4 Conditions Kidnap King Pin Evans Must Fulfill For Nigerians To Forgive Free Him

Created: Monday, 19 June 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

EvansFamily evans d kidnapper

2 days ago the photo of the wife and children of Caught kidnap king pin Evans surface online. The photo showed the wife and kids crying and pleading for Nigerians to forgive the husband and father, Evans. Evans wants our forgiveness.

Well, dear wife of Evans, Nigerians are good people, we can forgive so that God can forgive us. Infact some of us have had your cry, I have forgiven your husband but he can’t be freed. But your husband can only be free from the punishment and consequences of his sins if only he can fulfill this 4 conditions, and I feel he should be freed.

Evans should dance naked in 3 cities: Evans is from Nnewi, he should be made to dance naked in Nnewi first, then Lagos and sokoto. As he would be dancing naked in those cities, children will be clapping and following him, shouting “Evans Onyeoshi” (Evans thief). This will be done within 1 week.

All the properties he acquired should be taken from him: Evans has to forfeit all his properties including the cloths he’s wearing. His wife and children should relocate from that Ghana they are back to Nigeria, they have to start from square one. Lolz.

His wife and children should be made to cry for one (1) week publicly: We all saw the way the wife and the kids cried for public sympathy, let them come out cry like that publicly for one week.

They will wake up in the morning, go to Choba roundabout, Uniport in Port Harcourt and start crying, every day for one week from 7am to 4pm without food, just only water. As they are crying people will be snapping and recording them oo. No fake tears oo.

Evans wife and kids should be kidnapped for 6 months: I don’t know how they would do this one, if they would act this one out or. But it shouldn’t be acted out, it should be real. His wife and kids should be kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination. Everything evans did to people he kipnapped, let it also be done to his family and kids. If he had fed people he kidnapped once a day, let the same be done for his family. If he beat them, let his family be beaten too.

He should also be made to negotiate with the kidnappers of his family, let him go through that trauma. If he’s able to negotiate, find the way to make the kidnappers to free his family, that means him and his family are free. Once he can rescue his family, they are free to go from this last step. Nobody will harass them. He should just take his family and go.

Dear Evans wife, if you and your family can abide by these conditions till the fourth step, you are free to go. Go in peace.

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