6 Unbelievable Ways Of Becoming An Internet Sensation In Nigeria

Created: Wednesday, 03 May 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

The internet has grown so big but just a small community. If you want to be famous, its just so easy nowadays with the use of social media.

This social media that has killed so many careers, shattered hopes and dreams, like former Miss Anambra, chidimma Okeke, it has changed so many lives positively. People like Olajumoke Orisaguna, Woli Arole and so many others have climbed to fame through it.

Here are 6 ways of becoming an internet sensation in an unimaginable way, either negative or positive.

 Upload nude photos or videos of you online- It seem nude content sells so much nowadays. Imagine waking up from sleep, strip yourself naked, snap and record a naked video and upload on Facebook or any online platform. The content would trend for days. Wait make Linda ikeji carry am. You are sure to be an internet sensation most especially if you are a female.

Become like Bobrisky or do worse - Bobrisky is one of the hottest internet sensation presently. Maybe because he’s the first cross dresser in Africa. Though not the first in bleaching and cosmetics.

So to be an internet sensation, its either you bleach your skin, become a cross dresser. Or you do better or worse than him to catch your own audience. I bet Linda ikeji will follow you. Nairaland will keep bringing your topics on frontpage.

 Weird Pre-Wedding photos - Are you preparing for your wedding? and you are not getting much buzz you wanted? Well, maybe you didn’t launch any pre-wedding photos, or the one you have is boring and not appealing enough.

If you want to win in this department, let the whole internet be agog with your pre-wedding photos. What to do! Imagine doing any weird or unimaginable thing for the pre-wedding photo. You and boo can decide to go naked for the photoshoot. My dear, you go sell.

Abuse or criticize this Present Administration - No be me talk this one ooo. Go and ask Chinakwe and other bloggers. Just write anything derogatory about this Government. My dear, the security agencies will declare you wanted and keep chasing you. By then, the police will become your friend. When you wake up in the morning and your face is on the pages of newspapers, online magazines and blogs. An unknown allegation from “God knows where” will be leveled against you. Voilà, DSS, Police, EFCC or even the boys scout will arrive your house and will nearly uproot your gates that they want to arrest you. Baba, you have become an internet sensation. Your story will be trending all over Nigeria. Hahahaha .

 Pre-baby and Post Baby bump - This one is one of the reigning thing now. Where  some pregnant women will go as far as going totally nude just to prove to the world they are pregnant or lost a lot of pounds after delivery. They want to prove to Mama Emeka, Iya Balikis and mama jumai say dem don get belle. And after delivery too, some will want to show us the magic of slim tea abi na fat tea that did the job. And they are becoming internet sensation, making waves because of their post baby bump. They will become a dream role model for other women.

Allow people to blow whistle on you: You can decide to hide any amount of money and allow people to blow whistle on you. Whether it’s genuine or not, let them shah blow whistle on your head so EFCC will start looking for you. Your name will be all over the internet, and you will become an internet sensation.

Bonus—Lesbian video…. Hahahahahaha.

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