Abuja City Losing It's Uniqueness With The Invasion Of Hooligans

Created: Monday, 05 June 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

 Abuja City

Abuja is the capital of Nigeria. The city holds a very formidable potentials, opportunities and very unique in its own way. As a first time visitor, after visiting other cities, coming to Abuja you may wonder if a city like Abuja was really existed in Nigeria! Unlike the congested Lagos, Abuja is well spaced, an emerging merger city.

As Abuja fine reach, I still give kudos to Nasir El Rufai for the good work he did when he was the FCT minister. Since El rufai left, it looked as if the glory of Good infrastructural development left with him. Other ministers that came after him seem to lack fore sight and strategies of carrying on from where El rufai stopped. Maybe the ministers became clueless.

Presently, Abuja city is gradually losing its unique touch. Dirty environment, pick pocketing, one chance, kidnapping and many more. In the time past, like 5,6, 7 years ago, we rarely hear that people are being kidnapped in Abuja, raped or harassed in public transport or crowded area. Am not saying that those crimes are non-existent but they are rare. Presently, most parks and junctions in Abuja have turned to Oshodi that when you walk you just have to hold your phones in your hands. You just have to be very careful the cabs you board and people in it.

In the last one year, the crime rate in Abuja has increased by 2.3%. It looked as hoodlums from Lagos have invaded Abuja city. Dilapidated Government facilities because of poor maintenance culture. It looks as if we don’t even have a minister of FCT.

This is a call on the FCT minister to wake up and take up his responsibilities to regain its place as a beautiful capital of a country the way it supposed to be.

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