"I'm willing to change my last name if u are a billionaire": Read This Letter A Girl Wrote To Her Future Husband On Facebook

Created: Monday, 20 March 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor
Check out the letter a lady by name, Mercy Ekele wrote to her future husband on Facebook. So future husband, if you know you are the one or aspiring to be just check out the letter and see what is expected of you from your future wife. Read:..

dear future husband

Dear future husband

I am so fucking mad at u right now, where the hell are u? U better have a reasonable explanation for not showing up now, u better be making billions of dollars cos that's the only explanation I will take. I'm still not ready yet but where the fuck are u? We need to get to know each other and become friends, I mean best friends before we make it official. So why the fuck are u not here yet. Well just make sure u eat on time and say ur prayers and pls my love have faith in God, Even if things are not going as planned, just hold on and wait for God's time pls don't let things of this world pressure u to do something u will regret later in life. I'm trying hard to be all u dream I will be and I trust u are doing the same.

I hate beans so plz don't like beans, I love yam, rice, wheat basically I love everything sweet and I know how to cook but I don't really like cooking but I'm ready to cook for u cos u will be my friend and my lover.. Life is tough babe but plz pray for strength and courage to face life head on, if things are not looking pretty don't worry I will be there for you through it all, but I would love it if u are a billionaire but then I will love u if u r not (but pls try and be a billionaire I would really appreciate that, no pressure thou just saying)... Till that fateful day pls keep working on ur handsome face and delicious body. Love you.

Ekele Mercy

PS : I'm willing to change my last name if u are a billionaire, just saying. Still no pressure, take ur time


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