Nigerian Ladies Using Asoebi Money To sponsor Their Wedding

Created: Thursday, 27 April 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor


I guess ladies selling Asoebi for their weddings is now a lucrative business. Nobody dey send. You see a lady preparing for her wedding, then buy a cloth of like 500 yards for N100,000 then be selling 5 yards for N20,000 - N30,000. And she will be forcing her friends to buy it oo. And they will tell you the money they recovered from the Asoebi sales will be used to fund their wedding.

Nigerian Weddings now, some ladies will be like: “you must buy my Asoebi oooo.” If you no buy you become an enemy.

That was how a lady used this method of “Money for Asoebi” to raise over N250,000. This was a lady complaining there was no money. And truly there was no much money for her traditional marriage rites. Na so she borrow money enter market buy better material. And she was very social and had lots of friends. Na so she sell 4 yards for N22,000 to her friends. Some paid and some didn’t. Na so she raise money take join her husband own. They did the traditional and church wedding.

It seem this’s the latest trend for ladies on how to make money to sponsor their wedding ceremony. 

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