Dino Melaye #CertificateGate: 2 Things Why I Think Nigerian Educational Institutions Are Not Doing Well Concerning The Scandal

Created: Saturday, 25 March 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor


Dino Melaye is one name that has been trending for a week now due to an allegation that he never graduated from Ahmadu Bello University  Zaria (ABU) from Geography department as claimed by him. Dino claimed he graduated from the department of Geography in ABU for his first degree. Dino a seating senator in the National Assembly and former member of house of Representatives.

Other foreign institutions Senator Melaye claimed to have attended has denounced the claim, and there was no such name in their records. But our own highly respected ABU is yet to say anything or released any statement on whether Dino graduated the institution or not.

Now, from this senator Dino Melaye incident, here are two points I think why our educational institutions would not be respected.

1-      ABU’s clumsiness and Failure to Release statement concerning the issue: This Dino melaye’s certificate issue is a very sensitive one at that, that a university institution a senator claimed to attend has refused to release a statement whether the senator truly attended the Institution or not.

It didn’t take Harvard University and London school of economics (LSE) to debunk Dino’s claims, denying that he ever studied there and there was no records of him in their institution. Harvard claimed he only came for a week seminar. “What a man and lies.” But ABU Zaria, our own university here is yet to put up a statement. ‘What are they covering up!’ Am not trying to claim that Dino is lying but ABU should issue a statement to kill other form of propaganda on the issue but rather they kept mute. And their silence is propagating the matter.

It doesn’t go well for our educational institution.

That is why you see our higher institutions of learning not respected at all because of so many shoddy deals, corruption and scandals attached it.

If it were to be a nobody, they would have issued a statement. Na because say na senator.

Our Educational institutions should learn not to attach themselves to scandals and controversies in other not to tarnish their image.

2-     NYSC has refused to issue statement if indeed Dino served: It’s only those that graduated from the university or polytechnic that can undergo NYSC in Nigeria. Dino has been trying to prove that indeed he graduated from ABU but there hasn’t been any factual evidence. The one that nearly came close was him uploading a photo of him with friends back when he was serving. But he was the only odd person in the picture because others were wearing a complete NYSC uniform, but he was wearing a blue shorts and a polo. The picture was not so clear sef, so people are still doubting him.

Earlier in the week I read that one of the lecturers in the Geography department in ABU claimed that Dino never served because he was over aged and his name was not sent to NYSC. He (Dino) was only given an exemption certificate. But Dino uploaded photos and claimed he served.

Nigerian institutions should be weary of the kind of controversy their name is attached to. Does it mean that NYSC can’t go through their records to check if he really served! Why are all this organizations keeping mute. It didn’t take Harvard time to clarify Dino’s case, but Nigeria my country they will keep mute. That’s why foreign institutions don’t respect our institutions because they don’t trust us.

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