9 Things I Have Come To Learn About Nigerians From Apostle Suleman’s Sex Scandal Incident

Created: Thursday, 16 March 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

We are yet to see the end of the controversies and scandals trailing the General overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson suleman. A Canadian based lady, Stephanie Otobo has accused him of infidelity, lasing her drink with drug to abort the baby she was carrying for him.

The Auchi based man of God has been accused of sleeping with female members, Nollywood actresses while taking them around the world and buying them latest cars, houses and accessories.

Well am not here to judge but from the controversies trailing this man of God, Apostle Suleman, these are Nine (9) Things I have come to learn from this incident.

Nigerians worship their religious leaders: We Nigerians worship and hold our religious leaders in high esteem. Some of us don’t see them as human being that can err. No one is perfect. We worship them like God and believe almost everything they say, even when they are lying.

People are always waiting for your downfall: No matter how good you are there are many awaiting your downfall to laugh, mock and insult you. Presently, no one is remembering that Apostle Suleman has and still given millions of Naira to less privilege and those who don’t have. Every one dey bash the Man. Some say na prostitutes, hoes he dey give money.

Nigerians believe almost everything on the media: The easiest way to tarnish someone’s image, turn people against them in Nigeria is by using the media.

Once you go to the media to say evil about someone, Nigerians will bash the person, crucify them without hearing the truth first. Nigerians believe almost everything they hear on media. Am not saying that Nigerian media don’t tell the truth but sometimes they lie a lot. Dem go add pepper, salt, maggi etc.

Some Nigerian Men of God are fake and evil doers (so beware): Some Nigerian pastors are fake and evil doers. They are hypocrites. They don’t practice what they preach. They will tell you something and do another thing. And some of them do evil in the secret. Some men of God womanize, smoke, drink while they feed their congregation with lies.

Some men of God believe they are Higher and better than their members: Some so-called pastors loved to be worshiped like Gods. They believe they are higher beings and creatures to their members. Some of them, when they commit something bad, they wouldn’t want to admit to their errors. They don’t like to be questioned.

Money and women are the easiest way to the downfall of a great man: If you want to bring a great man down, two things you can use is money and women. So many of our so-called men of God are womanizers. They sleep with their members and defraud them of their hard earned money. In the last few years now, you noticed that most men of God that have had scandals is either women or money.

Some women are special assistants to the devil: Some women are just special assistants to the devil. They are deliberately sent to destroy weak and faint men of God. If dem no tarnish the men of God image dem no go rest.

Nigerian media doesn’t practice investigative journalism: Am not supporting anybody, but are you telling me that all what Sahara Reporters and Stephanie otobo said about Apostle suleman are all true. Is there no way the media can investigate this matter to know the liar and the person telling the truth between these parties. Most of what the media does is to copy from the first source and paste on their own platform. I’m tired of hearing things like, “anonymous sources,” or “sources say that,” mention their names. 

Nigerians, we are hypocrites and quick to Judge other people: With this Apostle suleman’s situation, so many of us does worse but we condemn other people. We all are human.

Finally I will like to encourage us to stop worshiping our pastors like God. If you need anything go to God in prayers. Am not saying all pastors are bad, but when they tell you anything, confirm from God first.


# Believer 2017-03-17 23:19
Ride on bro!. Thanks for sensible write up!
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