Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY) --------(Episode 9)

Created: Monday, 09 June 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

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Diary Of My Farm Practice Year(FPY)---- (Episode 9) continues ..

Tinuke came by this particular day. I was outside washing some of my farm clothes when she came to me. She came looking for lazarus but he wasn’t at home. I and Tinuke had never really talked. I told her lazarus was not around, she turned and wanted to go, I asked her not to go. At least her grandmother is not at home at that moment. I told her to keep me company at that moment, and she can as well use the opportunity to wait for lazarus to come back. At first she declined but I begged her. She looked at me as if she was thinking about it for a moment, “okay” she said. I brought a nearby chair and she sat. That was where me and Tinuke started. We began to talk. She asked me the state I came from and I told her. She said she noticed it. Even her grandmother told them that I don’t understand Yoruba. I told her I do understand a little but not as much. But their Iwoye Yoruba is very difficult to understand. She laughed when I said it. We talked politics to sports and education.  As we talked, I discovered Tinuke is such a great nice girl with a sweet heart. She talks well and she has this good ability to hold a conversation. She wasn’t shy to speak her mind. She is an open minded person. She said she takes alcohol but not much. I asked her about her relationship with lazarus. She said it was just for fun though she has an authentic boyfriend in school. “Mee and lazarus are just having fun” she said again. Immediately he said those words, it looked as if the devil infiltrated my mind. The devil has a way of manipulating a man’s mind, after pushing you to the base, he leaves you there. “Guy you can have your own fun from her too” something said to me. I looked at her as we talked, it looked as if my blood pressure was rising at that moment. So many thoughts began to run through my mind. Should I propose to taste the apple! Or should I not! As we talked for close to 1 hour, lazarus didn’t show up. She stood up and said she was going. As she moved her feet taking her first step out, I stretched my right hand and took her left hand, she turned and our eyes focused on each other’s. “you are an amazing lady” I said to her, she smiled at me. I told her it was fun chatting with her. She grabbed my left hand on her right hand, lifted it up and was looking at my index finger. She smiled and said “when you are ready for fun, call me”, she left my hands and left. I became curious, why she looked at my index finger! What does she mean that when am ready for fun I should call her! Maybe she sensed I might be interested in having fun with her just like lazarus. Yes indeed am interested, but how could she read my mind at that moment. I didn’t make it known to her, I only thought of it, fantasized about it as we were talking but I didn’t just want to rush it. But she read my mind that I might be interested in her pie.

 I laid on my bed that night thinking about what Tinuke said to me. Should I jump into it considering my roomie is eating from that golden table? How will lazarus feel if he finds out! He might get a little upset, but he shouldn’t. We all know that we came to Iwoye-ketu to farm, having fun is not left out too. But wait a minute, this can be a set-up from Tinuke to bring quarrel between me and lazarus, another thought struck me. Some people often say that marrying a lady that is so beautiful is heart attack, because all your friends will have an eye on her. They would want to taste that apple you are enjoying. “ It might just be a one night stand” I thought in my mind. But another thought struck my mind. “that one night stand could take you to many nights of standing disasters”, the thought said to me. I became undecided on taking a shot at the offer Tinuke made to me or….

               We started another week. The Farm manager had earlier told us that through-out that week, it will be just weeding of an existing cassava plots of the last set. Surely, it won’t be easy weeding every day The grudges against the fm began. For some students. It wasn’t easy weeding every day. Each day we came the plot of land to be weeded becomes larger.  It seems as if we were not going to finish the weeding of those existing cassava plots done by the former set. It got some of us angry. But the fm ignored us.

           I came back from the farm this Thursday. I was very tired after a massive weeding of an existing cassava plot. I took my bath and went to the canteen to eat. After eating I came back home to rest. Thank Goodness I met my roomie in the compound early enough. As I was walking into the house he was leaving. He said he was going to facao’s place. Each time facao’s name is mentioned. It no longer reminds me of the footballer. It reminds me of the guy that scores points with sex. That is where he’s going to. “you wan go learn how to score points” I said, he laughed and said “point keh, I don score my own point with Tinuke and I go still score more”.  Immediately he called Tinuke, I remembered what she told me. I have made up my mind not to take a shot at Tinuke again, not because am scared or what my mind told me but I didn’t just know what came over me to forget about her. “ I just wan go take something from the guy” my roomie said to me. “na you need to score points no be me” he said as he walked away. Indeed na me need to score points. I need to score some points. As I was standing at the door way thinking of how to score my own points, brother wale’s daughter came out of her grandmother’s room. This is why I like the devil.  He knows how to infiltrate your mind and give you the solution at that desperate time. Even when the solution is attached with pain, he will still give it to you. He will give you thoughts that will catapult you to the top of a palm tree, only  for him to leave you there, when you fall down, that is where you will discover that the palm tree has neither stem nor  roots. As she walked out of the room, she greeted me in Yoruba language and was going towards an opposite direction. Immediately something in my mind told me, “you are looking for points, this is your point”. Indeed it was points. Sleeping with this one can give me points. I wondered why I didn’t think about her in the first place when I was thinking of who to use to score my first points. Maybe because I was scared when I first saw her. and secondly was due to the dream I had about her. I may not even be the devil pushing me. It might even be God who showed her to me that she will be a source of sex and comfort to me in Iwoye-ketu.

I walked into the house heading to my room, she walked in from the opposite door from where she went to. Immediately our eyes met, she smiled and covered her face to the ground. She was feeling shy. She greeted me and passed to their room. On my mind I was like “come to think of it, she’s not that bad looking, though she’s so dark and short. Her face was oval in shape with a little wide nose. I don’t know her name but I guess she may be 18 or 19. Now that am still undecided in going for my landlady’s granddaughter Tinuke, then let me take a shot at her other granddaughter. I just have to thread with caution, I said to myself. The kind of ideas I was receiving on how to lay her, I had even forgot that she’s brother wale’s daughter.  I thought of another thing. In as much they are nice to us as students and tenants, that does not mean I should be messing around with my landlady’s children. I have heard couple of stories of guys who defiled, messed around with their landlord and landlady’s daughters. When the landlord discovererd, all their stories never ended well. That is what I want to do now, to mess with my landlady’s granddaughter. My roomie is already having his own good share with Tinuke. But wait! will this story end well! “Let me take a shot first” I thought to myself.

         As days went by, My landlady’s daughter’s face became familiar in the house. She started coming regularly. Maybe she knew I wanted to be seeing her more often. I started thinking of how to get her. I know I had couple of barriers like language. I have not really spoken to her and don’t know how fluent she is in English. Another obstacle I considered was my landlady and brother wale her father. As am planning to do this, I just want them out of the picture, I don’t want them to know what will be going on between us,  just as my landlady doesn’t know what was going on between my roomie and Tinuke. The first time I came to that house, I noticed that my landlady is a good observer, she observes most things we students do, even though she might not say it out.  I just have to be careful since that is not my community. I came here for FPY and it’s just  9 months. I just have to do the best I can to stay out of trouble in that community. FUNAAB doesn’t tolerate indiscipline, so I have to be smart as I am doing this . I had made up my mind to take the shot, “yes I am ready to go”. I proposed how everything will work out, how the strategies will yield good fruit.  Will it work ?

<<<<<<< To be continued from Episode 10>>>>>>>




# SAMMY 2014-06-09 16:52
so cool.. na broda wale's daughter u won use score point.. tinuke z also a chance o.. no miss am.. 9ce 1 bro ,am waiting 4 d next episode.
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# rex 2016-10-01 16:50
U are just awesome with dis fpy diary.i like dat sentence "dis is y i like d devil" it sounds funny.kip it up bro,b expecting more traffick on y'blogg
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