Instagram Fake Followers: They Get Your Attention And Make You Follow Them, Few Minutes Later They Unfollow you

Created: Wednesday, 22 March 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor


follow for follow

"Instagram Fake Followers: They Get Your Attention, like your photos and follow you, Making You Follow Them, Few Minutes Later They Unfollow you"

Wait, hol-up! Hol-up! I never told you I wanted a fake follower on Instagram!

All yeh daughters of Jezebel who call themselves Instagram models or Instagram beauty queens, and the sons of Cane who are all looking to inflate the numbers of followers without them following you, Hold up.

I know most of us are aware of what some people are up to on Instagram. You will stay on your own own jeje-ly and be minding your own business. They will just come to your page and like almost all your photos on Instagram. They might even go as far as following you. Then you will be happy and dancing skelewu that you got hundreds of notifications that you’ve got new followers and people who like your photos. Now you are happy and want to show appreciation. You will want to reciprocate the love by following back. After following back, just wait 4, 5 hours’ time, check your timeline and you will notice they are no longer following you anymore.

Many months back when I was still inexperience and newbie on Instagram. I was still managing to gather few followers. Na so I dey my own when some fine babes that I later knew they were called Instagram models. Some of them were just liking my photos on my timeline. Many of them followed me. Guys followed suit and I was happy. My followers skyrocketed from 23 to 74. Na so I decide to show appreciation to my new followers and people liking my photos. I went on their page, liked some of their photos too. I even followed all of them back.

24 hours later, I checked if my followers have risen from 74 only for me to discover that the people I followed had already unfollowed me. ‘So na so them dey behave!’ the incident didn’t teach me a lesson. Na so the thing continue till I had like 54 people following me and am following over 2,000 people I don’t even know their worth to me. Abi na only me be the follow follow for Africa! I just dey mumu dey follow while dem no dey follow me back. If na jazz dat one no go work again. You will like almost all my pictures, “shey na me send you?” you will follow me, “did I beg you?” You are just trying to get my attention and after getting it, I will follow back only for you to unfollow few minutes later. Kole-werk again.

I changed my method. Everyone that I had followed and had unfollowed me, I unfollowed all of them. Now, if you like my pictures, follow me, trying to get my attention to follow back, lai-lai, kole-werk. I won’t follow back till after one year to confirm you are still following me.

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