After 861 Applications, 67 Interviews, She finally Landed A Very Good Job

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Here is the story of a beloved friend who is overjoyed that she has finaaly gotten a job. After years of joblessness, turmoil, depression, anger and lack of self-confidence, she never believed it. It was just like a dream as reality was staring on her face. Here is her inspiring story which I believe would motivate someone not to give up.

Story narrated by her and written by me Christian C. Ozor.

I finished my  February 2015. I was so alive and happy. I thought all would be easy job hunting, not until it hits me after staying for 4 months and after 7 interviews without any job. It was dawned on me that I was on a long thing. Frustration has set in. Some of my mates we graduated together has gotten a better job. Some sef don start to dey plan marriage. My man was putting pressure on me to come see my parents. I told him to hold on for a while. He is just a secondary school teacher. I don’t want a situation we give birth to children that we can’t cater for. No be say him salary big sef.

I was so worried that I had to apply as a primary school teacher where I was paid N7,000 monthly. I started the job just to be leaving home, but the place was just like a second hell. The proprietress of the school was the devil’s special assistant. After hours in class plus the extra lessons giving to the kids, the proprietress would refuse to pay us lesson fees of N3,000. She was only paying us teachers N7,000 monthly then pockets the lesson fees. Coupled with the problem was her authoritative manner and behavior. Each time she comes to work she expects you to come to her office to bow and greet her. Every day was abuses and insults from her. Sometimes parents will abuse and humiliate teachers and she would do nothing. The high point for me was when she brought policemen to arrest some teachers that they stole her money. Na so I find my level waka,

I spent 3 and half months at the school and I lost a lot of weight. Where I will keep on shouting and controlling kids. It wasn’t easy at all, and there were no benefits. All the period I was there I was still applying for other jobs and went for couple of interviews.

I was at home for a month before a friend of mine advised me to go into photography. I should join him so he would be teaching me. She convinced me that photography is a good business venture. Na so I join the guy. But I never lasted up to 3 months because I never had any passion for photography. What I have passion for is to be a great accountant and economic strategist. I have ICAN and other certifications.

I couldn’t handle camera well plus my lack of focus and passion for photography as a profession made me left it. I was at home for 3 months and was still applying for other jobs. I went for interviews which all of them didn’t work out.

 A friend of mine told me about an NGO that are looking for volunteer workers. Na so I shout “God forbid!” ‘volunteer workers without pay!’ But this my friend encouraged me that it would boost my CV and who knows, the NGO might may start paying me as time went on. I finally agreed and started working for the NGO. Infact I enjoyed the job. I was part of the account officers and we had a very well furnished office. Even though the organization was making millions monthly, I was not paid but I was still happy money is going to some right channels.

I was sent on an errand which made me absent from the office for 2 days. The next day I was to resume. I was preparing to go when some things came up which delayed me for some hours. After that I was about hitting the road when I got a call from a friend who works close to my office. He was trying to ask where I was, and if I was among those arrested by EFCC. “Which arrest” I asked. Na there he begin explain. He said the EFCC came to our office and packed all the staff including our Ogas and closed the building down. Na so fear catch me ooo and I sitdon for house. It was later I got to learn that the NGO was allegedly involved in some shady deals. One of the sponsors who donates money regularly to the organization alerted the EFCC that the money being channeled to the NGO was not used for the purposes. Na so my work for their end. I moved on with my life.

Another 2 months pass and I was hustling, going from one company to another, interview to another. Some GNLD while some are genuine.

A friend of mine advised me to go for a make-up class to learn how to become a professional make-up artist since I couldn’t get a job. She advised me to focus on learning a skill and going into entrepreneurship. She said if I was willing she could lend me money to start. Na so I jump into that one. She gave me N120,000 and i registered for 3 months make-up class.

After the three (3) months make-up class, I was giving my own make-up box. Na so I put my body and everything so I fit succeed for the make-up business. And I must say the professional make-up business is huge but everyone is a make-up artist on their own. And I was doing some small small make-up-in (in jenifa’s voice).

My first big work was a week after my freedom. The lady said she would pay me after the traditional marriage. So I was to come to make her up the morning of her traditional marriage. I accepted because it was a family friend that introduced me to her. Na so I go their house that early morning. And everything we concluded was N150,000. I was applying the make-up and almost to be through when I started hearing shouts from outside. They came and called out the bride to be and she went outside. Na so I begin wait inside room. 30 minutes pass, an hour gone. I was angry and went outside only for me to discover that police men in uniform were outside. Heavy fight was going on between the family of the bride and some other families. Na so dem scatter marriage oo. I packed my working tool and left. I started crying when I got home. “So I don waste my make-up for that woman.” Since then sef she stopped picking my calls. I felt being an entrepreneur didn’t favour me at all. Few of my families encouraged me and asked me never to give up in the make-up business. And I was still applying for couple of job openings. And it’s not easy getting make-up jobs. Some clients sef go price you cheap.

January 4th 2017, I saw a job opening for a junior account officer in a multinational company. I had applied to this multinational company several times for job but they were not calling me. I felt reluctant in applying for the job. And it was stated it was expiring that day. Well I applied in the night and just forgot about it. “As usual they won’t call me” was my thought. Not until five days later that I went through my mails and discovered I was invited for an interview at the company. I was shocked because I never believed. I felt the witches in my village have been preventing them from sending me invites because I wasn’t good enough.

The day of the interview came, I went feeling it was just a pleasure to go for an interview at the company. I did the interview and left. It was fun for me but I had to forget everything that happened that day. I felt as usual na still de same thing. “dem no go call me.”

A week later I left my phone inside to go gossip at a neighbor’s house since no make-up work was forth coming. Recession was chasing some of them away. Not after some few hours I returned and saw 5 missed calls on my phone. The missed calls na the same number. “Abi that woman don finally repent, she wan give me my money. Or dem wan give me work.” I thought to myself. I called back only for a female with a sweet voice to answer telling me to cut the call so she would call back. I cut call she come call back. She introduced herself from the so-so company and said I should come the next day with my credentials for documentation. I couldn’t believe it! “Abi am I dreaming.” I went for documentation and resumed the next week. Infact it’s my dream work, my dream company, an amazing working environment with a six (6) figure salary. It was just like a dream to me oooo. Few days ago, I was asked to go get my international passport to submit it to them for visa because I would be travelling with the team to Europe by April.

Today, I was just reminiscing on what I had passed through. I went through my mails and saw all the applications I had submitted. 861 applications submitted (41 by hand and 820 online), 67 interviews and one (1) job at last. Well, I am still doing my make-up-in ooo on weekends. I no wan forget am.

For those who are looking for a good job, I pray you find your dream job In Jesus Name, Amen.  

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