Seven (7) Habits You Put Up That Shows That Social Media Is Controlling A Part of Your Life

Created: Saturday, 18 March 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

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So many of us are addicted to social media but don’t seems to know that. We feel it’s just normal. My dear, e no normal ooo. When social media, sometimes what you read, see, hear and people’s opinions about you influences your daily life, which means social media controls your life. It controls the way we think and. Most times, our daily reactions are based on what we see on social media.

Note: Am not saying these habits are bad or good, and am not condemning any because I know each and every one of us has our own. With the exhibition of this habits, it shows that social media controls our lives either to a positive or negative turn.

Here are seven (7) habits that shows that social media is controlling part of your life.

1-- When you wake up from sleep early in the morning and the first thing you pick up is your phone, tablet or PC to check your social media pages. Infact, it seem you are addicted. This one be say you no do anything when you wake up. The first thing you just do is checking up on social media. Social media is controlling part of your life.

2-- When your phone device is always with you inside the toilet and you spend more than 15 -30minutes in the toilet operating and checking up on social media. Am not saying it’s bad to go to the toilet with your phone while releasing those things. When e come be say na all the time you carry phone enter toilet come dey press, you go sit down spend more than 30 minutes for toilet.

3--(This one applies to ladies mostly)When you upload your photo(s), the photos are not negatively inclined, few people or none liked it then you delete it. Social media is really controlling part of your life. You are living your life according to people’s impression about you.

4-- Ladies are fond of this. When you delete a post or picture that has no negative impact because no one commented or due to few negative comments about you. You live your life according to what people think about you. The post might not be that bad but immediately you start seeing few criticisms and negative comments, you just delete the post. This goes to show that social media controls part of your life.

5--When you update almost everything you do, where you are and what you are doing at that moment. So many of us are just fond of this. We make eba in the morning and we upload the eba and soup on social media telling those that cares to know the kind of food we are eating. When we are going to work we update our status that we are going to work, the street and car park we are currently in and we even post the type of keke, okada or car we are boarding to work. I even see some sef, they snap and upload the money they are paid from doing their work.

You buy a car you share, you buy a house you also share on your timeline. Anything you just do you share them. It goes to show that social media is controlling your life.

6 -When you can do without visiting any social media platform within one hour during the day. There are some of us who can’t just do without going and Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platforms. We can’t just stay off it for just an hour in the day. Exception of those who their profession is digital marketing, social media officers or related to social media. But come to think of this, your job is your habit so when you are in this category of profession and exhibiting this traits, that means social media is controlling part of your life.

7--Anytime you are in the worship center (Christian, Muslim, Jews and others) and you keep taking photos. Why are you taking those photos? Is it not to post on social media! Na so nah. I know of a girl in my church. Every time we are in the church, she’s always taking selfie and updating her status on snapchat. It was even becoming annoying, causing distractions. 

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