See What This Man Is Doing To His Wife So That She Won't Be Richer Than Him

Created: Tuesday, 23 May 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

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Some men could be very wicked. Looking at them you presume they are special assistants to the devil sent into the world to slow women down. Some men don’t want their wives to be richer and better than them. They even stand as the devil preventing their wives from achieving their goals.

There is this man who openly talked about what he was doing to his wife because he doesn’t want his wife to be richer than him.

This man said his wife is a good and loving woman but earns a little and slightly more than him. And she also knows how to save well. Any time he notices that wifey’s account is getting swollen more than his own, he would ask wifey to borrow him N500,000. Sometimes he would even ask for N700,000, N1m sef. And he won’t pay back and if wifey refuses, he would make the home ungovernable, there won’t be peace as he would send down fire on that home that his wife would be forced to release the money. And not that he needs the money oo. He’s just doing it to make sure wifey’s account is not fatter than his.

This man said he recently bought a new car. Though not with his money but the one he collected from wifey. Not that he needed a car oo. And sometimes if his wife wants to use the car, he would remove something from the car which will make it not to function well. Na so car go dey give wifey problem. But if na him, the car go work well. He said he’s doing it to prove his power and superiority over his wife.

Is it how to prove that a man is more powerful and superior to his wife?

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