7 Things I Have Observed From Davido’s Recent Baby Mama Drama Concerning Male Celebrities

Created: Saturday, 01 April 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

Davido Ibadan girl

It’s not only in Nigeria but everywhere. Most male celebrities are randy. With the recent development about music star Davido and an Ibadan based lady who claimed she has a baby for the artist. Davido has a daughter, Imade from his first baby mama, Sophie Momodu and he’s currently expecting another baby from his Atlanta based girlfriend.

The recent lady who accused Davido of sleeping with her and getting her pregnant granted an exclusive interview to a newspaper where she described the size of his(Davido’s) manhood and claims the artist doesn’t like using condoms.

This is not the first time such incident has happened. We have seen and heard so many cases of ladies married to male celebrities claiming that they treat STDs many times.

With all this claims, here are 7 things I have come to learn from this Davido’s incident:

Most celebrities hates using condoms: Most of our male celebrities don’t like using condoms, if not we won’t be hearing about artists getting women pregnant everywhere after just a one night stand. I have noticed that most women that have come to accuse artists of getting them pregnant, most of them will tell you they only met once and had a one night stand. So male artists go around sleeping with unknown women without condoms.

Most Women who sleeps with male artists don’t care about their health status: From the Ladies explanation concerning Davido, she said he (Davido) didn’t care if she had any disease and was willing to sleep with her. He doesn’t car but how about her? She no care too. Male artist meets random women at every moments of their life and some sleep with them. Some of the women are just unknown and still agree to go with the artists. They don’t care if the artists have an infection or not they are just willing to go down with them.

Many of Our Male Artists Are infected with various STDs: We have heard of women married to famous artists accusing their partners of infecting them with STDs and infidelity. Some have come out to claim they have been treating STDs. What do you expect! When they sleep with multiple women.

Just have the money Plus fame And Many Women will open up: Women are definitely attracted to successful men. When the guys have money, famous then what do you expect! The women would easily open up to them. Most of our women don’t care about other thing else, wants the money is flowing, you have it, they barely know you they can easily get down with you.

Some women intentionally want to get pregnant for male celebrities: Some women don’t care if they get pregnant for celebrities and get abandoned. They just want to be baby mamas if not, i believe they are aware that many of the artists are promiscuous so why following an unfaithful man.

Some women want to eat “child support money”: Some women believes that when they have babies for celebrities their lives would change so they are ready to go down with them without hesitation. Dem wan chop child support money.

Once you are famous, Many part of your life will no longer be private:  That’s why you notice that it’s difficult for many celebrities to keep their private lives and affairs intact. The too many ladies they move with are just “kiss and tell.” Because they know that’s the only way to embarrass the celebrities by exposing the private things they do. I have come to learn that some celebrities pay off ladies they get down with just to keep their mouth shot so they won’t release details of their relationship.

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