How To Get Nigerian Banks To Respond To You Faster When You Have A Problem With Them

Created: Thursday, 13 April 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor


Naija banks

Nigerian banks can be annoying sometimes with unnecessary charges and deductions from customers’ accounts. Poor customer service and illegal transactions are not far from some of the banks.

Have you ever been in distress and in urgent use of money, you walk into an ATM joint to withdraw only for the machine to deduct money from your account yet ATM won’t dispense cash to you. I believe that has happened to so many of us. Then you go to complain. Sometimes it takes days, months to get the money back. Sometimes you no go even get the money. If you go bank go complain, na so so “come today, come tomorrow” dem go dey do you.

Have money been deducted from your account illegally by your bank? Is your account being used for fraudulent activities? Has huge amount of money been deducted from your account and you have gone to complain to your bank, yet they are not doing anything! Have you been having problems with your bank that you have been going to complain, yet they are not doing anything about it! The ones they are even doing, they are even slow in it. Now here is this, from what I noticed, if you want your bank to respond to your complains faster, here is what you should do.

Note: Before you do this, make sure you have sent an email to them with your complains or have gone to the bank to report the issues. When you see they are not doing any reasonable thing or nothing at all to rectify the situation then you can do this.

Go on social media and announce: Most business like banks are afraid of public embarrassment mostly on social media. Am you heard what happened to Diamond bank some weeks back when they started deducting N50 per transaction from customers for stamp duty. It all started with just one person who went on social media and started ranting about it, and others joined and the topic began trending. Diamond bank was trending. It took them within 24 hours to send messages and release statement that the charges have been stopped. That is the power of social media and don’t underestimate it.

The problem you have with your bank, if they refused to treat it, go on twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. As you are tweeting, let your friends help retweet so it goes viral. Even before it even goes viral they will even respond to you very fast. The bank sef go call you for phone. Social media is powerful.

Threaten Them with a court case: Provided you are right and there is no wrong doing from you, then you can threaten them and even go to court. You will see that they will respond to you faster.

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