Six (6) Ways To Limit Controversies And Scandals As A Popular And Influential Person

Created: Wednesday, 15 March 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

I have never seen any popular and influential person without any form of controversy or scandal around them. Whether the scandal is massive or just little, scandal is scandal.

I used the word “limit” instead of “avoid” because I don’t think it’s possible for any popular and influential person to live and die on the face of the earth without having any scandal. With the kind of media we currently have, internet and social media, there will surely be scandal. It might be little and not popular but there will always be even when the person involved is innocent.

Here are 6 ways to Limit controversies and scandals around you as a popular and influential person

Avoid intimate relationship with multiple women unless married: This is most especially for men. As a popular person, if  you are married please stick with your wife. Stick with one partner. Avoid multiple women because it brings controversies and scandals. It takes years to build a good reputation, but it takes a woman few minutes to mess it up for you. She will go to any length, media, social media, press to spoil your reputation.

Keep your Family, Personal life Private: When you are influential and popular, many people would definitely come around you. Not all of them are coming for good reasons. Some of them are coming to find something to pull you down. Keep your private lives private. Keep your family matter, personal issues private because when it’s known to people, they will go digging out dirt about you.

Avoid relationships and associations that will bring you scandals: There are people you associate with that brings controversies to you. Associating with those people can damage your reputation. Imagine Pastor Adeboye says Bobrisky is his son in the Lord and they use to talk regularly. Oya come see wetin Nigerians go talk. The topic will trend on the internet that Pastor Adeboye is patronizing and Bobrisky products. Am not saying Bobrisky is a bad person but the kind of world we are living in, you are tagged abnormal and immoral when you are doing what seems to be usual.

So if a relationship bring you controversies and scandals, avoid it.

Avoid Places that will bring you controversies and scandals: Imagine our dear President seen in a brothel! You go hear wetin Nigerians go talk. Infact international media go carry the story. As a popular and influential person, avoid places that would bring you controversies and scandals.

Avoid Making Odd statements: Some of the times popular people make controversial statements. Avoid making controversial statements that would result to scandals.

Be Careful with social media attention: Social media can take you up, and can also bring you down. If you think am lying ask Oge okoye. Some people be forming Jagaban on social media, seeking for attention. Social media attracts attention. You don’t expose yourself and family on social media. Most of us don’t care about your personal life. Some people only want to hear the gist and ridicule you. As a popular and influential person, be careful the way you attract attention to yourself on social media. The internet never forgets easily.

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