Breaking: President Buhari Sents His Wife Packing From Aso Rock As They Rush Him To London

Created: Saturday, 01 April 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

Pres Buhari

Breaking News: Reports reaching us states that President Buhari has given red card to his wife. She has been sent packing from Aso Rock.

Nigeria’s President Buhari Has Been Rushed To London Early this morning as he suffered health breakdown. He was rushed to London as early as 2am today after he suffered diarrhea, stooling and voting. The presidential protocol had to inform the Vice President as a letter was conveyed to him and to senate to resume acting capacity. Reports and sources says that he (Buhari) had sent his wife packing out of Aso rock. He has written his resignation letter to be submitted to the senate before the end of the day.

If you are reading this and you believed it you have been fooled because it’s April 1. I wish you a happy new month.

Abeg na joke oooo.

Welcome to the month of April

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