Trump’s First Foreign Visit: 3 Things I Noticed Between Trump And Obama Presidency

Created: Wednesday, 31 May 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor


Trump made his first international foreign visit Abroad to Saudi Arabia, Israel and Italy and they were too funny and weird discrepancies and things that happened during the visit. Most of the weird things are not official but noticeable. This made me compare former U.S President Obama and Trump, the body chemistry and reaction to things.

Here are 3 things I noticed about Trump’s first visit Abroad and Obama in terms of their attitude.

Trump’s chemistry with wife, Melania: Now everyone was and is expecting Donald and Melania to pull that Barack and Michelle Obama sweet love chemistry everywhere they go. But that is not possible. People are different in the way they do their things. The Obamas where the envy of many couples, the public display of affection, there chemistry was so sweet and strong.

But for the case of Trump and Melania, melania looked distanced from Trump. She seem to me like someone who is not much interested in political affairs.

Trump doesn’t act Presidential: Just look at the way Obama carried himself with diplomacy and swag. You don’t just tweet out information anyhow. The way Trump acts sometimes is not just presidential for a president of a great country like U.S. he talks anyhow, bullies people the way he likes. And that’s why the media tackles him a lot.

Trump may be a verbally abusive: It’s a known fact that Donald Trump was very verbally abusive before coming into power. When you look at the situation between Trump and melania on their arrival in Saudi Arabia and Italy when melania when she refused to hold Donald’s hand. I don’t know what may have transpired between them before they came out. But many are suspecting that Donald may be abusing Melania verbally. And Donald doesn’t have regards for women. 

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