would make the headlines and become the news. We were pleading. Folake knelt down and was begging. He told me to kneel down too. He said we should close our eyes which we did. He prayed for us and told us that if we ever tried such a  thing again, and even inside the such he would report us to the king. We left the place. As we walked out of the church, I saw my roomie at the corner under the mango tree laughing at us. I guess he was the friend who went to call the pastor that we are having sex inside the church. Laugh of mockery. I escorted folake to shoprite and went back home. I got back home, took my bath and laid on my bed. I wasn’t happy because of the embarrassment. It was indeed embarrassing and also a sin. I began filling guilty in me. As I was deep in thoughts, I slept off.

The next morning, I woke up feeling guilty about what happened the previous day. I know I should have been happy that I have scored some points with folake. But what is the use of the happiness when I was embarrassed and humiliated by my roomie. I was caught in the church sleeping with a girl. I was happy it was only the pastor that was around, but what of my roomie. By now he would be laughing at me and I don’t even know how many people that he must have told about the incident. The whole farm go hear am today. Because he talks too much and he’s bent on having his revenge. And he will go all out to achieve it.

I brushed my teeth preparing to go to farm. Longitude was aware of what happened the previous night. I didn’t tell him. It was when I woke up and called him for us to go to farm. He started telling me of how my roomie told him what happened. I was so sad. Only God know how many people the guy go don tell. He was still sleeping when I and longitude left for the farm. As we were going, I was thinking of what to do to my roomie. Should I retaliate? But part of me said I should just ignore him. It’s not worth it. When I got to the farm, I met the Fm and some other students. He began to talk with us. He said the cassava stems the school provided for planting won’t be enough and he doesn’t know what to do. He said it seems that some of us are going to contribute money to purchase more cassava stems. As we were talking, he got a call and excused us to pick it. After the call, he came back. He said that the fertilizers we would use is on its way to Iwoye and the school has agreed to provide more cassava stems. He picked 5 of us and told us to go to the livestock unit where animals are kept. He said we should go and bring some bags of maize seedlings. The school bus carried us to the livestock unit were the maize were kept and we took them into the bus. We left for the farm. On our way to the farm, the bus picked some students that it saw on the way. One of the ladies that sat close to me, “Na wah ooo. You, you ehhh. So is this how you are,” she asked. chaii, fear come dey catch me. e be like say my roommate don go scatter me among FPY students oooo. Within 12 hours the incident happened, he had already told everyone about it. so shame go come dey catch me now wey everybody don know.

“See ehh, we all are human and we make mistakes,” I struggled to talk.

Girl--- which mistake! Your roommate has already told me.

Me—**immediately she said that, chaii, my own don finish. my roomie was just bent on making my life miserable. He is the naughtiest student which every student knows, they talk about but I don’t hit it to his face**. I already he will tell everyone.

Girl--- but that your roommate is very silly and naughty. He was just showing everything on his phone.

Me -- *ahhh, wetin dis guy show this girl. Hope say he no go record the actions with me and folake for him phone, because I go kill him.*  How did he show you?

Girl ---he showed  me your profile and your age.

Me—mchewwwwww. I even think say na wetin me and folake do the girl dey talk abaout. I no even know say na another thing. But which of my profile did my roomie showed her, because the last time I checked, my age was not  set to public on facebook, and I don’t really set my age or full profile to display or even register in websites that don’t lock members profile.*** “where did he get it from”. I asked her

She said my roomie extracted it from Google, it also brought out the data of other students in my department. Immediately she said that, I realized that Funaab does not lock their database. So all students and their information are in their website and they don’t lock it so anyone can use google to search for it and get the information about students in a department. But what was the big deal about her knowing my age or my full data. I later remembered that there was a day I and her roomie was arguing. I told her I was older than her. So after seeing my age, she realized she was far older than me. she said my roomie brought out the information of students in my department. And I asked myself what the guy was using it for. Yes, you saw their ages, their state, local Government of origin. What’s the big deal and what’s he using it for.

As we were talking about it, other students in the bus overheard and made mention of it. that my roomie came to their houses and he was showing them files of profiles of students in each departments in Funaab. “For Christ sake, what is he using it for,” one of the ladies at my back shouted. one of the guys said for over 2 hours, they were browsing through profiles of students in his department. He said he used the opportunity to check the ages of beautiful ladies in his department. So many people were condemning and abusing him.** but some of them dey enjoy am when he dey show dem the ages of their friends. Dem go dey shout sy dem no know say some of their friends don old**

When we got to the farm, the numbers of students had increased. We offloaded the fertilizers we brought. The news had already filtered into the air that the naughtiest FPY student in Iwoye ketu has done it again. I no come rest. Na so everybody dey call me come dey talk say my roommate na fool. That means he went to almost everybody’s house showing them their profiles on Funaab site. I believed so many of them enjoyed it because they used the opportunity to check the ages of their friends. Why this case was so special is because those kind of student data, one can’t find it directly on Funaab website, and Funaab didn’t lock those files. So he used Google to search for it and it brought out those data.

As the students were teasing my roomie. the guy sef neva come farm. Me sef no hear word for farm again. After the farm work that day, we didn’t do much. we just weeded our existing cassava plots and some other areas. We marked the attendance and I headed to my house. I didn’t even see my roomie in farm that day. When I got to the house, I saw my roomie talking with wande. Both of them were joking laughing and.  I guessed wande was enjoying the jokes my roomie was cracking. Since after the incident of wande in her grandfather’s house, we don’t really talk much. I just made up my mind to ignore her but I do answer to her greetings. Seeing my roomie and wande, the way they were playing was unsual. Both of them are not that close. Wande had once told me that my roomie is a clown and an idiot. “It seems my roomie is toasting her,” I thought to myself. I believed he was doing it to get back at me. My roomie was aware of what was going on between I and wande. Though I didn’t tell him about what happens each time I try sleeping with her. He believed I had slept with her. so I guessed he was doing that to get back at me for taking folake from her.

I saw both of them, wande greeted me as I walked pass them. I answered her and went inside. I switched on my phone and saw Whatsapp message, I checked it and it was folake. Since after the previous day incident, we didn’t talk. “So you forgot about me after bleeping me. Are you that wicked.” That was her message. I immediately replied her. I told her that I was sorry. She may be right. I never really bothered to call or got in touch with her after I escorted her to shoprite the previous night. She told me she would be finishing her exams the next Friday and would be living on Saturday morning. We agreed not to meet each other till the next week.

I was so hungry, I needed to eat something and it’s been a long time I cooked. That day was the community’s market day. I went to the market. Thank I saw couple of friends. I don’t really know how to price stuffs. I saw bola one of my friends. He’s one of the roommates of olamide. I plans was to cook stew but bola advised me to cook vegetable soup. The vegetable soup sef, I know too sabi cook am. Na who go come help me prepare the soup. Well he said he would help me out. Not that am not good at cooking, infact am a great cook but “Vegetable soup,” I have never really prepared it and I rarely eat it. I bought what I needed to cook the delicacy. Bola helped in in pricing the items. After getting them, we went home together. We first got to my house, I dropped what I got. I escorted bola to his place to keep what he got. Our houses were close to each other, just two poles. We got to his house, I waited for him to wash off his dirty plates and tidy up some few things in his house, then we left back to my house. When I got home, I met the surprise of my life. The vegetables and other ingredients I kept in a bowl at one corner of the room, I couldn’t find them. Before leaving the house I locked the door of the room very well, with even key. Who now took what I got? Or maybe my roomie took them away! But I didn’t meet him at home when I came back from the market. I went outside, I saw juci, granddaughter of mama. I asked her if roomie came back home when I left. She said she doesn’t know and she never saw him. this one na Gobe. Bola was surprised. At first he thought it was a joke, and maybe my roomie was playing a prank. But that changed when when my roomie walked in on us and I peacefully asked him if he took the ingredients I got. He denied it. He said he was just entering the house since he left house. If he’s not, then who did it? I believe he did it.  I was very angry in me. I don’t need a prophet to tell me he did it. he must have been home when I and bola left and nobody saw him. It seems he’s becoming unbearable and stubborn. He’s taking this too far and I am ready for him. I will reply him. I was very hungry, I had to follow bola to his house where I took garri as I waited for the food he was cooking to be ready. Bola asked me if there was any problem between me and my roomie, because he noticed the way he was replying me back at home. I told him there was none.

I stayed with bola and his roomies till 8pm, and I left there back to my house. I got home, took my bath and went to bed. As I was laying on the bed, I heard a knock on the door. I went to check who was that. It was juci. She came to tell us that the broiler my roomie kept outside was not tired properly, and it might make an escape. Immediately she said it, I remembered overhearing my roomie during the day telling a friend that he would be travelling the next day and he was going to buy the last broiler at the farm. I didn’t even check outside when I came back. I thanked juci for coming to tell us while she left. But unfortunately, me and my roomie are not in good terms so I can’t touch it. I went back to my bed. Barely 15 minutes juci left, my roomie walked into the room. I guessed juci must have told him outside too and he must have done the necessary things because I saw him holding a light rope on his left hand. I guessed he had gone to tire the bird properly.

At about 10:30pm, I discovered I was so restless, I couldn’t sleep because the sleep refused to come. I turned to my roomie’s corner, he was far asleep. I stood to go and urinate, everywhere was quiet. I believed it was so because the Oro was beginning that night. As I walked outside, PHCN brought their light. I walked to the bathroom and urinated. After urinating, as I was going straight to the house, I sighted the broiler my roomie bought. It was so big. I just ignored it since I was rushing to go and start watching film on my laptop. But something came into my mind, “Revenge.” My roomie had been dealing with me all the while and I kept my cool. Now I am ready to pay him back, I crave for that revenge. I was almost walking inside the room when I turned back and went to were the broiler was. I looked at it. It was huge. I smiled. What was on my mind to do was the perfect revenge. After looking at the broiler, I did what I had to do and walked back to the room to sleep. I didn’t watch the T.V again. I never knew that the next morning would be a war of words in my house.


<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 30>>>>>> 


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