See What This Guy Did To Nude Photos And Videos Of Numerous Women

Created: Saturday, 18 March 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

"Was I wrong with what I did? Invasion of privacy!" Was it my business to do what I did? Some people might just blame me but I saved so many women from embarrassment and suicide.


December 2016, my cousin came in from US for the Christmas. It was all fun and good. We have missed him with his too many swags and Yankee anent. As baba land on 22nd, na so me go see him for hotel wey he dey lodge on 24th.

I met cousin at the hotel he was lodged with his friends. He and his 3 friends were looking puffed up with their American swag. One of them the way he acts as he had lived in the states all his life. You no go know say na just one year him don spend for U.S. forming posh.

The way they talked, played and words coming out of my cousin friend’s mouth were so weird. It felt I didn’t belong there. I was the odd man among them. Maybe because I am not Americanized, no Yankee swag, Yankee accent or Yankee connection.

These guys were talking about numerous ladies they have had sex with, the so many Nigerian girls that sends them their nude photos and videos. Some Nigerian girls that won’t even give audience to Guys in Nigeria, not to talk of looking at their face. But when they see that the guys are based in Yanke or any country outside Naija the girls will gladly grant good wishes to abroad guys.

My cousin and friends where talking how they met numerous Nigerian girls on social media platforms. The guys would request for nude photos and videos of the girls masturbating. And the girls were willing to do it. Because na Yankee guys. They are desperate and feels that would make the guys marry them and bring them to the states. If na guys wey dey naija request for that kind thing, the girls no go send oo.

I sat as these guys analyzed how over hundreds of Nigerian girls had sent nude photos and videos. Even the ones in U.S they had slept with and made a sextape.

One of my cousin’s friend said he had called some of the girls that he was in town. They had been chatting with most of them online, and also calls. So it’s time for the guys to see them and feel their packages.

My cousin and his friends called some of the girls and scheduled different time for the girls to come to the hotel. One of the guys said he invited one of the girls that sent him nudes. He said the girl has one of the biggest buttocks he has ever seen. Na so the guy bring him laptop to show them the nudes the girl sent him. He opened his laptop and went to a folder he named “bush girls.” I was shocked that the content of that folders are nude photos and videos. The pictures and videos were too many and all are Nudes from Nigerian based ladies. 

One of the guys said sometimes he does upload the videos on some porn sites. 'Gush'! It’s so disgusting that i wondered why some girls don’t learn. They will be sending nude photos upandan.

December 29th, my cousin called me that one of his friend’s laptop was having some slight issues, and since am good in computer and I.T and I could fix it. He asked me to come fix it. Na so I dress up come go meet him guys for hotel.

When I got there, due to what I was doing at home, I had to pick up the laptop to return it later in the day. My cousin’s friend refused at first but finally agreed to let me go with it. But he made me assure him to keep all his files intact and safe. He say he no wan hear say something happen or he lose any of him files. I tell am say “Okay” say him files and documents dey safe. I took the laptop and left.

I started working on the laptop, but trust my curiosity to see more of the “bush girls” contents in the folder. Some of the photos and videos I saw in the folder was just too over bearing and wicked. The videos were so many. Photos were up to a thousand. I even saw a nude photo of one of my Facebook friends. These are girls that preach to us on Facebook ooo.

After I had worked on the computer, part of me asked me to delete the “Bush girls” folder completely but another said I shouldn’t. This one na wahala ooo. Invasion of someone’s privacy and deleting his content.

“Deleting those nude folder would be one of the greatest things I did for the ladies involved.” Because I remembered my cousin’s friend threatening to leak one of the girl’s photos she was calling because she was refusing to come see him at the hotel. She might not be the only girl he is threatening to leak her nude pictures and videos.

I felt deleting the folder may be suspicious because he has warned me not to temper with any of his files. He will feel I intentionally did it. “How will I explain it?” “Wetin I go tell my brother say e happen to their nude  girls folder.”

 “If I don’t delete the folder, who knows. We might be seeing another Chidimma Okeke like scandal. But if I delete the folder I would be saving so many women from embarrassment, scandal, suicide and shame from what may befall them.

I took the courage and deleted the folder and other ones I felt was not important. I also deleted some applications to make it look as if it was done in error to correct what was wrong in the computer.

I took the laptop back to him (my cousin’s friend). He tested it and it worked fine. He didn’t notice anything, maybe because he didn’t check his folders. I left the hotal and went back home. I was happy because I feel I have been able to save many women from present and future shame and embarrassment. Who knows, one of the women might be the future wife of senators, President and or Governor. Imagine if the nudes are leaked in the future what it will cause.

The next day my cousin’s friend called me on phone. My guy just dey para dey blast me. He said I deleted many of his files. I told him I was sorry that I didn’t tell him that some of the files that were formatted were corrupted that was why the software I used deleted them. The guy just dey vex. I asked if he didn’t back up his files else were. He said he didn’t. the guy just dey vex just cut the call. I know it’s because of the nude folder. But I have no regrets. But Bros, if you are reading this, I’m sorry for what I did but I have to. Abeg no vex. I deleted it out of this world. I had to do it to save some women from shame.

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