Five (5) Simple things I Learnt About Living In Lagos As A new Comer

Created: Monday, 20 March 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

                     Life in lagos

Getting yourself acquitted with Lagos lifestyle is not easy as a new comer. Lagos is not meant for lazy and dull people, even as a new comer in Lagos, you have to wise up if not you will learn the hard way.

Here are five (5) lessons I have learnt in Lagos as a new comer.

Always have your phones on your hands rather than pockets: I actually learnt this lesson when my phone was stolen at Oshodi bridge. Till now I can’t recollect how it happened but I knew I had my phone inside my pocket with earpiece plugged to it which I had on my ears. It was pick pocket. After this incident, I was very observant to see that most people normally have their phones on their hands when walking on the streets.

You just have to be careful not be a victim of pick pocket along the road, danfo buses or anywhere in Lagos.

Don’t answer to people when you are called unless you know the person or need to: I learnt this in a hard way. 3 days I arrived in Lagos. I was used to going to answer every Tom and jerry that was doing me sihhhh or hey when walking the street. I went to answer one and she told me to give her N50. I don’t even know her from any were. Na so I carry N50 give her and as I left the place, a man in his shop called me and I went to him. He said he has been noticing me that each time and walking along that street, I do answer people that are calling me. He asked if I was new to Lagos and I told him “yes”. Na so everybody for the shop begin laugh. The advised me that answering everyone that is calling me on the street is putting myself in danger. “Nobody knows who” and any of them could be ritualist, arm robbers or anything. So if anyone calls me, make I look well before I go answer.

You don’t always give money to beggars: Am not saying giving money to beggars is wrong but please not every kind of beggars. Lagos is the headquarters of begging Association. Different kind of beggars. You will see someone who is physically and mentally okay but will still beg. They beg for a living. Cooperate beggars, some will be waiting for you at ATM joints for you to withdraw for them to ask you for money.

You must be in a rush in almost everything you are doing: I describe Lagos as a fast lane, always in a rush to do everything. You are walking you are in a rush, you drive you are fast and in a rush. If you no walk fast dem go push you comot for road.

You must be street smart: Baba bone ooo, if you no smart or sharp for Lagos you go just miss road. Even if you are book smart, you have to be street smart, know whats up in the street so you won’t misstep in Lagos.

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