Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)--------(Episode 33)

Created: Saturday, 12 July 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Episode 33, Final Episode continues ss...

In the evening as I was packing and arranging my bags, preparing for the next day’s journey back to Abeokuta. I began to reminisce on what has happened, how the FPY started and it’s ending. I got the shock of my life when I got a call from Sandra. She said she was terribly weak and feels tire and people are telling her she’s pregnant. She thinks she’s pregnant. I screamed “What,” how manage.

I asked her who was responsible and she said I am. “That’s impossible,” I shouted. How manage, I wondered. She started telling me that it was the kiss I gave to her, from that place I got her pregnant. I laughed. She’s really joking. How manage did I pregnant her through a kiss. The last time I checked, one can only get a woman pregnant through intercourse. I and Sandra never had an intercourse, it just a kiss, and she said she was pregnant. May be it’s her spiritual husband that got her pregnant or someone else. And perhaps pregnancy can only be discovered by doctors as from 6 weeks. She has not been to the hospital and she was listening to people. She said I should get ready that I was going to be a father. E be like say this girl don craze, I thought to myself.  I ended the call immediately. Barely 15 minutes I ended the call, Sandra stormed my house. looking at her I began to wonder. Even if she’s pregnant and I am responsible, did the sperm enter through the saliva? Abi science don get malfunction! As she came into the house, it was glaring that she wasn’t feeling too well. I dey suspect say na malaria dey worry her, no be all the pregnancy jargons wey she dey talk. I guessed she was a novice in biology and intimacy that was why she’s thinking she’s pregnant. I tried to pamper her. I tried to put her head on my chest and she laid on my bed. She flipped my hands away, “Do you want to pregnant me with another baby again. We are still talking about this one you did and you want to do another one,” she screamed at me. chaii, this girl don come again ooo. She no go kill person. It was just glaring that she was just a novice and doesn’t understand how a woman gets pregnant. “Abeg make tomorrow come make I waka leave Iwoye,” I thought to myself. I told her she shouldn’t worry, the next day both of us will go to the community’s health center and check herself. “There is nothing to check, I am pregnant,” she said. she never do test and she dey conclude. “S0 what do you want me to do,” I asked.  “I can’t abort it. aborting will be another sin,” she said. Maybe this girl is dreaming or what. She’s just concluding. She no get belle, na just malaria but she no just want hear wetin I wan talk. I refused arguing with her. I told her not to worry that by the next day I will think of what to do. “You better start thinking fast now before my aunty discovers,” she said. finally, after the arguments and all, Sandra left and expecting to come meet me by 8am the next day. I pity her. I no get time to talk too much. thank God she don waka carry her wahala go. By tomorrow if she come, she no go meet meet me. I go done dey Abeokuta. Even if she carry belle, no be me. make go find person wey do am. I slept after arranging my bags and baggage. The next day I woke up so early in the morning because we had planned to leave as early as 7:00am.

I went to town hall about 6:30am to meet my friends. I went with my foam and my other stuff. We waited till 7am when the car came and he arranged our load into the car. At about 7:30am, we were all seated as the car was gradually driving us out of Iwoye. When we got to community field, I got a call from Sandra. I guessed she must have gotten to my house and met my roomie and he must have told her that I was gone. I picked the call, “hello,” I said. Sandra was just laughing at her end. She was just laughing. I wasn’t scared because I now I didn’t touch her, no intercourse. Na only her waka come. as she was laughing out loud, I cut the call immediately. I removed the sim and threw it away out of the car window.. The sim  was not my major sim. It’s just my temporal parole Iwoye sim. FPY is past and I am moving forward. I want to leave my past behind. As I was thinking about how my final year will look like, I slept off only to be woken by my friend who said we are in Abeokuta. In all, FPY was a great experience.

My name is Christian C. Ozor, and this is my FPY Diary.

<<<<<< The End>>>>>> 


# Christian Ozor 2014-07-12 08:18
I just want to thank all of you who started with this story. It is finished. My next Story "On Episode" is "FAUSAT THE FISH SELLER. It will start in couple of days time.
please feel free to follow me on twitter -- @hovabuzz
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# Eyinju 2014-07-12 10:14
And a round of applause wt a standing ovation 4 dz great writter. Keep it up man.
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# Christian Ozor 2014-07-12 10:27
Thanks @Eyinju
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