The Increasing Rate Of “One Chance” In Abuja City

Created: Monday, 29 May 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

one chance thieves

Many of us Nigerians know what is called “one chance.” Many have been victims of one chance. Some of the experiences are near death. You are so happy that you came out alive even when your properties were taken from you by hoodlums.

I want to talk about the increasing rate of one chance in Abuja. Abuja residents has never had it hot this period of time. No week would pass by without hearing any weird story of one chance in Abuja. If you lucky some will only pull pickpocket on you, collect your wallet or phone.

Recently, I have come to notice that their area of concentration is Berger. Berger is gradually turning to the headquarters of one chance and pick pocketing in Abuja. You will see many of them come to berger junction, you enter to your destination thinking it was a genuine cab. Only for you to be robbed inside the car. I have heard story of ladies being raped by all those one chance. They rape them, threaten them with guns and collect their belongings.

This is an advise to Abuja residents. Be careful of the car you enter. Look at their faces very well. And also, be careful when boarding a cab in berger. Some of those hoodlums have guns and knives with them.

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