7 Ways Singles And Unmarried People Can Reduce Their Expenses In This Nigerian Recession

Created: Friday, 31 March 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

Naija recession

According to reports, Nigeria is experiencing the worst financial and economic meltdown since 1980. Nigeria is in recession, and it’s not good to anyone. The Nigerian recession is biting hard on us. Na only God know when we go come out of it. It has not been easy for married people with children. Singles and unmarried are not left out, even children sef. The recession is affecting everyone. Prices of goods have skyrocketed to the top. People are looking for ways to cut down expenses this period.

Here are seven (7) ways singles and unmarried without children can reduce expenses this recession.

Stay with your parents or share an apartment with someone/people: I could remember immediately I just finished my NYSC, my friends were like, “it’s time to leave your parent’s house ooo. Go get your own house.” As if it was just easy leaving your parent’s house. This na recession and I never even get work then sef. But I had little money.

Some people feel staying on their own breeds independence. It’s actually true but with the way things are in Nigeria, if there is a greater opportunity, still stay with parents till you are very much capable of standing on your own. It helps reduce expenses on you.

You can also decide to share an apartment with (a) friends and your share the bills together. It reduces expenses.

Avoid events, parties that makes you spend money: A friend of mine invited me for a party. I realized that If I go for the party I will spend a lot spraying cash and gifts worth up to N20,000. I no fit just enter that place empty hand. Make shame no come catch me. I will definitely be forced to spend money at the party. Na so I tell my guy say I no fit come, no disrespect. I sent him N7,000 rather than going there to spend over N20,000.

So avoid events and parties that will make you spend much money. No body go kill say you no drop money. If you know that you staying back will help reduce expenses, why don’t you do and send a little token in support of the party.

Avoid Organizations, Clubs and associations that makes you spend much money: A young lady was telling me that she was invited to join a youth club/association. Their weekly dues is N1,500 with other monthly fees. And she was very worried. “Na so I ask if na by force to join?” Just walk away if you know you don’t have the money to maintain your membership in any association. With too many dues, levies and fees, avoid organizations, clubs/associations that makes you spend lots of money. Avoiding them will help reduce your expenses this recession.

Avoid intimate relationship for now (for the unmarried): In the last 2 years, the number of single ladies in Nigeria has increased, why? Boys no get money to maintain the relationship, na so some ladies go dey forced to break up. Sometimes it’s very expensive maintaining an intimate relationship In Nigeria with the calls, buying recharge cards, gifts, outings and more. You go shah spend. For the married you are a little safe but unmarried, “if the relationship is taking much of your money, please quit.” It helps reduce expenses this recession.

Always go with homemade food, Avoid buying of food unless it’s necessary: one of the things that swallow a bachelor’s money is “buying food” outside. If you can cook very well, avoid buying food outside unless necessity calls for it. If not, cook and eat your own food. Buying food outside is more expensive to cooking.

Get an extra source of income: In Nigeria of today, am sure we all know that one source of income is not even enough to sustain us. To make things easy, get another genuine source of income so you won’t feel the heat of recession much.

Check your income and expenses, and know how to cut down expenses: Check what you earn and expenditure, know how to cut your expenses so you won’t spend much money. Avoid things or commodities that makes you spend unnecessary. Things like alcohol, women etc.

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