Seven (7) Categories Of People You Will Find On Nigerian Twitter Space

Created: Wednesday, 10 May 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

Nigerian twitter space

Lately I have noticed that Nigerian twitter space is fast changing and breeding savages. Sometimes person go dey even fear to enter twitter or even tweet sef. Because any small thing people will just come for your head for no reason. And, it’s now looking as if Twitter is the new blog.

The Nigerian Twitter space is entertaining, and you get to see many things there. Now here are 7 categories of people you can find on Nigerian Twitter space.

The trouble makers: This category of people have nothing much to tweet. Their own is just going around to look for troubles, abusing celebrities, politicians and other people without any good reason. Don’t argue with them because they always come prepared, dishing out epic responses to tweets. Any small thing them don dey abuse you. And they always look for scape goats on twitter space. This kind of people once you upload a simple photo of you, they must have something bad to say concerning the photo.

The follow for follow back people: This ones, they go around on twitter begging people to follow and follow back. They do it especially to celebrities. They follow you and give you retweets to many of your tweets, beg you to follow them back. When you follow back give them few minutes and they will unfollow you.

The bloggers: This categories of people are the ones sourcing for news, gossips on the platform. They are the ones looking for who is giving an epic response and reactions. They are mostly following conversations to get the latest gist.

The entertainers: This ones are the musicians, artistes and other entertainers who give us a daily dose of entertainment, most especially comedians who often upload their comedy skits.

Observers: This group of people rarely tweet, but just observe. You might think they are not active but no, they know almost everything happening only that they don’t want to participate. Dem no want trouble, wey person come dey call them out.

The Memes people: This category of people are just putting up memes. They are probably the most funniest, almost putting up memes. They reply tweet with funny memes. I know of people who rarely reply with text. They will just create one meme to reply you.

E-Warriors or war mongers: This ones are mostly used by celebrities and politicians to attack their critics. Some are paid agents. Just criticize any of their favourite person and see them calling for your head. The way they will jump on you like lions devouring an antelope. Their responses are epic, majority have turn themselves to savages on twitter. I have actually been a victim of this category of people when I wrote a write-up and criticized a popular Nigerian artist. Na so them come in their dozens on me for twitter.


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