Eight (8) Types Of Text Messages You Receive That Can Change Your Mood

Created: Friday, 07 April 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

Hovabuzz sms

There are some text messages you get and your mood changes, your life wouldn’t just remain the same. E go just be like make you run go outside naked. You are just totally happy or very sad,

Here are 8 Text messages you receive that can change your mood either bad or good.

Credit Alerts: ‘Chaiii.’ There is no alert like a credit alert. I could remember during my NYSC days, our phones becomes are best companions towards the ending of the month. We can’t get our hands off it, waiting to see credit Alert from NYSC and FG. That is what credit alert can do.

There are some credit alerts that changes your mood for a whole year. There is nothing like a credit alert.

Debit Alert: Many of us don’t fancy debit alerts most especially the illegal and dubious ones received from our banks. We all just want only credit alerts and nothing else. There are some wicked debit alert you receive from banks and you find yourself running to the bank like a mad person. Or maybe your account is being debited from an unknown place without your consent or authorization, your mood will surely change.

Romantic text messages: There are some sweet romantic text message you receive and you smile and laugh, most especially all those early morning message from your partner. You get the message and you are happy. And there are some messages you get and you want to break someone’s head or throwaway your phone.   

Motivational text messages: Some of us don’t like subscribing for motivational text messages because of how telecom companies use it to extort monies from us. But there are some motivational text messages we get from our loved ones that would encourage us in troubled times.

Short code messages from Telecom and others: This one can be so annoying most times. Imagine you were expecting that special alert only for you to get a message notification and you checked it only for it to be from all those short code services telling you to watch football daily. That is annoying. In another sense, those short codes still carry important messages that can help save lives. I could remember the time of Ebola. Some short code message services helped with messages and directions on how to handle things.

Fraudulent messages: Imagine getting a text message from an unknown number that you just won millions of naira with their number to call to claim your prices. Only for you to call and you are asked to send money to them. You discovered it’s a scam. After you don rejoice say you don will millions, your mood go change nah.

Sack message: I have heard of so many workers sacked through text messages. So imagine getting a text message from your boss that you have been fired. Your mood will definitely change.

Sad messages from Family and friends: You are happy and in a good mood, just a short text message sent to you from family and friends can change your mood. Maybe you lost someone dear to you or any form of sad messages.

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