Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--------(Episode 32)

Created: Friday, 11 July 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Episode 32 continues…

I have been hearing of this Iya swaga. I could remember bodmas telling me about the Iya swaga sometime back. He said her food is very delicious. So many students had been talking about the place and they said that that was the place most FPY students eat.

My roomie took me to the place, Iya swaga, I met the shock of my life. 

 indeed what they said was the truth. I met over 30 students who queued wanting to get food. Seeing that, I began to wonder what how the food taste and why people were just killing themselves to buy food from Iya swaga.  Being  a cool guy who doesn’t like rushing myself. I stayed there waiting till my own turn and when she must have attended to others. My roomie began laughing at me when I told him that I was waiting for her to attend to other people then when she finishes. He said I wasn’t hungry because more people were still coming. And I noticed it, more people were still trooping into the place. the numbers were increasing as people fight to buy food. The other food sellers around, their shops were just empty but that is not the case of Iya swaga. I stayed till my roomie finished eating, some people I came before them managed to get food while I stayed. I just dey mop like mopo. Thank God for my roomie who went and ordered rice, beans, plantain and meat. He brought it for me. Immediately I tasted the food, my life changed that day. I never remained the same. I came to realize what people were saying about “Iya swaga.” After tasting the food, I confessed that Jesus Christ is Lord and he came down from Heaven and died on the cross. The Iya swaga food sweat die.” Then I knew why students were killing themselves to taste the food.

As days went by, I no longer go the former canteen I normally go to eat. Na Iya swaga dey do the thing. Iya swaga’s place was where I eat. My day was not complete If I don’t eat at Iya swaga’s place.  And her food dey plenty pass the other woman own. I am not a kind of person that eats much. for the former canteen, I eat with just N100. Rice N50, Beans N20 then egg N30. But Iya swaga, with N70, I belle don full, and she get better plantain. As time dey go, I come learn how to rush to hustle for food for Iya swaga place. iya swaga’s place became where FPY students do assembly. We created another bus stop there for the farm bus. We wake up early and go to eat, after eating we wait there for the bus to come pick us to the farm. Infact it was the students that gave her the name “Iya swaga” because one of the FPY students who was nicknamed “Swaga” stays there. the swaga guy has a coconut heard and a good footballer. From there people started calling the woman “Iya swaga.” Iya swaga food dey do me “Yori-yori” and “Totori” for body. For evening sef, I go dey find were to chop because Iya swaga no dey cook and sell food for evening.

This particular evening, I was angry in me that I was so hungry and Iya swaga doesn’t sell food in the evenings. I went to shoprite to get snacks. I was coming back with my gala and viju milk when someone tapped my left shoulder from behind. I turned to know who was that. “Hi my name is sandra and am inviting you to our church program,” she said. I don’t know her neither have I seen her. in 60 seconds when she first said that, I wondered who she was and where she knew me. She was handing a handbill of their church program to me. She was full of smiles as I stretched my right hand and collected it. The atmosphere changed as we began talking. She offered to walk me home which I agreed. she was explaining the details of the program to me. I told her my name. The talk graduated into another level, I began to go personal, asking her about herself. She is indeed a beautiful fine young lady with a pleasant gap tooth at her front set of teeth. She told me she was just a visitor in Iwoye. But her aunty stays there and attends the same church. And that day was their evangelism day so she used the opportunity to publicize their forth coming program. We got to my house, I didn’t bother to take her inside. we just stayed at the veranda and talked for some few minutes. The evangelism wey she come do come turn to another thing. We talked from politics to sports and how she liked sports like wrestling. That made me liked her more. The devil cropped in his ugly head. I began to think another way. maybe it’s an opportunity for me to hit on her. After talking, I escorted her while she left. I didn’t bother to collect her number but I promised to come to the church program. I was forcing myself not to go beyond casual friendship but the devil was pushing me more and more to press further that when I felt like not going to the church program, I began to have the urge to go just to see Sandra.

The next day, I was surprised when Sandra visited me. I wasn’t expecting her. As days went by, Sandra visited my house frequently. I never knew the devil was working out another plan, digging a hole for me to fall in. the end of FPY was drawing nearer but the devil wants to hit me before leaving.

There was this particular day Sandra came to my house. This was 3 weeks to the end of the FPY Program. The devil na bastard. One thing led to another. As we joked and talked, I didn’t know what pushed me and I gave her a deep kiss for like 20 seconds. Immediately I released her, she was looking at me as if she was confused and didn’t know what to say. Her face changed immediately . she gave me a straight face. She became angry. I guessed she didn’t like the kiss. But trust me nah. I wanted to press further to give her another kiss but she immediately removed her mouth telling me she doesn’t like it. Before I know wetin dey happen, Sandra start to dey cry ooo. She said I have made her commit fornication. she took her bag to start going but I drew her back, begging her not to leave. She said I have defiled her and she would only  forgive me if we do a 7 days fasting and prayers just for Baba God to forgive us our sins. All these na just because I kiss her. what of if I come penetrate nko, wetin she go tell me. maybe she will say we should on 100 days dry fasting. After saying we should a 7 days fasting and prayers for God to forgive us, I smiled in my mind. Na joke she dey joke. She said she wasn’t joking, if not she would stop coming to my house.

I thought it was a joke until she started coming to my house every day to break fasting and to conduct prayers. me no get time for fasting but I cooperated with her during the prayers. we would hold hands and pray. But for the fasting, I no fast . She was just bringing up more temptations. Each time we hold hands, I feel the urge to kiss her and even lay her. she’s adorable.

A day to the end of FPY, supervisors came from school to grade our cassava and maize plots. They went to our plots accompanied by the group leaders as they showed them their members plots. Other students were at the shed while the supervisors graded the plots. After grading, so many people had already prepared their bags  and luggage. FPY had ended for them. So many people went home that day. I and a couple of friends had already chattered a car that would take us to Abeokuta the next day.

In the evening as I was packing and arranging my bags, preparing for the next day’s journey back to Abeokuta. I began to reminisce on what has happened, how the FPY started and it’s ending. I got the shock of my life when I got a call from Sandra. She said she was terribly weak and feels tire and people are telling her she’s pregnant. She thinks she’s pregnant. I screamed “What,” how manage.


<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 33 >>>>>> 

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