My Uncle's Former Tenants Are Owing Him Huge Money For Rent

Created: Tuesday, 09 May 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

Sometimes nice people always carry last. When you are too nice people take you for granted. Is it a crime to be nice to people? People will come up to ask for assistance, if you don’t assist people would say you are wicked. When you assist, you will land yourself in trouble.

This is exactly the situation my uncle who is a Pastor and landlord in Abuja is facing presently. My uncle who is a Pastor built his house, four (4) flats. He moved into one of the flat and handed over the other three (3) flats to a lawyer to get tenants who will occupy them. The lawyer too is a pastor.

Could you believe that two of the occupants, or former occupants has refused to pay him after the first year. The first occupant is a Pastor in RCCG where my uncle too is a pastor. This family refused to pay the N240,000 one year rent. They occupied the house, bought a car and even built their own house. They have finally moved into their own house and yet refused to pay the man they lived in his house before building their own. This man will be cruising in his own car, going around telling people that my uncle is a nice man. A pastor for that matter! He will be lifting up his holy hands in the church, praising God and forming a righteous being.

The second tenant owes my uncle N1.2M for two whole years. The woman, her husband stays abroad. For the past 2 months now they are yet to see the woman. We are hearing that she has joined her husband overseas without paying her N1.2m. Though her loads are still inside the house.

One of the painful part is that the Lawyer who is a pastor too is not helping matters. For the past one year, my uncle has been disturbing the lawyer to try and get his money back. The lawyer will tell him to calm down that they will pay. See now, the other one don build house pack comot. The other one, dem no see her. Maybe she don go join her husband for abroad.

It’s painful because my uncle is not happy and he’s becoming frustrated. If he complains, they will tell him that he should remember he’s a zonal pastor and he should take it easy. And now they are taking him for granted.

Sometimes I don’t blame some landlords who issue strict conditions and laws before living in their houses. People will blame them, but some tenants are terrible and special assistants to the devil. It look as if they are sent by the devil to make your life and house miserable.

Okay see now, the other tenant who is owing but was building his house. He even bought a car. Later he would go to church and be singing, “open the flood gates oh yea heaven.”      

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