Comparison Between Pick Pocketing In Lagos And Pick Pocketing In Abuja With Experience

Created: Monday, 08 May 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

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For someone who have stayed in Lagos and Abuja, having experience and seen bad guys doing pick pocketing. I will just compare pick pocketing in Lagos and Abuja with my experience, there different styles and techniques

Lagos Pickpocket

I could remember last year I came into Lagos, though not my first time. With my back and overload of confidence as if my dad is the Governor. I had Earpiece on my ears and plugged to my phone listening to music. The phone was inside the pocket of my trouser. I walked to the Oshodi overhead bridge to cross to the other side were I will get a danfo cab that will take me to Iyana Ipaja. Some of us know how crowded that bridge is when people are walking by. Before I knew what was happening, the connector of my earpiece dropped out of my pocket. “It has happened, welcome to Lagos.” My phone was gone. It was just like a magic, I couldn’t even explain how manage they did it. I have been pickpocketed. That was the day I respected Lagos pickpockets. I was so devastated but I moved on.

Abuja Pickpocket

Abuja pickpockets, they are masters inside the car and they do it aggressively. Their own na thief or arm robbery. I could remember one evening I was coming from Lagos. I entered Abuja late at night. I entered a taxi in Berger heading to Dutse. As I enter, na so about 3 guys enter the car too. I was with my phone browsing. Na so I remove my earpiece from my ear so if anything dey happen I go dey aware. We were sitting at the back and I was sitting close to the door. One of the guys stretched his hand and was whining down the glass window which is the side I was sitting. The way he was doing it, his hand was going close to my left pocket. Na so I tell the guy say e don do because I was sitting close to the window. That was much air was coming in and I was feeling cold. I looked to see the other window door and the guy and his friends didn’t make any attempt to whine it down. “why e come be say na my own dem dey whine down!” I kept quiet as the journey continued. They got to their destination and refused to come down. They told the driver to move further. Finally they dropped and want to pay. One of the guys turned round to the window side where I was sitting. Immediately I saw him, because I was still browsing with my phone, I brought down my phone and was looking at him. Everything about the guys were suspicious. I felt he wanted to snatch my phone from me. After they paid and left, the driver moved. The driver asked I should check my pockets and everything if they are not missing. Na so I check and nothing was missing. He said I should thank God because he was watching from the front mirror what was happening at the back. He said the guys were pickpockets. And the rate at which they pickpocket in Abuja is increasing and if they didn’t succeed, they use violence, rob you.

With this, guys who pickpocket in Lagos are more smart and fast that when they rob you, it will look like magic. Abuja pick pockets are still learning and they are mostly done in a violent way.

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