E-begging, Social media begging; The new way of Extorting Money From Celebrities

Created: Thursday, 23 March 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor


E-begging, is one of the newest trend on social media. E-begging is where people go online, most especially social media to beg others for money or favours

Don’t get me wrong! Am not saying that asking or begging money on social media is wrong, but so many people are beginning to abuse it most especially in Nigeria. People are abusing the privileges, making it difficult for those who really need the help to be reached out to.

The one wey dey pain me pass now nah the too many people who are faking problems for themselves. They go online and abuse celebrities of being stingy, begging them for money. There are genuine people who really need money and it’s good for them to be helped. But since the fraudulent and fake ones had learnt the tactics, that celebrities do give money to their fans in need, they capitalize on it, devised their own means to extort money from celebrities. This one is no longer begging again oooo. Na extortion e be now. Celebrities sef don dey complain sef. Some don notice say some people go dey claim problems for themselves in other to beg money from celebrities. They come inform of paying their school fees, paying house rent and starting up a business.

And guess what? E-begging on social media is becoming a big business, that’s if the celebrity you are begging is willing to give you. Some people will go twitter and beg Don jazzy then go on Instagram to beg Toke makinwa. A few have been caught and exposed in this act. All these are making celebrities no to give money to those who genuinely needs it.

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