Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY) --------(Episode 31)

Created: Thursday, 10 July 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY) “Episode 31” continues…

For 2 days, my roomie didn’t sleep in the house, I only saw him at the farm. I never even bothered to ask him. He wanted revenge, I believe he’s now seeing it. I just imagine how those mamas and women at that shop would be looking at him if he’s passing by.

On Sunday afternoon when I returned from the church, folake called to tell me that she has gotten home. She had earlier told me 2 days back that she and her friends would be leaving Iwoye finally that day.  I was happy for her and wished her goodluck and success in all her life’s endeavors. After removing my clothes, I rested then later went to visit a friend. I stayed there till 4pm when I left back to my place. When I got home, I met another drama. As I walked into the house, I met brother wale and his eldest son arguing. Mama was at one corner with one of her daughter. The house is indeed a house of drama and commotion. What is going on? Before I know what was happening, wande ran out of mama’s room with a woman chasing her out. She ran outside to the backyard. I went to the backyard, I met another drama. A woman was quarrelling with my roomie. She was threatening to deal with him. I had not seen my roomie for a day and we are not in good terms. I guessed he’s in another trouble again because the way the woman was quarrelling with him, mama came outside too. Brother wale joined as all of them was attacking my roomie. Brother called me, he said my roomie was trying to rape his daughter. “what,” I shouted. or may be I didn’t hear what he just said. That lazarus tried to rape his daughter wande. I roomie said it was a lie, that he never tried raping her.  He said he only invited wande to the house.  As I dey try make I understand wetin dem dey talk, na so hot slap land on my roommate cheeks. Brother wale slap my roommate. They were all trying to shut my roomie up, intimidating him. I went to brother wale to ask how my roomie tried to rape his daughter, because I have not really understood what was really going on. The girl wande who they said lazarus tried to rape was standing there, she kept silent and was not saying anything. Or was it a set-up! Brother wale started narrating to me that he was looking for me so I could help him do something. He walked into room and found wande and my roomie in a compromising position. As he narrated, I began to wonder if that was the rape he was talking about. He was even smelling of alcohol, I guessed he was under the influence of alcohol. And the cigar he smoked has blocked his brain that is why he couldn’t differentiate between rape and when two adults consent to sex. Wande made matters worse, she wasn’t saying anything. She kept mute. At first I wanted to start defending my roomie but I remembered that I was on a revenge mission. My roomie had been dealing with me all the while, now it’s my turn.  I know within myself that he couldn’t have tried to rape wande. Yes he was on a mission to spit on me by sleeping with wande because I took folake from him. I wanted to defend him but changed my mind. Brother wale said the worst part of it was that he saw condoms on his bed and he(my roomie) was dragging his daughter and if not he came in, he would have raped her. I began to wonder how my roomie managed to get condoms. I have never seen him with condoms. I am the only person who deals with condoms, my roomie doesn’t like to use condoms and doesn’t have them. How come condoms were found on his bed. My roomie tried to explain that the condoms belong to me. “What,” I screamed. This guy wants to put me in trouble. I denied I was the owner of the condom. The last condom I used was on folake. I guessed his revenge had put him in trouble. He was the one stealing my condoms in my bag. I know he’s the one that was why he told them the condoms were for me. I told brother wale that I don’t even know what my roomie was talking about. And I wasn’t the owner of the condoms. Na only him know about am. Since the condoms were found on his bed, they should hold him accountable. Brother wale said he would report my roomie to our FM that he wants to rape his daughter. Brother wale began to defend me, saying I wasn’t a bad boy to try to rape his daughter wande. They know my roomie is naughty so they believe he’s capable of doing it. at a time, my roomie became sad and sober, he nearly started crying because it seems everyone was accusing of trying to rape wande. If brother wale should report the matter to Fm and fm sends the report to school, that would be deadly for him. I began to pity him because the voices of the women, all are becoming louder and people are beginning to troop into the house to know what is happening. I didn’t want the matter to escalate more than this. But wetin my roomie take my eye see because of folake matter. He make pastor catch me inside church when I dey sample folake. He embarrassed me in the presence of folake and her friends by adding kerosene in my food. The one wey pain me pass na when he opened the windows during the rain, all my bed sheet and foam come soak with rain water. This one wey he do, stole my condoms and it backfired that brother wale walked into the room and met he and wande in a compromising position. He(my roomie) was holding a condom and 2 on the bed. Brother wale come believe say he wan rape him daughter. As I pitied my roomie, forgot about revenge. I went to meet him to ask what happened. At first he was being reluctant to tell me but when I pressed on, he told me. he said he invited wande to the house, though he had intentions of sleeping with her. He brought out the condoms but unfortunately brother wale walked into our room looking for me and found them in a compromising position. And immediately wande saw him, he ran out of the room and went to tell mama that he(my roomie) wants to rape her. ** my roomie wanted to sleep with her just to revenge on me sleeping with folake. The thing come backfire**  I went to wande because she was standing close to the bathroom and kept mute. I went to her to tell me her own side of the story. She said if she didn’t tell mama and her dad, they will beat her, accusing her of sleeping with Funaab students. Obviously she was trying to defend herself and implicating another person. I told wande to tell mama and her father the truth, “Iron i ooo” she said. she said they will beat her. I was trying to convince her to tell the truth so my roomie could be free. I took wande’s hand and took her outside the house. ** I come start to dey read poem.** I told her that I still love her and she could find away of helping so to prove to them that my roomie wasn’t trying to rape her. she could just help. I held her palms as I said. she was obviously believing what I was saying. I told her that I have a gift for her and she means so much to me. she was feeling what I was saying. But na lie, abi I don like her. I squeezed my face and began to form as if I was angry. I asked her why she started following my roomie, when she knew I love her. she began to beg me as if I am the king. She said she was sorry for following him. I told her that if she wants us to come back together, she should go and tell them the truth, even though not the truth but at least what will make mama and the others believe that my roomie didn’t try to rape her. she agreed. I asked her what she wants to tell them, she said I shouldn’t bother, that she knows what she wants. Immediately I left her, I went to shoprite. when I came back to the house, case don settle. I met mama laughing with my roomie. my roomie began to hail me as I walked in. it was unsual, he doesn’t even talk to me since over 2 weeks we began our quarrel. Now he even came and hugged me. I asked what later happened when I left. He said he didn’t know what wande told mama and mama immediately believed her and began to quarrel with brother wale that he drinks too much. mama said brother wale was under the influence of alcohol that was why he wrongly accused him(my roomie). After narrating what happened to me, fear come dey catch me for were wande dey. Wetin she tell mama mama come believe. I go start to dey fear the girl now.

After all, me and my roomie settled our scores. Our friendship came back to normal and we started relating well as we use to before the quarrel. But it was unfortunate that the Iwoye F.A didn’t choose him to coach the team for the inter-location league. He travelled 2 days to the match.

On the day of the match, it was wonderful because when the isaga-Orile students arrived. It was a reunion because my friends I had not seen over 6 months the FPY started. Some of them came and we saw. My students went to our farm to check it out. When some came back, they were impressed while some argued that there farm in Isaga was bigger and better than ours. My very good friend sembo came to my house. I took him to the canteen where I eat. I bought him food and he ate. I just wanted him to have a feel of how the Iwoye food is. because the food was one of the major things most of them had heard about. That the food is very cheap. After eating, I took him round My street a little before hearding to the community field for the match.

The match started about 4:06pm with the Iwoye ketu team being so attacking. Iwoye-Ketu team was coached by Alfa the coach of habideen F.C. At first the Isaga nearly scored us. they were pressing us so hard that everyone and even the F.A chief began to regret making alfa the coach. It was glaring that his formation was not working. People began to miss my roomie. it was a fact that he was the best man for the job but he wasn’t given. The match ended  goaless the first half. The second half came and it was Unfortunate for the Isaga-Orile team, Iwoye scored. Every were was full of cheers and praises. Iwoye team began pressing the isaga team badly. Another disappointment was when red card was given to one of the players of Isaga. It was devastating for them.  The match ended with Iwoye carrying the day. Beat them by 1 :0 . After the match, the isaga team left back to isaga and the celebration for Iwoye continued. On Sunday my roomie came back to Iwoye after about 5 days away. he bought some provisions for me. he must have heard about what happened during the match between between we and isaga.  He said the F.A chief had already contacted him for him to assist alfa for the returning match which will take place in the next 2 weeks.

The next day was a Monday. We applied herbicide on our 20x20 plots of land. It was done to prevent weed. The plot had already been shared and divided into 20x20 each to all students. it will be used for maize and cassava cultivation. The next days, maize seeds were provided for us and we began planting. The fm told us that we will plant the maize first and when it has started propagating, we would plant the cassava. After planting my maize, I travelled to Abeokuta and spent 2 weeks. I wasn’t feeling too well. When I returned to Iwoye, they had already started fertilizer application, and cassava stem had been provided for planting.  Fertilizer was given to me and I applied on my plot. The fertilizer was specifically for the maize and not for cassava. We were told how to apply the fertilizer on the plots to our maize which I did.

2 days later cassava stems were provided for us and we commenced planting. The maize were growing speedily after the application of fertilizer.

As time went on, the FPY was gradually coming to an end. We began the maintenance of our plots. The F.M had already told us that supervisors would be coming to grade our plots on the last week of the FPY. So everybody were so anxious and waiting. We were also weeding our plots to make sure it looked good in the eyes of the supervisors coming from school to grade. It’s just the bride waiting for the groom to come. We can’t wait for the FPY to come to an end. We weeded our plots continuously, making sure it looked neat. In one of the occasions, I was weeding my plot. I saw a snake. Immediately I saw it, I dropped my hoe and ran away. I went and called couple of friends to help me kill it but before we could come, we couldn’t find the reptile and I hate snakes with passion.

The day for the returning match of the inter-location FPY cup came. Iwoye would be visiting Isaga Orile. The isaga boys had already started bragging on social media that they would trash us and qualify for the final.

At about 10am, our boys and the supporters, including other students who where interested in going to Isaga to see some of their friends. They all assembled at the town hall. Our coastal bus arrived with our FM inside. There was pandemonium because so many people paid but and the bus can’t contain all. The bus could only contain 35 people and over 60 paid. so the Fm had to call the first 35 people into the bus. So others can go and get a private car to travel with. Getting a private transportation was more expensive that was why most students going opted for the school bus. But it was unfortunate that it couldn’t contain them all. The bus finally left Iwoye for Isaga. Some other students who were not able to make it with them with the bus had to board a public transport. Some others didn’t go due to the cost. I was anxiously checking facebook for the match updates and the scores. By 6pm, we already had updates that the two teams played 0-0 including the female teams. The the result, the Iwoye ketu team would be meeting Ode-lemo team that beat Odogbolu for the final match. By 7:35pm, our amiable teams, female and male that made us proud arrived with the cheering crowd of Iwoye. The Iwoyeans were hailing our team for emerging victorious. My roomie now has the bragging rights because he was the assistant coach. So many people hailed his tactics.

The next day, at about 7:21am, my roomie said he would be buying my breakfast that day. He said he was taking me to “Iya Swaga.” I have been hearing of this Iya swaga. I could remember bodmas telling me about the Iya swaga sometime back. He said her food is very delicious. So many students had been talking about the place and they said that that was the place most FPY students eat.

My roomie took me to the place, Iya swaga, I met the shock of my life.

<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 32 >>>>>>  

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