Three (3) Things Nathaniel Bassey’s Olowogbogoro Hallelujah Challenge Will Change In Nigerian Social Media Space

Created: Saturday, 17 June 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

Hallelujah Challenge

By now some of us have heard about the Hallelujah challenge #HallelujahChallenge , Olowogbogboro on the internet and all social media platforms. It’s a live praise event organized by gospel single Nathaniel Bassey on Instagram and Facebook for just an hour, from 12am to 1am Nigerian time. This show began on the first of June and would last for 30 days. This event has become a revolution in the Nigerian entertainment industry, never has it happened in Nigeria, and the numbers of participants and viewership is massively increasing.

Presently, viewership of the live show has increased to over 200k daily. Before the end of the show, it would likely hit 500k viewership combined for Facebook and Instagram per day. It’s just a record breaker.

From this hallelujah challenge, after this show, here are 3 things that will change in Nigerian social media space.

There will be more live Campaign/challenges: Aftermath of the success of this Hallelujah challenge, Nigerian entertainers would capitalize on this to organize their own online campaign.  Many campaigns would spring up. It just looks as if Nathaniel Bassey has given most of us, entertainers, social media strategists ideas.  And not only the entertainers, brands, organizations will also start creating their own live campaigns. Watch what would happen in couple of weeks’ time.

Influencers will start making money from live shows/events: Nigerians are smart people, in this current dispensation one of the ways of making money on the internet is content creation, provision on social media. With the success of Hallelujah challenge, brands and influencers will capitalize on the new development, they will start creating contents which will be live activity or show bound that will help `them generate more money.

Social media influencers, promoters and advisers would also use live channels to promote products and services and make more money.  Note, not that live channels are not being used to promote products presently but it’s not that rampant. Imagine streaming a live show and placing a sponsored ads at the background. More money would be made.

There will be increase and promotions of Live shows on social media: in the last one year, live shows on social media has not been so popular. But after this Olowogbogboro Hallelujah challenge, there would be massive increase in live shows and programs on social media. There will also be increases in promotions of live shows on social media.

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